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  1. for anybody who has cruised and had the Premier Beverage Package - we have a few questions regarding bottled water 1. how do you get the bottled water? 2. do they deliver it to your cabin? 3. how do you request it? thank you so much. this is an important feature to us.
  2. we cancelled our 97 day world cruise Jan 2022 LA to FTL (starts Jan in FTL) for 2 reasons 1. we will only sail if 100% vaccinated 2. we are not certain of the ports the cruise will visit with so many closed like Australia we have a lot of land trips we want to do but would like to get back to cruising. we hope all cruise lines will insist on 100 % vaccinated with only exception being if vaccine is not available due to age (like children under 2). no medical, religious or political exceptions should be allowed. or, maybe they can have unvaccinated voyages and 100% vaccinated voyages both. this will make everyone happy.
  3. we will only cruise if vaccination is 100% - NO exceptions. if you are an exemption, just stay home or do some other activity.
  4. we will only cruise on fully vaccinated cruises. we cancelled our 97 world cruise Jan 2022 but kept the 97 day Jan 2023. we hope the cruise lines all adopt 100% vaccination.
  5. YOU ARE USING WRONG NAME - PROPER NAME IS CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION - ALSO KNOWN AS YELLOW CARD. or, mine says Covid 19 vaccination record. vaccine passport is why so many people and stupid governors are against them. also, vaccines should be required to go cruising
  6. all cruise lines will leave Florida. governor is an idiot.
  7. thanks so much for posting. we will be fully vax. this is a no go for us. we are booked on 97 day world cruise Jan 22. will NOT go if these rules are still in effect. we support vax required for all pax and crew 100%
  8. vaccine passport is an unfortunate bad name. it is a vaccination record or certificate of vaccination.
  9. this is so stupid. this is called VACCINATION RECORD. we have one that includes all of our vaccines like yellow fever, hep, tetnus, typhoid, shingles etc
  10. KIWIMUM - thank you so much for posting Princess Mar 4 covid notice. this is a game changer for us. we are booked on 97 world cruise Jan 2022. if these rules apply then, the cruise would not be worthwhile and not enjoyable for us. we do our own shore ex. we just paid our second deposit but will probably cancel. we may hang in until August. again, thank you.
  11. Princess web site lists all Alaska cruises from Seattle as NOT AVAILABLE. you cant book one. call Princess or have your TA call Princess. how can someone pay final payment if the cruise is not for sale.
  12. RCL is doing cruises with PAX and crew vaccinated. this could be a game changer https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/royal-caribbean-resume-sailings-med-haifa-vaccination-mandate-odyssey-seas
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