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  1. Where does the cruise end? That is critical. If it ends in Canada you need a passport. If it ends in the US you do not.
  2. While a TA might ask, there is no way for them to communicate that with NCL
  3. You can’t do it ahead of time. They make an effort to guess what you want based on things like age and gender, but if it’s nit right for you they will fix it when you are on board.
  4. Too many people are afraid of this, but it's free and gives good results.
  5. Sea Dream (both I and II they are pretty much identical) - capacity is 112 passengers and on one cruise with them (we have several there were about 70 on board. Wife has done 4 a number of crossings on them and been on board with about 50 people. Very smooth riding ships.
  6. Turnaround time is around 3 weeks.
  7. They hold at least 50% of the reservations for issue on board the ship. When you get on board go book them then.
  8. This is only for initial embarkation. At ports of call it is usually 30 minutes before sailaway.
  9. Don't do anything, let the person be a no show and all the fees taxes, etc. get refunded.
  10. Looking at the deck plans it is really hard to tell what you will see, but I believe based on the photos I've seen that there is a good chance that you will look straight down to the water. All you can do is hope.
  11. Children under the age of 16 do not require a photo ID as long as they are with an adult. Nothing to worry about.
  12. The only way I would do an 11 day is if it is port intensive. Seems to me you have the best possible deal, especially if you hit 9 or 10 ports. We have a B2B coming up and have 12 ports in 14 days. Nothing better, except 14 or more ports in a 14 day (yes we have been on cruises that hit 2 ports in a single day).
  13. If it bothers you report it. Fishing from the ship is not allowed and NCL will stop it if they know about it, but is it really a big deal?
  14. The correct number of points for a balcony room is 7, unless you booked it as a Latitudes special offer. It seems that you got all the points that you are entitled to receive.
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