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  1. In Memoriam: Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19
  2. I don’t know about Hawaii, but there are EDM theme cruises. Also look into Virgin Voyages, which is marketed towards millennials.
  3. Get back to us when gravity stops working for you.
  4. I’d love less crowded ships, or *at least* not having to deal with things like a 20 minute traffic jam after muster drill. I don’t know if the cruise ships can make enough money without jam-packing people onboard without price increases though. And I do understand that it may be priced out of my range then. It’s interesting that the mega ship / overloading thing got so severe that they actually got separate revenue streams from people who would pay to skip lines, or pay through the nose to access a spot on the deck with slightly more breathing room (Vibe on NCL ships). I guess that’s true for many travel paradigms (pay for your legroom on planes by the centimeter), but cruise ship overcrowding has this unique ability to amplify disease spread to thousands of people at once.
  5. Just as an aside — I thought most travel insurance explicitly excluded bankruptcy? I might be misremembering something I’ve heard on cruise radio recently ... My trip was originally for March, purchased insurance pre-pandemic, and they let me move the same policy to the October trip (which I haven’t cancelled yet). So that particular policy predates a lot of the new pandemic clauses they’ve added ... (I’m just thinking out loud here).
  6. I think this is probably where I have to call it. I had rebooked to the end of October with the 200% credit, but I'm starting to feel like leaving this much money in the hands of any cruise line right now is just playing with fire. I know that the cancellations will ultimately hurt them worse, but it's just business. It was one thing when it looked like some cruise lines would resume in July/August; I would at least have a sense of how things were going on other cruises before I decided whether to board. But my cruise would happen just a few weeks after they start things up, and that's too close for me. I'll probably wait a couple of weeks for this round of cancellations to make its way through their customer support, then call for a refund. VV will still be at the top of my cruise lines to book, if the world ever goes back to normal and if they still exist. I just don't see a reason to give them an unsecured loan of several thousand dollars right now.
  7. Did you get this from your ReOpenMyState Facebook group?
  8. Hey, do you know what helps tremendously with herd immunity, with far less loss of life? Vaccines. Go get sick before then if you want, infect some people in your community on the way, but no, I won’t be thanking you for it. My gratitude goes to the healthcare workers and scientists.
  9. Honestly, I don't know why I keep using the internet right now. 🙂 I come here (to CC specifically) to see what people's mood is about the industry, what news there might be of ships and crew, new technologies to help keep people safe, etc ... but then I just get myself aggravated by being reminded that a lot of people still genuinely believe this is a hoax, that it's no big deal, that those numbers are just numbers and not TENS of THOUSANDS of dead Americans ... then I argue briefly, give up and go eat some cookie dough and take a xanax. 🙂
  10. Sorry, are you suggesting that the prevalence of severe clotting issues in COVID19 is just anecdotal? What source would be good enough for you? And I guess you're not buying this either, or at least not enough kids have been affected yet: https://emergency.cdc.gov/han/2020/han00432.asp Every day they find some new horrible twist for this disease, including stuff that is showing up way late in the disease course.
  11. Something tells me that Zika and Chikungunya don't produce results like these: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/927976 We get it, you're not afraid. Life has to go on. Etc etc. Just remember these are real people, not numbers, and a large percentage of them didn't need to die from this dumb virus. More of them will die because people need their freedoms more than they need to protect their fellow citizens.
  12. There's also a segment of people on the internet who think that posting any bad news is 'fear mongering', or hoping for a bad outcome. I've cruised on NCL more than any other line. I also think if any of the big three are likely to go under, it's NCL. They're the first ones that used the word 'bankruptcy'. Yeah, they've managed to get themselves liquid for the next X months, but that money has to be repaid somehow. I also own NCL stock (bought when it dropped to about $7). But I consider that more like buying a lottery ticket (virus burns itself out? vaccine comes early? I win) than investing.
  13. I don't see ships sailing if they think a quarantine period is still necessary afterwards.
  14. Yep, that'll be when my future cruise credits turn back into cash in my bank account.
  15. Gizmodo has been reporting on science and technology for close to twenty years.
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