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  1. Royal does that route from Bayonne and Baltimore and Boston from June thru late October. Boston usually just September and October.
  2. Most excursion operators will give up the option of dropping you off near front street, or take you back to the ship. If they don't, ask. A small tip should do the trick. Hard Rock is right on the water and two minutes to the ferry. The ride back is five minutes and costs $7.00.
  3. What time does your tour start, how long is it, and what time does the ship leave? Only you know that.Bar Harbor is a tender port, so you will be dropped off by the tender area. There are restaurants and delis right there.
  4. Carnival docks at Havensite.
  5. Carnival docks at Havensite(sp?). You could take them on the tram across the from the dock.
  6. I think the pub next door has told available until eleven or so, but it is for purchase.
  7. Never had that problem. And not on the Anthem.
  8. There is so much to see. Why do you want to go to an outlet mall? There are food tours, breweries, lobster boats, fire engine tours, Lighthouses, etc.
  9. Don't get scared by the size. The ones at Wal-Mart are at least 50% bigger than the one you would rent. You can check out scootaround.com for prices and style. The scooter would be in the room when you board and just leave it there when the cruise is over.
  10. You would report to your assigned muster station. My wife uses a scooter on our cruises, they are very simple to operate. You can set the speed to low until she gets comfortable. Do you have a nearby Walmart? Most have scooters for customers. Have her get on one to practice. You may want to consider an accessible room. A scooter in a standard room does not always work, there may not be enough room to navigate in the room.
  11. I fully agree. We were there in January. Is it perfect? Or course not. But it gets better each time we visit. We will be there again in June and expect to see more improvement. and again next January. Keep in mind what happened to the island. Rebuilding takes time. If you don't want to return until it's fully recovered, that is your choice.
  12. We sailed out of Bayonne this past January and had the comedy seas out of 40+ cruises. The seas were as smooth as a lake. But if there's a storm in the area, all bets are off. You cannot predict the weather. In terms of temperature, by the end of the first day at sea, if was warm enough to put on shorts and walk around the upper decks.
  13. It is free but the variety is quite limited. I am not sure if it is daily or just sea days.
  14. Piece of cake. Go thru the duty free shop and make a left. Less than two minutes once you get off the pier.
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