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  1. We're pleased to offer you this opportunity to interact directly with Silversea Cruises CMO, Barbara Muckermann. She'll be here on May 18th to answer all your questions, but go ahead and ask them now in this dedicated forum we've opened for this purpose: Q&A with Barbara Muckermann of Silversea Cruises We hope you enjoy this special event! Laura
  2. We're on this. Just an FYI that IP does appear to be associated with us, so there isn't anything to worry about.
  3. Cruise Critic is pleased to welcome Barbara Muckermann, Chief Marketing Officer of Silversea Cruises! Prior to returning to Silversea, Barbara held strategic marketing positions at Loro Piana and NCL and was Chief Marketing Officer of MSC. Prior to that, she worked at Silversea as SVP Global Marketing and European Sales. She has also been Chairwoman of the Reputation Committee of CLIA, managing the association’s reputation. Barbara is a Doctor in Political Sciences and Economics and holds a joint MBA from Columbia and London Business School. S
  4. @mj_holiday I couldn't agree more re: remembering the newbies, and what it feels like to be new around here. Glad you stuck around -- as are all the newbies to the site!
  5. Honestly there's so much to remember...thanks for sharing this! I can't believe it was that long ago too. Very happy to have you here, still, Lois. Laura
  6. This made my day. We're so thankful for members like you!\
  7. Quark Expeditions, the recognized Leader in Polar Adventures, has officially taken possession of the highly-anticipated polar vessel, Ultramarine. The official handover of the technologically-advanced ship took place in Brodosplit, Croatia, where construction on this game-changing ship started in 2018. During the last three years, a community of engineers, naval architects, welders, structural fabricators, riggers, electricians and hundreds of other shipyard crew—as well as the designers, innovators and operational team members in the Quark Expeditions head office—have worked night and d
  8. Everyone here at Cruise Critic's Community Team will keep Krazy Kruizers in our hearts and memories, and we offer up our deepest sympathies to everyone who knew her. A long-time member and contributor, her presence will be missed. Laura
  9. Member cruises -- anyone remember the ones hosted by our own Host Randy? Wow was he fun! Any memories of Host Randy -- maybe I can see if I can get him to "pop" in to say hello! I wish I could remember which one it was...but Randy entered the Talent Show on board....it was a Carnival Cruise (of course, his fave). There were so many Cruise Critic members in attendance at that show and he was awesome. I'm pretty sure he won! Laura
  10. Look far into the future...or just into next week 🙂 What do you see -- or would like to see -- in the future of cruising? What will the next 25 years of cruising bring?
  11. So do you think cruising has changed for the better over the past 25 years? Is there one (or two) things you'd like to see return from bygone days? What would you like to see disappear! How have these changes affected you? Be as specific as you'd like.....
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