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  1. Has anyone taken this flight? DW and I are sailing on the Zuiderdam Jan. 3, 2020 and will visit Georgetown, Cayman Islands. I just got an email from HAL, showing some featured excursions in Georgetown. This helicopter flight looked interesting, but the description said it was 8-10 minutes long. Another box listed it as 0 3/4 hours long (I presume that means 45 minutes). $139.95 pp for 8 minutes seems a little steep. A 45 minute flight might not be bad. So, which is it, 8 minutes or 45 minutes?
  2. They put a hold on credit cards, too. Otherwise, they would face the possibility that, at the end of the cruise, there would not be enough credit line to pay for the onboard purchases. The difference is that most people have enough "headroom" on their credit limit that this does not pose a problem when trying to use the same card to make onshore purchases. With a debit card, people have found that bills that are automatically paid from their checking account have been denied because the hold reduces the available balance in the account. This is especially problematic if the auto-payment is something really important and large, such as your mortgage payment.
  3. Hi all. DW and I are sailing on the Zuiderdam on January 3, 2020. Its been about five years since our last cruise. I've torn the house apart and I can't find our passports anywhere. What is the procedure for replacing a passport? I looked at the State Department's website, but I find the instructions a little confusing. There is a section about reporting a lost or stolen passport, which I will do, but there is no mention of getting a replacement. It looks like I have to report the current ones lost and them simply apply for a new passport. Has anyone been through this?
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