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  1. I think you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who will give you a solid answer regarding food between the two lines without the disclaimer that food is subjective since it really boils down to each individual palate and likes and dislikes. I've sailed on both lines and found food options I liked and disliked on both...in the MDR as well as specialties. On both I managed to eat more than I should have! I liked the buffet on Royal a little better at lunch but found that NCL had some pretty great dinner offerings and theme nights. I think breakfast is breakfast on both lines...but NCL's scrambled eggs aren't very good IMO. As for excursions, I have found that both lines offer basically the same sort of experiences and tours but I'm only speaking to the Caribbean itineraries. For the Med, I can only speak to what Celebrity has to offer when it comes to excursions.
  2. Have been in SS on both ships and they are the same. If I had to declare a favorite (I know you didn't ask) I would go with Reflection. Even though as another poster indicated, there are more SS on Reflection, I found their selection of specialty restaurants, size of Persian Garden, and layout of Michael's club to be more to my liking than on Equinox. And I'm not interested in Celebrity's revolution of public areas on the S class ships. (I know, it will hit all of them eventually...sigh).
  3. We always us an online TA. They have never been able to get us a better rate than what NCL is advertising but they manage to give us sizable refundable OBC which in essence, can decrease the cost of the trip should you elect not to use it while on board. Almost always, my TA's OBC is significantly more that the cruise line's OBC and if you take NCL's OBC as a perk, then you end up with both (TA OBC and NCL OBC). Additionally, my TA will quite often offer other perks such as an additional bottle of sparkling wine or a bouquet of flowers. On one birthday cruise, my TA, whom we have used for years, surprised us with a specialty dining certificate that was awaiting us in our cabin on embarkation day. The downside, as others have mentioned, is that if you have questions or need changes, this has to be done via the TA and not NCL.
  4. Thank you for not spoiling the show regarding LPS. Dh and I plan to give this a try in November. Menu looks great! It didn’t appear that any of the wines or cocktails shown on the menu would be covered by the Classic drink package. We have the Premium but I thought that only covered up to $15. Am looking forward to your update on the drink coverage.
  5. Makes no difference as far as the change is concerned. As a consumer, it's just nice to know. Obviously, a knowledgeable cruiser such as yourself became so because of information that was available to you from one source or another. Be it direct from the cruise line, or from others with experience with whatever the question is at hand, in this case, itinerary changes, it's JUST NICE TO KNOW!
  6. Went on Breakaway November 2018 and June 2019. We did not see a hotdog cart anywhere.
  7. I really tried to understand your post but I just couldn't make it out. Are you saying that your person indicated that the 20% is only added if you purchase the package or upgrade, but not if you receive it as a perk? Just trying to clarify.
  8. Well, Birdie and Sue, I would agree that you are quite right. However, to the unsuspecting traveler and without explanation, it can appear to be random even if it is not.
  9. Great review! I love the pictures and the commentary. Will be in Silhouette in November in your exact suite! Can't wait. I noticed that all of your meals to this point have been in Luminae. Do you have plans to take advantage of the included specialty dining? It is still included with the RS, right?
  10. Shhh, don't say that too loudly. I made the same observation in a different thread recently and was told in no uncertain terms that my observation was not accurate. Maybe so, but there sure do seem to be more and more reports about random itinerary changes, port changes, and cruise length shortenings...just my observation.
  11. Guess I’ve just been lucky. Seems like those rates are higher than what I’ve seen on breakaway. Haven’t been on Escape.
  12. Haha. Totally agree. Couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed 😎!
  13. Entry level Haven is a spa suite...I've never seen them priced that high....at least on a 7 night. Guess it depends on the ship.
  14. Seems like it's becoming more the norm with NCL, especially with non-Caribbean itineraries.
  15. My TA said there were changes with gratuities when I called this week to make final payment. She didn't get into specifics and I didn't ask...but that was before I read this thread. Wish I had pressed for more details but I believe the OP and his TA are correct.
  16. I get that. Good point. If a drink package costs $50 PP per day for a 7 night cruise then the total for double occupancy would be $700. I would expect my cruise price to increase by about that much if I took the perk. But with this new plan I would also be responsible for the 20% gratuity or an additional $140...making the total cost for 2 people to drink on a 7 night cruise $840. So I guess what I really meant to say was, if your bar bill came out to more than what you would pay for the package plus the gratuity, then its still a good deal. Bar tabs can add up quickly, in my experience. Still a lot of money, though. Disclaimer: The numbers used are for example purposes only. I know these are not the actual numbers associated with the drinks package on Celebrity.
  17. Regardless, several people have talked to their TA, myself included, who have indicated with a fair amount of certainty that the change takes place Sept. 1.
  18. Ahh, the Jones Act. I should have known it was something like that.
  19. Ok got it. Thought maybe you knew about some website that told those kinds of things. I'm always very amazed by the knowledge some people have as it relates to cruise ships/itineraries. To answer your question, if I knew the ship was empty, I'd get there at 10:15 to ensure the earliest boarding possible. Have a great time. We were on Breakaway last Thanksgiving and had the best time!
  20. How did you find out it was traveling empty to your port? Not challenging the information, just wondering how you knew. Thanks!
  21. Would your bar tab amount to this much or more if you didn't take the drink package? If your bar tab would be more without having a drink package then it's still a good deal.
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