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  1. you kind if wonder why the author wants to cruise at all. A bought a bag of cherries at the supermarket yesterday. One of them was smashed up. Could any one offer advice on how to sue them for an inferior product? It was so traumatic that I don't know if I can eat them any more.😥
  2. Hm. Just did a quick search on EBay and found 48. Not sure of the style you want.
  3. They haven't done an eight day sailing yet, so that is not known yet. It should be the same seven day set of menus with one of two different items for day 8.
  4. Guy's doesn't have grilled chicken.
  5. It's a newly rebuilt sailing out of NYC in just 3 days. There's no reason it shouldn't be sold out.
  6. Just call up Royal with your reservation number and request it. I do that all the time. Or in the future, make the request when you make your cruise reservation.
  7. If it's the New England and Canada route from Cape Liberty, it would be nights 2 & 5.
  8. Check out scootaround.com or specialneedsatsea.com. They have contracts to supply Carnival. You rent thru them and it is waiting for you in your room. You just leave it in your at the end of your cruise. Depending on your departure port, you may have to pick it up at a kiosk at the port. That does vary by port. I've used both with no problems. Keep in mind you will probably need an accessible cabin. The scooter can not be left in the hallway, it must remain in your room when not in use.
  9. I agree. I've even seen it sold in the states for the past year or so.
  10. I will second Beckys Diner in Portland. It's a basic diner, nothing fancy. But the food is great and reasonably priced. You need to order the fish crowded there as well.
  11. How many c&a points did you have that qualified you for third highest on the ship ?
  12. To each his own. I'm sorry my taste buds are not as good as yours.
  13. A reputable operator will make sure that you are back in time. He has too much to lose it be doesn't. He would be trashed here, and lose most of his business.
  14. Weather can be tricky. He prepared for temps between 40 - 90.
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