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  1. I'm aware of that, thanks. Looking for someone who has seen a standard change in final payment date.
  2. On 2 roll calls people are saying that Carnival has changed their final payment date now. I can't find this information anywhere and the phone reps didn't confirm or deny last night. I know there was an Early Saver code a couple of months ago with a 30 day final payment date. I also know you can request an extension. But now people are saying all final payments have been switched to closer to cruise date. Anyone here heard this?
  3. Yes. The extra key is blank. That's the one to access the cabin. The other one with your name and folio number, you use for purchases and getting off/on the ship.
  4. Call Carnival and ask to speak to the Resolutions Dept.
  5. What the previous poster said. Don't overthink it, don't do any official swapping. Just get extra cabin keys and everyone sleeps wherever they want.
  6. Future Cruise Credit is valid for 24 months after cancelation date. Not to sail, but to book a new cruise or transfer to an existing cruise. So for a cruise credit not related to Covid, this FCC would have to been issued in August 2018. If it has been issued in February 2020 there is no way it could expire in August 2020. Even so. If you knew it was to expire, why didn't you book something prior to this expiration or transfer to an existing booking prior to August 2020???
  7. Yes, boarding in Barcelona. Now I'm scared 😨
  8. Are you 100% sure of this?? We're on the Legend on May 17th 2021....
  9. Do you post this same message every month, just changing the name of the month??😂😂😂
  10. Did you receive an email? A specific code? We signed up, booked and NOTHING.
  11. Did anyone receive a special offer from Carnival after registering for Celebration deals?
  12. Yeah, had a look this morning. The itineraries are rather Meh....
  13. Payments are almost always made directly to the cruise lines, but processed by a travel agent if you use one. I would never pay a travel agent directly. If they keep your money hostage you have no where to turn.
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