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  1. NCL tells you exactly why not to do it. You will get a hold and then they will also take your charges out of your account. The hold eventually comes off, but unless you keep a large balance in your checking account don't do it.
  2. Your ship card and a photo ID. leave the passport and/or birth certificate on the ship.
  3. Counting on a 4:00 p.m. tender is safe. Assuming a 4:30 last tender is realistic.
  4. The porters have tags at the pier. Take a pen and write your name and cabin number on those. Much easier than the things you print.
  5. We have two or three times. No big deal. the cruise line paid for anything we had spent that was non refundable and that was that.
  6. zqvol


    Sometimes you can find AARP, or AAA or other discounts, but you have to really look long and hard, and they are usually through a third party TA, not NCL.
  7. It makes perfect sense, BUT sense 100% of zero is still zero there is no penalty.
  8. It does not work on Getaway without Internet so I doubt that it will on other ships. I think NCL got wise and closed the port that it uses.
  9. Yes, it is not an issue. The first person will log in using the free minutes. The second person will log in and create an account and then buy the minutes. We do it all the time.
  10. Yes, the spa access with a spa cabin is considered a part of the cabin.
  11. Never noticed any different in food quality.
  12. While it may not be a violation most main stream cruise lines do not allow downstream boarding as a matter of policy.
  13. If you want waiters to know your preferences don't use Freedom dining, instead use fixed dining. Freedom mdining is like going to a different restaurant at home each night.
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