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  1. I’m hopeful that Lady Allure gets Portside BBQ too. My survey of course was in favor of Portside BBQ. 😀
  2. The new Portside BBQ is definitely one of my new favorites. We had a nice long talk several times during this cruise with the main person who opened Portside BBQ on Lady Oasis. Reviews from these first two sailings are very key and important to if one will added to Lady Allure during her nip, tuck and new lipstick next year. If they are not good, Lady Allure will not get one. Based on our experience I can only see Portside BBQ receiving nothing but excellent reviews. You’re welcome. Thanks for following along. So glad we were able to meet you during our amazing cruise. Thanks for following along! Thanks for following along! Thanks for following along! Andy is still with Maureen. At the moment they have mended fences. 9 months from now it’s possible Maureen gives birth to a Bendy Man. 😀
  3. Naw, but we were the last two usually each time to get our shots as we were always the last two off the bus. 😀
  4. Earlier today... Green and reds all out... Dinner tonight at Poolside BBQ... Ping Pong Table Miami lights Getting ready for the morning
  5. Even though we are moving right along at such a fast pace it’s been a beautiful day at sea...
  6. It’s been determined we are at our grueling speed as a result of one or both of the Alpha Alpha’s this morning. At the rate we are going I wouldn’t be surprised if we are docked in Miami around midnight. Hope all those involved and family will be alright.
  7. Last nights towel animal... Which now leads into today. Earlier this morning we had two Alpha Alphas, one on deck two and deck eight. Hopefully everyone is alright. However we are rockin and rolling and headed toward Miami which seems faster than normal for a last sea day. Usually it seems we go at a slower pace. We’ve been going above 23/24 knots for some time. This morning I’ve just been enjoying the ocean and relaxing to the sounds of the ocean as I load pictures to post here which have been taking forever...
  8. It then turned into the 70’s party.. As projected it turned into a late night with us visiting many venues including the casino...
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