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  1. Read about it yesterday, it came from underwater volcano/earthquake.
  2. Yes you can share a card because the card is number limited for the specialty products. My wife is a tea drinker and often likes a hot chocolate, we have never been refused either with the punch card or the new system.
  3. Yes this is what makes the coffee card such great value, free standard coffee, standard tea, and hot chocolate as well as the 15 specialty coffee or tea.
  4. Yes i don't know what's happened to InsureandGo, I called them this morning for our latest trip and found that where for 6 previous insurances there had been no excess charge for my wife this time there was, and my excess had doubled. where we had been paying around $310.00 the quote was now $517.00 even with the Seniors discount of 15% and having double excess applied. They were unable to tell me why the changes had occurred and hinted that it was maybe because I turned 75 this year, and still unable to tell me why an excess had been applied to my wife as well. I screamed blue murder and managed to get the discount up to 20% which reduced it to $487.00 for a 14 night cruise, still an increase of roughly $170.00 since I took out our May cruise insurance in January this year.
  5. Senior card holders always get 15% off, simply quote SENIORS 15.
  6. Well BigM I'll leave it as it is, you obviously don't understand writing computer programs.
  7. I'm just about to book for the seventh time with InsureandGo. They are one of the few that even pay for a missed port. On Silver cover our ship on a cruise up to the Islands had to divert to avoid a Cyclone, causing us to miss Lifou. This was compensated by a payment of $200.00 between my wife and I. BTW having been to Lifou 4 times we would be happy to take $200.00 to miss it each time.😄
  8. Personal experience with Carnival, a friend with us had an allergy to mushrooms and was consulted every night by one of the Chefs regarding the meal for the following night. You can inform them of any special dietary requirement that you may have.
  9. No it is a computer programing problem, and it is not a change of address. The compute program failed to allocate the correct address when the booking was changed. The customer profile for all concerned is and always has been correct, I have access to all of them. The final person the supervisor called saw the problem and it only took minutes for her to correct it, but it took nearly an hour to work it's way to someone able to correctly read the problem. Which seems to be a problem some people are having.
  10. I'll make it simple. The original booking layout. Customer A on the left and customer B on the right. Name and address of customer A in the top left hand corner. Customer A is too sick to cruise so customer C is inserted. New layout. Customer B on the left with customer C on the right. In the top left hand corner is the name of customer B with the address of customer A who has been removed from the booking. No change of anyone's address involved, merely getting the correct address with the correct name. Not to put too fine a point on things but this was vitally important to get correct as I attended customer A's funeral last Friday, she was the sister of my sister in law.
  11. Did you not read correctly? Particularly the part about security codes and who made the mistake. It had nothing to do with changing a person's address, it was all about correcting a mistake that either the Princess computer had made, and don't tell me about computer reliability when the fault is obviously in the programing, or the mistake of a princess employee.
  12. Great suggestion, particularly when the people concerned are all over 65 and are not computer literate to say nothing of the fact that they don't own computers.
  13. No it does not make any sense, you overlooked the part where I said that the name they inserted is the name of the original second passenger who has had a Carnival account and number, which is where all passenger information is stored, so it was not a matter of them allocating the address to the new passenger who by the way has her own account number, which was supplied, with all her details.
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