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  1. Getting back to the essential question of this thread, however, my priorities are such that I would rather take, let's say, four trips a year -- with all the fabulous sites visited and memories generated that goes along with that -- than two trips that are twice as expensive. Traveling under the "burden" of the solo supplement does not make cruising the good deal for me that it often can be for couples. And due to the very large number of variables in cruising it is difficult to get a true "apples to apples" comparison many times, because the "comparator" may not exist in real life
  2. I find it a lot more stressful to waste my precious vacation time standing in lines to accomplish things that can be done in a moment on my phone or ipad or laptop....
  3. It seems to me that some cruisers want a cruise experience that is more like a Las Vegas stay -- lots of music, entertainment, glitz, conspicuous consumption, etc. Being around the pool on one of these ships is a lot like being at the pool in Vegas. Others want a cruise experience that is more about a connection to the sea: to both the places visited AND the way in which one gets there. Onboard entertainment, luxury with a capital "L", special areas and perks -- all of those are more secondary to the actual cruise experience itself. In my experience, the very large ship
  4. Well, it's still popular with me, but what I meant was that when I went out earlier this summer to buy some new tees/casual wear, everything seemed geared toward navy as opposed to a few years ago when it was easier to find black-based prints/patterns.
  5. One could nitpick and say that all lines give suites a few benefits, and that's fine. What I personally don't appreciate are the lines that have a separate "ship within a ship" type of set-up. On a sliding scale I think MSC has gone about the farthest on the spectrum toward this. Of the mass market lines, Holland America is a line that probably has the fewest "separate" suite perks. As the other poster said, some of the more deluxe/upscale lines -- like Viking -- seem to focus on the suite accommodations being primarily about more space not about perks or about "separating" suite
  6. I am SO "on the same page" with this. I actively avoid lines that have gone in the opposite direction.
  7. I would pick two weeks over one week 10 times out of 10!!! Being in a suite means little to me personally.
  8. My black flats are very similar to these but they aren't Vionics. They are very comfortable and I wear them for evenings -- both dressy casual and the more dressy evenings (different cruise lines call them different things now but most avoid the term "formal" as the clothing requirements are far from formal any longer....)
  9. For daytime I'm going to try to coordinate everything around navy rather than black. Mainly because most of the casual wear I have right now is navy. Black isn't as popular as it was a few years ago.... I have a pair of Columbia heavier weight sport knit pants in navy, as well a lighter weight pair of long capris, both of which wash/dry well and dry quickly if they get wet. I will also take one pair of more casual french-terry knit navy pants for lounging around the ship, and one pair of either Eileen Fisher or J Jill navy pants for traveling and possibly for dinner on a casual ev
  10. And many ports around the world are still not open to cruise ships.
  11. Same here -- surprised there hasn't been more chatter about the Alaska start, but hoping to hear from someone.
  12. I'm surprised there hasn't been more posts/info about this on the Celebrity board -- would love for someone to report from the first sailing!
  13. Wow, we are all thinking alike. Over the past few weeks I've felt like my brain was literally melting from the summer heat/humidity and from lack of being able to plan any fun travel. So I also booked an Alaska cruise -- and on the Millennium! Ours is before Debbie's: it leaves Seattle August 20th -- one day after Lois on her cruise. Talk about a small world!! 🌎 I'm going with DS since the cruise fare is virtually the same for one or two people, and we're using FF miles for flights. We don't plan on doing much other than enjoying the ship and the scenery. First time I went to A
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