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  1. Ridiculous it may seem, but remember one country's ridiculous is another country's jail time, or worse.
  2. 810 to this point, stop feeding the troll.
  3. Worse than "Days of Our Lives", bear in mind that it is also people who think like our rod that have for years prevented the annual underbrush clearing and burning, which is contributing greatly to our bushfire problem at the moment.
  4. .....and have all your support staff fly anyway. What a whole load of Bxxxxxxt.
  5. If you had any business knowledge at all you would know that it is quite common practice for a considerable amount of reports in the early stages of studying a possible project, to be redacted. This is an endeavour to guard any commercially valuable information that may, if released, be advantageous to interested parties, thus enabling them to gain an unfair advantage over other interested parties. For a further understanding look up "Insider trading" where information that is not available to the general public is used by people with access to the redacted information.
  6. I'd be inclined to take more notice of the passionate epistles that you pen if you made some attempt to use the correct spelling of our language and at least made some try at accepted presentation and format . As your diatribe is presented at the moment, I can only take you as being someone who has such disdain for those that may differ in opinion, that you can't be bothered with this simple courtesy.
  7. When they went into coalition with Labor a few years ago, it was then that the prevention laws regarding preventative burning were enacted giving us 7 years of fuel for the fires, not just the last year as claimed above. Any move to change the restrictions has always been voted down in the Senate, where the gov does not have an outright majority, by the greens and the left wing idiots that support them.
  8. Extracted from our current booking Cruise Contract with Carnival Australia:- Guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages on board. Any alcohol purchased in the vessel’s gift shops or at a port of call will be collected by Us for safe keeping and will be returned to You on the last day of Your cruise. Any uncollected alcohol will be discarded after the cruise and no compensation will be given.
  9. What one does in a case like that is inform them of the domestic cruise and of charges from company xxx. I alway notify that it is a cruise, and which company. Most banks are familiar with the charging methods of cruise companies.
  10. You must have a primitive bank, my bank even has an online section to advise of travel, and the notification is confirmed with a code number which is phoned to you and is only valid for 1 minute.
  11. Happy Holiday Season to all.Thanks to the many that have provided valuable info, and to those who have provided humour in one form or another.😉
  12. This is what we use. I found on my first cruise, and because I forgot to pack it last cruise, that the ships sanitiser, which is alcohol based, dries out, and makes me shed, the skin on my hands. It's almost cleared up now and we returned 4 weeks ago tomorrow.
  13. Wine package is not available on Princess out of Australia, however a similar system is available on Carnival Australia.
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