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  1. I can let you know in 22 days. We're doing the TA for this year on the Pacific Princess. We do have a few people organizing some card games. Unlikely they will have any art auctions. There's no art gallery. Are you Westbound or Eastbound?
  2. We leave, tomorrow, to board the Pacific on the 5th for this years transatlantic cruise out of Civitavecchia. I've read the same reviews and have opted to take them with a grain of salt. She has been refurbished in 2017 and ,by most accounts, is in great shape. I will be making notes and my wife and I will corroborate our experiences in the form of a review. That said, we are anticipating a wonderful cruise.
  3. LarryL

    Formal Nights

    I would recommend citing the cruise itinerary so people would know for which cruise to respond. Those who have done this cruise, in the past, will be able to give you a better answer. Sounds like your Coral Princess Panama Canal cruise.
  4. LarryL

    Napali Coast, Kauai, views from Sea Princess

    Ironically, if the ship cannot enter Nawiliwili because of high winds, they may sail around Kauai giving nice views of the Napali coast. Because you will arrive there in the spring or summer, you can take the helicopter tour, or if you want to get close, there are catamaran tours as well. Nawiliwili port is on the SE side of the island and Napali Coast is on the NW side. Have fun
  5. LarryL

    Boarding With Food Products in Italy

    Thanks, Now I know what to do with our hotel shower caps after our pre-cruise stay.
  6. LarryL

    Just Off The Star Princess

    Thanks for your review. Your experience was just as we remember (less the suite, of course ). I think some of the magic on this ship and itinerary is due, in part, to the remarkable Captain Tuvo. We have booked a PH for 2020 to Vancouver in part to wish her a farewell and to enjoy one last sailing on the Star before she leaves the fleet. I expect Capt. Tuvo will have moved on but we love the ship as well. So glad you enjoyed your cruise. I followed your posts and enjoyed reliving the cruise through you. Safe and happy travels to you.
  7. LarryL

    Boarding With Food Products in Italy

    Thanks for the replies. I'll feel ok boarding with the goodies.
  8. We'll be boarding the Pacific Princess for this fall's TA and are considering buying some cheeses and meats to enjoy with our wine for a nice balcony snack. This is not a US Customs or USDA question as these products will be consumed well before we disembark in FLL. We just hope for some nice treats during our cruise to go with our carry on wines. That said, has anyone done this on a Princess cruise? Thanks
  9. LarryL

    Did I make a mistake?

    I think booking and being open to cabin changes can be advantageous. On our upcoming, 17 day, TA cruise we started with an inside guarantee and decided to upgrade if the opportunity came up. We had intended to stick it out to see if we could survive an inside but changed our minds. We waited patiently and have, since, upgraded to an aft balcony for $400 each. We couldn't be happier. Normally we book early to get the cabin we want. This time we changed our minds and it fell into place just right. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for bringing us along. The Star, and this itinerary, turned out to be our favorite cruise. I think, in many ways, Captain Tuvo enhanced the experience tremendously. I hope you enjoy his style as much as we did. His anecdotes can be quite funny as well as informative. We learned to stop for his daily updates. I'm sure he'll see you at the M&G. Have fun. I'm looking forward to reliving this cruise through you. Happy Cruising.
  11. LarryL

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    We're on the TA prior to your cruise. We had selected late dining at 8:15 and it has, since, been changed to 7:15. What's interesting is that I see it is, also, waitlisted. I've never seen late dining waitlisted before. Apparently, people are not fond of the earlier times. For this sailing at least.
  12. LarryL

    Flying overseas

    Try to see about an upgrade to better than coach like Delta Comfort or comparable seating on whichever your airline offers. The ability to stretch out may help. Unless, of course, you have 1st class already. :).
  13. We, too, bounce between the two lines as we enjoy the attributes of both. We have sailed her sister ship Jewel OTS and it is a very nice ship. It doesn't have the Royal Promenade decks like the larger ships, however. We will be on the 20 Oct 19 sailing out of Boston on the Serenade and are looking forward to the ship and itinerary. Enjoy your cruise. I think we find that Princess is a little more laid back while RCL is a little more active. Entertainment and food are probably pretty much on par with a slight edge to Princess on food. The activities, I think, my be more to RCLs favor.
  14. LarryL

    EZ Air Toronto to Minneapolis to Anchorage

    Our experience there was customs cleared us and those who had connecting flights were expedited through security. As I said, earlier, Delta and customs are in the same concourse. Because it's a hub, they do use three of them, all easy access. If you are pre-cleared, you will have no problem connecting to your flight. I'm sure EZair has that accounted for.
  15. LarryL

    EZ Air Toronto to Minneapolis to Anchorage

    It depends on your connecting gates. The terminal, in Minneapolis, has 4 main concourses; two, of which, are pretty long. If you are on the same airline you are, more than likely, going to be in the same concourse so the connection will be easy. MSP is pretty user friendly and the airlines are pretty good about working with connecting flights. Safe travels. :) I did not consider customs. It took us about 20 minutes to clear customs on a flight from Paris a couple years ago. It was a Delta flight so all was in the same area. Here is a link to the map. https://www.mspairport.com/sites/default/files/2017-11/T1_quickmap_9_2017%20copy.pdf