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  1. Every cruise starts off with a drink as soon as possible. Whether that's the welcome glass of champagne on embarkation on some lines, or a cocktail from the closest bar on the mass market lines.
  2. This has been my experience as well. Battery powered candles make great travel nightlights.
  3. I'll get a wax when on longer trips - 3+weeks. Yes, it is expensive, it's also more convenient than clogging up my port time looking for that service. Ditto a haircut if I need one.
  4. Honestly, when I travel my Fitbit Charge stays home and I use a regular manual watch.
  5. The Christmas Markets are more accurately Advent Markets. So the beginning of December up to Christmas Eve is the proper timing. Yes, it was cold, and raining, and snowing in Czesky Krumlov. But it was all so beautiful.
  6. You're right! I misspoke. It was AmaWaterways. My brain was in a whole different space. I apologize.
  7. I would much rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. The kind that slip over your shoes for getting from the door to your car in the winter don't take much space or weight.
  8. I was on Azamara for a Christmas Market cruise along the Danube last December. Vienna to Nuremberg. It was absolutely spectacular!
  9. Seattle - lived there 20 years Amsterdam - worth a week all by itself. Reykjavik - take a week before the cruise to rent a car or camper and really see Iceland!
  10. Just the ship all by itself -- Sea Cloud II, chartered by Lindblab. Ship and destination -- Lindblad Orion Destination -- Lindblad Explorer The mass market lines are fine, but they all blur together in my mind. I'll be on Windstar sailing the Tahitian islands this winter. I'm sure that will be on my standout list as well.
  11. In Akureyri, do get out to Lake Myvatn, particularly Dimmuborgir, Hverarond, and Godafoss either on the way out or on the way back. It's a fantastic area!
  12. Rent a car and see the sights yourself! They drive on the right, most people speak English, and you can go at your own pace. And yes, everything in Iceland is shockingly expensive.
  13. Sitting on my aft balcony, sipping a beer and watching the sunset while an albatross glides past.
  14. I have eczema prone skin, so carry all of my own toiletries. Generally, the travel sized bottles of shampoo / conditioner / lotion will last me 3 weeks. Sunscreen is a different story. I can usually buy "baby" sunscreen at the embarkation port. If that won't be possible, I check a bag so that I can pack enough sunscreen. I make and carry my own bar soap, so that isn't an issue.
  15. On beach days, all of my jewelry stays in board, in the cabin safe. Not only do shiny things attract fish, they can slip off and be lost. I would never wear the jewelry off of the ship, put it all in a bag, then leave and go for a swim. Any half-way attentive thief would watch that and just take off with the whole bag - chair attached. Credit card / sea pass / ID / cash can all get wet. I put those in a baggie inside of my swim suit. Cell phone -- I typically don't take mine along if I will be in the water. But there are water-proof cases that you can buy to keep them in and with you while you swim. Just test the cases out beforehand to make sure they really do keep the water out. The only stuff I leave on the beach are flip flops, cover up, towel, and sunscreen. I don't want those things stolen, but it wouldn't ruin my vacation if they were.
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