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  1. I have been instructed to have a high protein 'lower carb' diet by a dietician. I have a similar breakfast on my cruise to home. Egg white Omlette with spinach, mushrooms, and a bit of feta cheese if they have it. The rest of my plate is filled with fruit, grilled tomato and grilled mushrooms, again if they have them, but they are usually not hard to find on a cruise ship. Grandeur of the Sea had what I can only describe as some sort of Jamaican donut. I have no idea what was in it. It looked like half a donut and probably had cinnamon in it and I don't know what else. Very tasty, and I would grab one off the buffet ever time I saw one. The best breakfast I had was the Bottomless Brunch on RCL when it was a new thing. They had a little high end buffet of brunch items. I had shrimp cocktail, caviar, filet mignon, eggs, and béarnaise sauce and probably six mimosas. My mother does not like breakfast and complimented the shrimp cocktail, joking with the waiter that the serving size in the dining room was too small. Smiling he brought her a plate with about a pound of shrimp on it. Steak, eggs, and béarnaise are now my favorite all time brunch item.
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