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  1. For me it’s all about the ports.... bc the Star would give me 2 extra areas of the world to explore, that would be my choice.
  2. On our first (and so far only) cruise through the Panama Canal we wanted to go through the original locks....which means the smaller ships. So therefore in your scenario we would have picked the Sun. We too were in an aft cabin on the Star...loved it.
  3. Just clarifying......this gets you to the front of the line (same as in a suite/haven), not just join the line anytime (platinum/platinum plus perk). When we were in Halong Bay Vietnam, by being on one of the first tenders (bc we were in a suite) we were off & on our junk by 930am, bc NCL was using their life boats, some people did not get off the ship until 11am. For exotic cruises with tender ports I would absolutely pay for this perk.....having said that we are not eligible as we are platinum+ !?!
  4. If you have cruised (and gambled) on NCL in the past - I would phone CAS directly and see what offers they can give you. We will not be picking up our offers from Foxwoods as we have yet to have lower than a comped balcony when booking directly with CAS.
  5. My husband has a “mid” on Dec 6th ....it’s for an inside cabin. I have a “high/premium” on Dec 7th....it’s for an oceanview cabin. Not sure if yours will be different.....but that’s what our offers are.
  6. We also had a fantastic 2 day tour with SPB in 2016. Sounds like your guide may have been the problem. On a private tour you should have seen exactly what you wanted. I would encourage you let SPB know of your experience so they can address any issues. Doesn’t help you out but the next group who gets this guide may have a better experience. Glad you made the best of it.
  7. Sometimes there is a promotion where you get an EXTRA $50 shore excursion per cabin. This is what we had on our Panama Canal cruise and this is what the the OP can get in lieu of taking the “free air” perk. So her math is correct.
  8. On our Panama Canal cruise in March of this year we got the discount applied first, then the $100 credit was applied.
  9. We checked in with everyone else and were then escorted to the lounge area. By the time we got to the port all lines were quite short, I really don’t remember if we had a dedicated line for suites. Either way, check in was quick.....we arrived around 1p. Lines may have been longer earlier. We spent very little time in the lounge...arrived and were escorted almost immediately to the ship for lunch. I did not remember to snap a photo! I’m not a seasoned blogger! I do recall that the seats were the same as the seating in the general boarding area and they had coffee/tea/juice and some type of pastries/finger food out. It seemed quite large, but it was quite empty when we arrived.
  10. We did this sailing in March/April of this year on the Star, went through the old locks. I did a review ...trying for this first time to copy and paste a link on my iPad. Not sure if it will work..... On every sea day before we entered the locks there was a lecture in the theatre giving history etc about the Canal. Times and location was posted in the dailies. If for some reason you could not make the lecture, it was available that night on the tv. As lectures were given they were added to the tv and played in a loop continuously, even after you went through the Panama Canal if you wanted to, you could review them. During the transit through the Canal someone from the Panama Canal transit authority is on board on the PA system explaining what you are seeing, history etc. if you are in your room you just turn on your tv and put in on the channel that has the ncl announcements and you will hear her/him. If you are in the public common areas you will have no trouble hearing the person. A night (or 2-can’t recall) before entering the Canal a map and other information about the Crossing was left in our room. And after the transit we got a certificate with our names saying we went through the Panama Canal. Hopes this info is what you were looking for. Loved the whole day....it flew by. Have an amazing time!
  11. Ditto....would only frequent this establishment with either a platinum voucher or use one of your “free” spd’s. A few years ago the charge was $15 and at that price point I would say it was worth a visit.
  12. Thanks for this great review! It’s been several years since we have been on the dawn, quick question...can you use one of your “sdp meals” at Los lobos with an upcharge or did you just pay a la carte? I read your review in one sitting, if you already answered this question in an earlier post I obviously missed it....apologizing in advance!
  13. ....and exploring a different country every other day or so!
  14. If you go to Le Bistro a “must try” would be the mushroom soup.
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