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  1. We usually do MDR but we purchased the UDP for our 7 night HOS cruise in August. We figured we would try for Izumi Sushi and Sabor for lunch and save those dinner spot open for fancier choices. There are 5 specialty and 7 nights. So two nights are going to be repeats. We have no experience in any of them. So which ones are worthy of two visits? We will miss the lobster on Formal night but I think we will have better options. List of choices Chops Jamies Izumi Hibachi Wonderland 150 Central Park
  2. Our Harmony of the seas port time is noon to 8 PM. I know nothing about St. Thomas, but does this sound late to be doing the usual beach things? What to do? I certainly don't want to be maximizing time on the island and want to get back to the ship early.
  3. I probably know this is a loaded question. We have the UDP. How much time should I plan for dinner at specialties on HOS?
  4. I wish. Sadly no. RCI, where Unlimited is not really Unlimited. Yes = Playmakers, Johnny Rockets No = Coco Cay - Cap't Jacks, Vintages
  5. So I am after final payment and I had my TA get a comp upgrade from 7D to a lower priced 1D. Room changed from aft 9686 to mid ship 8606. I am just hoping I didn’t goof. I have read many people love deck 8 for Central Park. We have UDP so going to be doing lots of specialty. The short walk to the restaurants and Park Cafe sounds great.
  6. The beach bed was off my planner for some time. Today it is $283 and I paid $119. So I am kinda feeling pretty good with myself. I am torn with it not being on South Beach. But I wouldn't want to be in a construction zone. I heard it is a trade off of quiet secluded but crappy water. I hope they get a good location on Chill Island. Hopefully some reports will start flowing in.
  7. I belong to a Facebook group for CoCoCay and one person posted about getting a cancellation notice for a beach lounger on South Beach due to closure. I called when I saw the new map that South Beach would be closed until December 2019 and they stated at that time that it will remain open but the new amenities wouldn't be open until then. Now that they have started work on the over water bungalows it does look like they decided to fully close South Beach. I chatted with RCI today on Facebook and it shows my Beach Bed rental for 8/26 to be on Chill Island instead. On the planner it says Beach Beds nestled among the palm trees of Chill Island, but Beach Bungalows still say South Beach and unavailable to book along with the Beach Loungers. I wonder how much more crowded it is going to get with the Beach Beds moved over there. I guess it won't be so Chill any longer.
  8. We are day 74 or so. We made final already. So I wouldn't be getting any money back. Just trying to figure out if 10, 11, 12 would be a better experience and worth the effort to call and try to get upgraded.
  9. I am booked in HOS Starboard Aft cabin 9686 cat 7D Ocean View Balcony. I picked this as it was the highest cabin before it gets bumped up to 5D for the lower cost at the time. Right by the aft stairs and 4 decks down to Promenade and 5 decks up to Pool. I figured we could walk instead of taking the elevators. We have made our final and today the 5D is $400 cheaper than our 7D. 5D Rooms available Aft 10, 11, 12, 14. I know fat chance and getting money back or OBC. But I read they may put you in the upgraded room? Is it worth calling my TA? The rooms from what I understand are exactly the same just higher up. Unless I really had my heart set on getting higher. I think I am in a good spot. Advice please.
  10. Better yet. How about Guys burgers. RCI would charge for it.
  11. Is this all a marketing technique to get people to buy the unlimited dining plan? $29.99 /night including lunch on sea days sounds better than $49.99. With Izumi going prix-fixe there is no more ala carte options on HOS. So you would assume the prix-fixe would be covered under UDP and the same terms? Multiple entrees?
  12. I am post 90 days and completed check in with pictures for all 4 of us. I could view the set sail via the phone and web for several days and then went pending just like everyone else is saying. I wonder if this has anything to do with the pictures and verifying that the pictures can be used for facial recognition to go with expedited boarding. Or possibly frictionless check in?
  13. Rereading this I assume you mean Atlantis offers a reduced rate?
  14. Wow how snippy. I was rounding because I think that at even $100 per stateroom is way more thank what automatic gratuity gets them. I read they make less than $3000/month but take care of 25 to 30 cabins per pair. This math doesn’t make sense. At $75 average (some 2 and some 4 per cabin) times 30 = $2,250 a week by 4 weeks in $9k. So so how does RCI hand out the tips?
  15. Today is my 90-day mark. Who else checks in the second they have access?
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