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  1. I've followed along with some pretty thorough and balanced reviews of the recently launched Celebrity Edge. I am ever so appreciative of the comprehensive pictures, details, and even personalized answers to individual questions that have been provided by VTCruising and a few others. It pains me to admit that the closer I got to final payment, which was 12/26, the less excited I felt about this ship. And that's HUGE considering that on any given day, I'd trade my first born for an opportunity to get away on a cruise...ok, well maybe not my first born, but you get the idea. After reading everything I could get my eyes on, I remained troubled about spending $7k on an S2 on the Edge. Recent pricing for my March 31 sailing on Edge has S2's at $5500pp so by those prices, my $7k was a pretty good deal (we booked in August, 2017). But later in the year (2019), DH and I are booked in a RS on Silhouette for 9 nights and the cost of that is still less than current S2 pricing on Edge. There are certain things I've come to count on when traveling on an S class ship and in a suite...that I don't think have quite translated over to the Edge. To name a few... a balcony table that's big enough to have breakfast balcony loungers or comfortable seating a ship library intimate cocktail lounge areas ideal for conversation reasonable charge for Thermal suite pass So, for now at least, I'm going to back off the Edge and wait a while to see how both reviews and prices shape up over the next year. Maybe by then the price will have stabilized along with some of the reported issues so that we can consider her again in the future. Many thanks to those who have taken precious vacation time to document their journey. I will continue to read and follow along and wish all my fellow X cruisers safe travels.
  2. Georgia_Peaches

    Edge Review December 16-23rd 2018

    Thank you for your detailed review. Really appreciate the pictures and dining/bar details. So glad you had a good experience..this is encouraging!
  3. Georgia_Peaches

    Celebrity Moveup

    I think I would be inclined to stay with the stateroom I booked. You've picked your location based on things that are important to you and you give up that luxury with the bidding program. As you say, you may end up with a nicer room but in a less desirable location. We chose AQ a few years ago because of the Persian Gardens access that came with the category. I believe you'd lose that if you were upgraded to the SS. That's something to check on. Good luck!
  4. Georgia_Peaches

    I Cancelled My Journey on the Edge...

    I completely agree. I would never cancel (or book) a cruise based on opinions of those who have never even experienced the ship, itinerary, excursion etc. for themselves. And you can certainly find many arm chair experts on these boards who offer up opinions about which they have no personal experience. For me, canceling boiled down to the apprehension I felt (as opposed to excitement) over some of the Edgeisms that have been reported as fact (like the impractical balcony furniture), rather than opinion. I had to weigh the cost against what I think I would find disappointing and decided to take a wait and see approach. My DH has "caught" me continuing to explore Edge reviews and pictures/videos and is concerned that I have regrets about canceling. I don't have any right now but it's not going to stop me from continuing to draw from the experiences and excitement of others who will embark on the Edge. I'm really rooting for this ship but would rather see for myself and a lower price point which I think would make having even a little bit of disappointment easier to swallow.
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    I Cancelled My Journey on the Edge...

    I KNOW you will have a fabulous time! By all reports and pictures, the ship is absolutely beautiful. Had we moved forward with final payment, we would have found things to love and enjoy. Fortunately, we had time on our side so that we could make a more informed decision about going now, or waiting until later. As someone else mentioned, it may behoove Celebrity to keep each class of ship, E, S, and M as unique classes within the fleet so that customers have options when choosing the Celebrity product.
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    Just back from Seaside Yacht Club

    Thank you for the information. I spent the better part of an evening researching the Seaside and have also put a temporary hold on a YC suite. Final payment for the spring break itinerary is 12/29. So the dilemma is whether or not to keep our reservation on the Edge for the same time frame (final payment is 12/26) or cancel it and go with Seaside. Both ships offer mixed reviews...but MSC is $1700 cheaper and offers $325 OBC while Edge has $1025 OBC. I guess a discussion for a different thread...but again, thank you for the feedback!
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    Just back from Seaside Yacht Club

    Am considering giving MCS Yacht Club a try as have seen on some NCL boards that it has a better all around product than their Haven. Was wondering if you could outline the Yacht Club experience as it relates: embarkation/debarkation butler experience YC private areas any additional perks you enjoyed Thank you so much!
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    Disappointed with Options

    Our last 7 nighter on Breakaway had 4 ports and 2 sea days. We didn't get off the ship in Belize because we prefer more sea days. I think there is a lot of behinds the scenes stuff that goes on with planning for ports and the logistics associated with the scheduling. So I'm not sure they're doing it because they can, I think it has more to do with what's available at the time the itineraries are built. But I could be way off. For me, more sea days are a bonus so I've never really taken the time to investigate the inner workings. Maybe look into a small ship? Good luck...
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    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    Although I stopped watching at about 10 minutes in, I gathered that they were escorted to the Haven via special access from the pier. Seems like this error began with the private escort to the Haven area and this was, in their view, interpreted as special access. They should have never been taken there prior to verifying with the Haven concierge, in this case Adrian.
  10. WOW! You almost took the words right out of my mouth. We were on Breakaway in the Haven over Thanksgiving and that experience left me thinking that I never expected to like it more than Celebrity...but I did. We are on the Edge in an S2 over spring break...and like you, I will be making a comparison and going from there.
  11. Georgia_Peaches

