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  1. This is very true. Since I travel quite a bit, and often on my own, I have become a keen observer of human nature. Also, if I have a private guide and we hit it off, I will occasionally hear some horror stories of "tourists behaving badly". Another runner-up nationality seemingly is Russian tourists. Several guides I've had in the past have given me chapter and verse on their "entitled" behavior -- including one guide who was stupefied when a Russian party of four that he was guiding in Israel at an archaeological site decided to move the flexi-barriers and seat themselves in the e
  2. I think you may be taking it in a different direction than intended. When I hear the advice "try not to look like a tourist," I believe the main intent is to not be disrespectful of local culture and norms. It's not that you are trying to be something you aren't, but rather that you are respecting the fact that in different places people do things differently. When I travel to Europe, I don't want to be "that person" who wears shorts into churches or takes photos where they are not allowed, or who talks loudly to locals because -- well, surely if I just speak more lou
  3. On Azamara's website, under "Specials" there is a tab for special solo pricing. About a month ago there were some good deals for solo cruisers with low supplements. Those seem to have disappeared now, but keep an eye out for them.
  4. I'm beginning to doubt it. Most of the lines about which the above would apply are gone (like Azamara, sold to venture capitalists with no maritime experience, you can't convince me there's a future there) or question marks (like HAL).
  5. I only have a couple of minutes but had to jump in to celebrate Penguin day. How can you go wrong with a bird that's always dressed well and is endorsed by Mary Poppins? Not to mention having a travel-friendly motto:
  6. Probably about as much time as it takes now to weed through all of the old (and largely irrelevant) dress code threads and smoking threads from years past. Like it or not, COVID is the dominating issue for cruising right now, more than most other industries or types of vacationing. What else is there to talk about -- there can be no reviews and it's hard to get excited about a roll call or destination planning when many of us have had multiple cruises canceled, or have canceled them ourselves.
  7. You are focusing on the word "smaller" when I was just using that as a descriptor. I was just echoing what many HAL loyalists have said -- that they were just happy Carnival stepped in to acquire HAL, as otherwise the line would likely not still be around. There's a bare outline of the history of RCCL acquiring the R-class ships here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3076 The original idea was to make them a part of Celebrity's Xpedition sub-group of ships. However, I think two things happened once RCCL had the first two R-class ships: first, they aren't r
  8. So terrible to think on this number. That's more than 16 times the number of residents in my little city. Georgia has experienced a 140% increase in deaths over the last few weeks, probably due to holiday travel and get-togethers. It's just sobering to contemplate.
  9. It's kind of funny...or sad. When winter (or what we call winter in the south) started to really arrive, I had to cave and get some casual "stay at home" clothes. From the time of the shut-down last year I had been wearing just a few "not work" clothes -- enough to get by if I tossed in some of my things that I would otherwise save for travel. But when winter arrived, I realized I really did not have the kind of things those of us working from home are mostly wearing -- casual wraps, joggers, yoga pants, t-shirts. So now that the winter sales are going, I am trying to add a few cas
  10. Well, as with Carnival Corp buying Holland America, I was happy to see those smaller ships still sailing and still relevant. I don't think RCCL saw them as a Seabourn -- Azamara was never really positioned as a "luxury" line but more of a "premium" line. But in cruising (as in society) there seems to be a trending toward the very expensive/luxury/upper class and the very inexpensive/basic/mass market, with not much available in between. I really liked Azamara's model (focused on destinations; small ships). But I have a dim view of their future from this point.
  11. I would not want to be a scofflaw in Germany!
  12. I got the email this morning as a past Azamara cruiser. I think there is a big leap between a venture capital company acquiring three unique but identical smaller capacity ships and a clearly aligned philosophy and acquiring a brand like HAL with a current fleet of 10 ships (soon to be 11) in four different "classes" and with somewhat of an identity crisis. This investor doesn't seem to have a lot of experience with cruise lines that I could find at a quick look. It will be interesting to see what happens. I've always thought of Azamara as a bit of a "sleeper" brand, pe
  13. Interesting news... More maneuvering due to COVID and need for cash?
  14. We have to look at it from a societal standpoint and not a personal one. If it was just a matter of personally avoiding the virus, this might make sense. But in the above example, you have two separate sets of people -- one at much lower risk and one at much higher risk. However, it's virtually impossible to ensure that there isn't overlap or mixing of the groups. Someone who goes out only for essentials will eventually end up at the local drugstore browsing for the best buy on heartburn medication right next to the guy who is working onsite, dining out, traveling. Or they will sta
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