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  1. We cruised Silhouette at Christmas time. The cruise started several days before Christmas. We noticed many people decorated their cabin doors with tinsel, battery operated lights and other decorations. We saw an inflatable Christmas tree on the balcony of another ship when we were docked. People seemed to be in a festive mood. I think the fact that we were on board the ship several days before Christmas influenced people’s Christmas spirit. Another time we cruised at Christmas, but the actual holiday fell a couple days after we set sail. No one decorated their doors. I sensed people were not in a Christmassy mood at all. A lot depends on when Christmas actually falls during the cruise. This year we are sailing in December, but we disembark on the 20th. The ship will be nicely decorated, but I am thinking no one will be much into the fact that Christmas is a couple weeks away.
  2. Bingo. With the price that is charged to play, you can go through your OBC in no time! We have the same problem as you on our next cruise. Free gratuities and a drink package, so we will have more OBC than we are used to. For us most of our OBC will be refundable, so even if there is some left over we won’t be throwing it away. We always have used up all our OBC in the past so it will be interesting to see what happens on our next cruise—how we spend it.
  3. You go to the Celebrity roll call and find your ship and the date it is sailing. It will be current postings from other persons on the same cruise as you. i also check other similar sailings to see what people taking the same cruise at different times are talking about, tours they are lining up. Some roll calls are more active than others. When we went to St. Petersburg, for example, there were two groups of people planning tours and we joined the tour I thought fit our needs better.
  4. Join your roll call and see if anyone has already posted about tours that you might join. I always research the port of call posts and choose independent tours, not cruise line tours, that have excellent reviews. Also read up on Celebrity itself. I learned a lot just by reading what other people talked about regarding the ship.
  5. When I went to Alaska a year ago last June I bought an Alaskan jacket with a hood as a souvenir. I wore it and was glad to have it—along with my gloves, scarf and ear covering headband. I wore it the day we toured Mendenhall Glacier. I was warm and comfortable. Other days a light jacket is all I needed. Take layers.
  6. My first cruise I went directly through the cruise line. No OBC or any other perks. I was a newbie so I didn’t know any different. My son told me to check out the site that competes for people’s business on my next cruise which is what I did. There were several TA’s competing for my business when I said I was interested in a certain cruise. I chose the TA with what looked to be the best deal and the rest is history. I have now used this same TA each time I have booked a cruise and have been very pleased. I have gotten the group rate on two of my cruises. A real savings, plus OBC, free gratuities, etc. Each cruise is different what the bennies are, but there is always something he is able to pass along. Before choosing my TA, I did some research on his particular company and the TA himself and saw positive reviews, too, which set my mind at rest until I had my own experience to draw from. My TA has always been available. Some people have found they are not able to reach their TA in a timely manner. The reviews I read spoke very well of his availability which is important. Another thing you you can do next time you cruise is ask around. People will be happy to share their experiences with you.
  7. I imagine there are witnesses, too, that will come forward.
  8. From the pictures of the windows where there are three in a row (top, middle and lower) it would seem to me that if the grandfather wanted the child to bang on the glass, the lower pane of glass would have been right at her level nearest the floor. Most likely the child was being carried at the time and the grandfather was directly across from the window in question which is why he positioned her directly in front of the open window. Such a dreadful result to a careless action.
  9. I have a PacSafe backpack. It is not very large. I like it because it is lightweight and big enough for me to carry my IPAD, a light sweater, a bottle of water, etc., in it. I never carry my ID or money in my backpack even though it is able to be secured. I feel safer having my ID and money in a small crossbody purse. One time we were in London leaving our hotel. At the time I didn’t even have the IPAD in the backpack. I had a paperback book and some toiletries. Nothing of any value. I got lazy and did not latch my backpack shut with the clips. Sure enough, while standing in line to purchase some sandwiches for the train, a young man told me my backpack was open. I took it off my back and sure enough, it was wide open. Nothing missing, though. I bet the person trying to steal from me was disappointed. They didn’t think my book and baby wipes worth stealing! So, don’t get lazy when you have a backpack that is designed to deter theft. I was lucky.
  10. When I found our confiscated magnets down a few doors from our door I posted a post it note on the thief’s door to leave my door decorations alone. Maybe my note made an impact if it was kids stealing the decos.
  11. Sometimes the decorations disappear. When it happened to us the decos were only a few doors down, so we were able to take them back. Sometimes I imagine they disappear for good.
  12. When we went on our Baltic cruise, my husband took a long sleeved shirt and tie. He had taken a jacket in the past, but not for this trip. Low and behold most of the men wore jackets on formal night. We were surprised at how many men were wearing suits and sport jackets. We did not see anyone in sport shirts and jeans.
  13. This rings very true to what I have experienced. Years ago my husband and I took a trip to Europe. While we were raising our family, traveling abroad was not something we did at that time. This trip to France was a dream trip for me. Our youngest child was 19. We were beginning a new chapter in our life, but I was unaware of how I was going to feel or how my life was about to change direction. When the trip was over and we were flying home, I was so sad. I didn’t realize that we were going to repeat traveling abroad in the years to come. Now we have begun cruising, I know that there will be another cruise to look forward to after the one we are on currently. I may feel a bit sad the trip is about to end, but it is only momentary.
  14. As long as the bottles are not odd shaped they will likely pass right by the scanning machines without any issues. However, one time we took wine in bottles with very long necks (Rose actually) and they were scrutinized very closely. We assured the person looking our bottles over that they were indeed wine!
  15. My husband and I have only been on a few cruises and have opted to sit at a table for eight. We have had only good memories of our table mates. One recent cruise we all seemed to get along fine on the first night. Later, though, we all got a call the following day asking if we would relinquish our table for a family traveling together of eight. We all agreed so we were assigned other places to sit. My husband and I got a table for two by the window so that was nice and since there was a table right next to us of four, it was like we were at a table for six. We enjoyed our new table mates just fine. However, later we saw a lady from our original table. She was not happy with her and her husband's new table assignment. Apparently there was a young man at her new table who took a special liking to her and she was very annoyed by his attention. His attention followed her wherever she went on board the ship. She told us she wished we were all still together at our original table. Lesson learned? Don't switch tables unless it is your idea. It could be a worse table you are sent to!
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