    Norwegian's Poor Customer Service

    The maddening lesson to be learned here, by all cruisers, (unfortunately, at the OP's expense) is that one can assume nothing. The notice received by the OP gave a number to call in the event of questions. By reading this thread I've learned that despite my 20+ years of cruising, I might have easily done as the OP did: decide that a 5 day trip wasn't cost effective, taken what I thought was a 2-day refund and the 5-night loss and try again at a later time. NOW I know to call the number and ask questions....even if I think I already know the answers. Bottom line...always call the number. OP, the circumstances are unfortunate. Despite many of the comments here, the misunderstanding could have happened to anyone.
  12. Georgia_Peaches

    Must-try cocktails

    No, this is definitely on the rocks and with a nice salt rim.
  13. Georgia_Peaches

    Atlantis excursion

    $600 for a family of four is less than it used to be (I've seen it for $200 PP)...but still very expensive. The Comfort Inn will be about half that. Keep checking for cancellations. Something may become available. This is truly the least expensive option I've found. Keep in mind that although the passes are included in the price of the room, you have to go to Atlantis Coral Tower excursion desk to get your wrist bands...which is a little trek from the Comfort Inn. I hope you find tickets. If we do noting else, we go to Atlantis so the Kids (now grown ups) can spend the day in the water park.
  14. Georgia_Peaches

    Must-try cocktails

    I was introduced to the "Golden Margarita" on Breakaway. My new favorite drink: golden tequila splash of sour mix splash of OJ twist of lime Grand marnier topper
  15. Georgia_Peaches

    Getaway, Dec 9-16, A middle aged, middle class opinion

    I must confess... if there’s a pause in the flow of the line, I’ve been known to snatch a few pieces of bacon.
  16. Georgia_Peaches

    My Breakaway December 6th cruise - good, bad and ugly

    Was on Breakaway over Thanksgiving and found embarkation to very much as you described...chaotic. I chalked it up to the shore side staff being new. As for the service on your sailing, I do know that many, many ship crew ended their contract when we returned and a new crew boarded for the 11/25 sailing...just the week prior to yours. (we actually saw them lined up in the ship yard waiting to process into the ship as we disembarked.) The lack of service may have been a result of the new crew and the associated learning curve. We were also in the Haven and experienced excellent service in those areas as well. It's a bummer that folks got sick. Thanks for the review!
  17. Georgia_Peaches

    Haven Concierge

    Just off Breakaway in November. Did not get a Haven concierge pre-cruise phone call. You can reach out in advance if you have special requests that need to be arranged in advance. We found our Haven experience to be exceptional and wanted for nothing.
  18. Georgia_Peaches

    TSA Lock

    Am I the only one wondering how someone else’s lock got on the OP’s luggage? What did I miss?
  19. Georgia_Peaches

    Question for the ladies....

    I bring 2 bathing suit tops and 3 bottoms that I can mix and match. I bring several casual dresses that can be worn ashore, as a cover up, or to dinner. I bring some athletic wear and a couple pair of flowing pants that give me room to grow . I always bring one more outfit than I actually need so I can have options. Shoes: silver sandals, black sandals, sneakers, flip flops for the pool. Have a fabulous time on your first cruise!
  20. Georgia_Peaches

    Celebrity Aqua vs. NCL Haven

    Does Haven beat a Celebrity Royal Suite on S-class? Not in my opinion UNLESS you're in a top tier Haven suite like the OS or DOS. Our experience in a RS on Celebrity hasn't yet been topped by any other cruise experience.
  21. Georgia_Peaches

    Celebrity Aqua vs. NCL Haven

    Love Celebrity a lot but I also LOVE the Haven. We were in a Haven suite over Thanksgiving. I counted 5 children in the Haven area at any given time and they were always with their parents either having a meal or passing through to some other location. Only once were there children in the little Haven pool and that didn't last long because there are just too many other areas of the ship that are appealing to children. I would do the Haven again in a heartbeat...
  22. Georgia_Peaches

    No so Epic Cruise...

    The only real place that I found an extra long wait for a drink was O'Sheehans. We just didn't have good luck there so we usually went to the bar near the casino instead.
  23. Georgia_Peaches

    No so Epic Cruise...

    You have to remember that for every bad or negative review you read, there are many, many happy and satisfied people who never take the time to write a review. I would take it all with a grain of salt. Not discounting others' negative experiences, just saying that everyone has their own threshold for what constitutes a bad cruise experience. The Epic was launched in 2009. In nine years there's been +/- 3500 reviews about the Epic written for CC. I think that's less than the capacity of the ship for one sailing. Thousands upon thousands of people have never taken the time to review their experience. I suggest you stop reading reviews, go with an open mind, and have a great time!!
  24. Georgia_Peaches

    Norwegian's Poor Customer Service

    The OP is upset because NCL said they would compensate for 2 days since the trip was shortened from 7 nights to 5 nights. What the OP didn't realize is that by not showing up at all, it is viewed as a cancellation, and therefore not recognized by NCL as appropriate to make the 2 day adjustment. In the eyes of NCL, those who just didn't show up saved them a 2-day adjustment cost. I'm sure there were others who didn't or couldn't make it for the trip.
  25. Ha! Me too! Think I need to seek some serious therapy if I'm now going to start getting the cruise blues when the live review comes to an end....