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  1. There's a inconspicuous doorway leading into the Haven area in the hallway leaving the gym and spa area (deck 15). I didn't notice it at first but when I did, it made it nice to just slip out that door (or in) without having to go down and then around.
  2. Well I took it to mean that the 2 more desirable ports were put in the place of the two less desirable ones making the cruise still 10 days in length. Can anyone confirm if it has in fact, changed back to the original itinerary?
  3. Thanks for the review. Did you ever find that the drink you wanted wasn't covered in the premium beverage package, or did you feel the need to upgrade?
  4. Groucho.. Although this thread makes for good cocktail reading, I vote yours the best post. I have no idea what the OP is talking about and I quit caring 39 posts ago...
  5. Sounds like someone is listening. So glad for those booked on this cruise...now, let's see if you can get the days back too.
  6. So sorry...hard to tell sometimes...so easy to get lost in translation.
  7. Thank you. Strange that you can use OBC for everything else...wonder how consistent they are with this??
  8. Did they tell you why you couldn't use your OBC to upgrade to the PPBP?
  9. Hmm...that's quite simplistic...Zen, even. But I think the Getaway folks on their upcoming TA may take exception to this assessment.
  10. Ok, I may have found it. NCL's untimely announcement that they will shorten the Getaway's TA from 12 nights to 10 may be my breaking point. While I'm not personally impacted by the change, I am certainly outraged for those who are impacted. We have...no had (I just cancelled), an 11 night Greek Isles for June of 2020 on Getaway. But I'm not willing to risk the expense of this dream vacation on whether or not NCL will actually honor the published itinerary. NCL will continue to mistreat loyal customers until it packs a punch to the bottom line. For now, NCL might be ok for bouncing around the Caribbean, but I'm not prepared to risk it beyond that. Too many other more reliable lines out there. Sorry NCL, I tried.
  11. Just cancelled my 11 night Greek Isles Getaway cruise for June 2020. Not willing to risk the expense just to have something similar happen to us. We are not on a TA but so what? There's nothing to stop NCL from doing the same type of thing at a moment's notice. It's a $15,000+ loss (aft facing Haven) for NCL...but it doesn't seem to phase them much. So disappointed for all those impacted by the circumstances.
  12. Wow! I know that's disappointing. Don't blame you for being frustrated or for shopping around for your next cruise.
  13. Well I certainly have nothing to prove to you nor do I have any reason to lie. Believe what you will...I could really care less.
  14. My last two cruises on Breakaway have been in the Haven H5 and my next is H7 in June. Haven't seen those prices ever. We paid $3400 PP for H5 back in November and $3000 PP for H7. Not complaining so much about the price because it's still less than Celebrity. But I like your prices much better...perhaps peak season is priced differently.
  15. I will take it a step further and say that if you're in a Haven suite, the PPBP should be an automatic. On Celebrity, you automatically receive the Premium Beverage Package with higher level suites. Classic package for others with the option to upgrade. I enjoy NCL but I think they could learn from some competitors in the industry.
  16. Wow! Very impressive. Wish my work schedule had more flexibility so that I could take advantage of this kind of thing...
  17. Agree. Just trying to decide if the cost to upgrade makes sense for us. OP gave some great perspective on how the additional cost might be utilized.
  18. Thank you so much for posting. I've been waiting for some feedback and opinions on the new premium package. I've gone back and forth on whether or not to upgrade. This is helpful. The bottle of wine with dinner option is enticing. Really appreciate the information!
  19. After reading a few of the current threads...whether its a lack of towel animals, a lobster upcharge, new drink package tier, etc, it seems there's a lot floating around that may be indicative of a person's breaking point with NCL. So I began to wonder what is it that NCL does to make me feel special. I have certain expectations when I cruise but they mostly relate to getting what I paid for when I signed up. If I feel like I've gotten what I paid for and had a great time to boot, I'm happy. So what does NCL do that makes me feel special? Two things come to mind: 1. The "welcome back" canopy that's always set up (at least on Caribbean itineraries) outside the gangway when returning from a port day excursion. I am so appreciative of the ice cold towel and infused water that are both so refreshing on an especially hot day. 2. The embarkation day lunch in the MDR. I love that it's open for lunch! Many other lines rely on the buffet for embarkation day lunch. Not, NCL! We look forward to a leisurely lunch by a window where we can people watch as they board the ship. What makes you feel special?
  20. I believe it exists on all of the ships with a waterfront...but it's not huge...maybe 18 inches by 36 inches (rectangle). Just enough to see the water below. And they exist in a few different places along the waterfront.
  21. No need to apologize. You have articulated perfectly my thoughts exactly. And BTW...I love your accent. I couldn't help but hear it in my head as I read your post from start to finish. 😉 Enjoy the Breakaway...I will be on her again in June and can't wait!
  22. To the OP, I think you posed a great question...consensus seems to be either I'm fine with NCL but will usually comparative shop, or I'm nearing my breaking point. I'm wondering if the responses to your question have been what you expected or were you thinking something different?
  23. Aside from the weird bathroom layout, which has been discussed ad nauseum on this board, I loved the Epic and recommend that everyone try it at least once.
  24. My advise is to just find a room/category that fits the price you are willing to pay if your bid is accepted and upgrade to that category on your own. Then you know it's a sure thing...no wondering if your bid will be accepted or not and no disappointment either.
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