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  1. The tips are covered by the daily gratuity I pay. I normally tip the room steward extra. I might tip waiters extra if their service has been exceptional. But I am in no way stuffing any of the staff by not tipping extra.
  2. Viking Ocean, Windstar, Oceania, and Lindblad/Nat Geo. If pricing was truly the same across the board, why bother with the mass market lines at all?
  3. The ship will let you know if you need to take your passport with you.
  4. I go with the camo option. My checked bags are old and beat up - and don't have valuables in them. I've never bothered to lock my luggage.
  5. My stuff goes in a waterproof pouch I tuck into my swim suit.
  6. Cunard. Glacier Bay is amazing.
  7. True. My bank doesn't charge me ATM transaction fees. And I use a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. For me, having enough currency for the first day is purely for convenience. I can't sleep on airplanes - and i have tried everything out there. I land tired, groggy, jet-lagged, and desperately needing a shower and a nap. The less I have to think about on that first day, the better.
  8. I only pre-buy enough currency for the first day; getting to the hotel, buying a meal, buying any toiletries I need... After that I use a credit card, and I get local currency from ATMs.
  9. The only time customs has ever taken an interest in my luggage was when the little dog alerted at my suitcase. I had legally packaged cheese, so it was a minor hassle. Then again, I don't travel with expensive jewelry.
  10. ??? The whole point of getting to a consulate for emergency travel documents is to get back to the US. If you are a citizen, you will get through immigration eventually. It's just a real hassle. Things are vastly easier if you have a passport.
  11. My Nikon 10x42 come on all of my trips. When wildlife are about, I'm the lady with camera in one hand, binos in the other.
  12. It depends on the trip. If I know there will be wildlife, I take the camera. My Galaxy 9 does a great job, but it doesn't have the zoom capabilities I sometimes need.
  13. I take a light rain jacket that doubles as a wind breaker. I've mostly wanted an umbrella when I've been in Europe. At the first drop of rain, baskets of 5 Euro umbrellas pop up all over the place. I buy a 5 Euro umbrella and enjoy it's protection for as long as it survives. (Bonus points if the umbrella is in decent enough shape to hand it off to somebody to use. At no point does the thing actually come home with me.)
  14. Maybe it would help if I walk you through the steps I take with my travel agent? - I tell my agent I am interested in a particular cruise, on a particular date. - My agent comes back with the options for that cruise, the price for those options, and any deals she can get me. - We then start looking at airfare options, and hotel stays if they are necessary. - The agent handles the actual details, and keeps track of any changes for me. Easy trips out of Florida I tend to handle myself. More involved travel, especially if it involves crossing the date line, I use my travel agent for.
  15. My USB hub, and any international adaptors are my must-haves.
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