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  1. Do you want to risk this thing lasting so long that the cruise lines have to seek bankruptcy protection and your future cruise credit being worth nothing? I would take the refund and just wait to rebook.
  2. That means on or before September 30 they will decide how much longer to extend the suspension. There won't be any sailing out of the US before October 31, and probably n ot for several months after that time.
  3. Cruising is not starting on this side of the Atlantic anytime soon. Italy did a total lock down for over a month which is why they have more control over the virus. We can't even get people to put on masks. It is going to be a long time before any ships cruise out of the US.
  4. Maybe they should just move everyone in the program up a level whether you take a cruise or not. 😲
  5. I don't think that it matters when they start sailing they will extend the expiration dates to give enough time to use the certs, especially if they expire when they are not sailing.
  6. You can get much better tours that cost less by booking independently.
  7. My only comment is that once they start sailing again I fully expect them to extend the expiration date of all these certificates by as long as they were closed down. There is no point in doing it now because they have no idea how long they are going to be closed.
  8. If it does proceed, I can't imagine that it is anything more than the bare minimum required to meet the standards by the inusring agencies and the government. I would not expect any changes to be made.
  9. Just like the millions of US workers who have moved on to other jobs?
  10. I expect that you will hear something by the end of business this week. (7/31/2020)
  11. I personally don't think anyone sails out of the US or Canada until may or June of 2021 at the earliest.
  12. This proposed rule will never pass muster in the courts, but it sure makes CC members feel good.
  13. Unfortunately IMO this is even close to the end of the cancellations. I don't think anything is sailing until may or June of next year and that is why I cannot understand why people are still booking. There is just too much unknown at this time to risk losing hard earned money. I will say that once they start sailing I am ready to go.
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