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  1. Thank you for all your responses to my inquiry on the arrival and departure times in the ports of call. I will research the ports and if there is anything of interest I'll add to my "wish list".
  2. YoungDubFan, I was wondering why on the itinerary there are no arrival and departure times (except for embarkation day) as I was trying to decide what to do/see on my own time. I take it from your comment that there is no set arrival and departure times at the ports of call, is that correct?
  3. Playtennis, we're the same. Despite what type of trip I take (land or cruise) I always research the destination to find out what events are going on when we're in port. I try to pack in as much sightseeing/experience as I can in the time I have in the city/town. I will be booking my excursions today for my May river cruise. I prefer to pay now in Canadian as opposed to the Euro if I booked on board.
  4. I will be there on a Tuesday. Thank you for your posts. They are very helpful in planning my tours while in Amsterdam.
  5. Thank you for your post. I am going to Amsterdam in May pre-river cruise and I was wondering where to get an aerial picture of Amsterdam.
  6. Today is a GREAT day! I just received notification from Avalon that it's "Time to Get Ready" for my May 6-13, 2020 Tulip Time cruise. Now I can check out their optional excursions and start planning how to best get the most out of the cruise. WooHoo!
  7. Mimosas at breakfast! Now that's how all days should start.
  8. I'm celebrating tonight. I just made the final payment on my May 6th Tulip Time cruise! 😃 Everything is in place - cruise, air, hotel. Now just have to wait until February 6th when further excursion information becomes available. I'm glad to hear that no formal wear is required. I need the extra room for gifts and souvenirs. LOL
  9. Thank you for your responses to my questions. Our sailing date is May 6, 2020. We can choose our optional excursions in Feb 2020. I will definitely be going to the Keukenhof gardens. I'm looking forward to the local entertainment that comes on board.
  10. As I continue my research into my May 2020 "Tulip Time" river cruise I have some questions for those experienced with Avalon. 1. Are there set dinner times on Avalon as on ocean cruises? On ocean cruises dinner times are usually 6pm and 8pm. If there are two dinner times are you able to choose the time you want? 2) Embarkation Day - while I am planning on sightseeing in Amsterdam the day before the cruise and the morning of the cruise, are you able to board whenever you want prior to the 3pm embarkation time? 3) Embarkation Day Optional Excursion - I see on our cruise on embarkation day there is an optional excursion to Zaanse Schans. Are these embarkation excursions done in the morning or the afternoon? I'm planning on doing a walking tour in the morning. Thanks, Sue
  11. Thank you for confirming how I thought disembarkation would take place. I must say this is one of the best boards on this site. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you all again for your help and guidance.
  12. I'm now looking at flights to/from Amsterdam. I'm trying to find out how disembarkation will take place so that I can decide on the time for the flight home (which will be a very sad day). We dock back into Amsterdam on day 7, with disembarkation the next morning. I'm looking for confirmation of how I think disembarkation will take place. One: We can disembark whenever we want for me that will be after breakfast; 2) there will be no requirement once we disembark to go through Customs and Immigration before making our way to the airport. Unlike on a Caribbean cruise from New Jersey where you disembark then visit U.S. Customs and Immigration and then go to the airport. Please let me know if my thought process is correct. If not, please set me straight! LOL
  13. I have just booked my first river cruise with Avalon - Tulip Time May 6, 2020 saling from Amsterdam. I am looking for hotel recommendations that are near the dock or close by as I will be arriving the day before the cruise starts. I tried to find out which dock in Amsterdam we would be sailing from; however, that information is not yet available. Thank you.
  14. I will definitely be visiting the Keukenhof gardens. I've also heard that the flower market is also a must see.
  15. Thank you everyone for your responses to my questions re Avalon Waterways. Your insight and past experience helped me decide to book which I did today. I'll be sailing on the May 6, 2020 Tulip Time Cruise, Amsterdam to Amsterdam. I am very excited to experience a different style of cruising and to seeing the beautiful ports of call.
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