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  1. It's not 30% who may have it it is 30% of the symptomatic who have it. Seems most are pre symptomatic or asymptomatic. And then I want to know-if you are asymptomatic how infectious are you and how how much does it take to make someone else get a severe case? Because if the "majority" seem to be asymptomatic and so mild it doesn't matter?? But it is all in how much severe illness it can cause. And not a single study yet has shown what that is. What is becoming clear-you need to be in close direct contact in enclosed spaces for longer lengths of time. Why it is going through care homes, prisons, plants and poor dwellings (like the favelas of Brazil).
  2. This!! And yes- I am allergic to lots of stuff in spring and fall, take the allergy meds and nose sprays, but it will sometimes trigger the asthma too and coughing opens up the lungs. This winter has been brutal! I am actually on a ten day steroid taper to get stuff back under control with breathing. With all the Judgy mcjudgersons out there now I am truly afraid of random coughs/sneezes (by me!) now. People are forgetting there are lots of reasons NON covid related to cough. I always cover my cough, turn away or move away as much as possible from anyone else etc. But I am in the town that the nutjob thought it was a good idea to take a rifle to walmart right after a mass shooting to "prove his rights". Most of the town is sane but it only takes one internet doctor/vigilante nutjob. And no one here is wearing masks. I have mine and will wear it when out and close to others (my hairstylist! Oh and that stylist also in my town but I never go to those "chop shop" hair cutting places) I miss the days when we didn't have to look upon each other with fear of a cough "killing grandma".
  3. Can I just say how much I LOVE this response?? Very beautifully and clearly written. In the end everyone has to do their own risk analysis. I am considered "high risk" with asthma. In fact had an attack just two nights ago-windows open due to fantastic weather-someone in neighborhood decided to do a wood burning fire pit night and the smoke came in through windows-smoke is a surefire trigger for me. Risk for me is everywhere. Yes I will cruise again. I will do what I can to mitigate the risk, but not being able to travel - for me-regardless of type isn't life worth really living. In fact I was looking for some bargains later this summer-may be last time the whole family will be able to travel together for a while, and our France trip for May is obviously not happening. I will talk with my doctor about what I can do to mitigate risk of course. And then the description and reminder of what this country has to offer now has me itching to hop in the car and explore!! May you and your family stay healthy and happy (and of course all here as well!)
  4. Carnival had the best debt to equity ratio of all the lines. So probably not as bleak as NCL and RCCL.
  5. yes this is more about the poor poor poor response of Carnival compared to other lines.
  6. I can't like this enough. I will be emailing carnival customer service as well. Did you get your survey? Let's just say it wasn't a good one they were going to be happy to receive! I did really enjoy the crew and CD (think my 13 year old son has a crush on Erin) and the 2nd comedian and our room steward and the dining room crew...but I would NOT have spent the money to stay on this cruise if given the option if the change had happened before we sailed.
  7. Ship -Sensation Deck -6 (upper) Stateroom # -U73 Stateroom Category –Grand Suite Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Yes -no problems with noise (other than ids running up and down hall) Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Balcony covered, larger than usual balcony (not the extended balcony Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? -Normal Was wind a problem? -no If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - Any specific problems with this cabin? -it has a tub-which is HIGH to step into, and makes the ceiling lower in the shower. The ship is older, and leaking water from deck above cause the ceiling of balcony to leak rust onto balcony chairs. Think it ruined my husbands under armour rash guard shirt with rust streaks all over the back! After that we used towels to sit on the chairs. Any other comments? - Plenty of space for both the trundle and sofa bed pulled out. Lots of usb ports too! was surprised. Lighting around mirror/desk in main area. Walk in closet (big enough to store a suitcase!). Bathroom actually good size for a small ship
  8. Sailing this ship/itinerary in 19 days. Also in balcony. My only other cruise was with hubs last fall. This time we have the teens with us, so will be using the pulldown beds-so here is the stupid newbie question: will the room steward stow the beds in am and pull down at night? With 4 of us it'd be much easier to move around with the beds out of way. Not anticipating much time in cabin other than sleep/getting ready for dinner though. TIA! Newcruiser-we are booked with Blexie too! Good to hear so many positives. This is also my bucket list cruise/destination!!
  9. THank you so much! I have a feeling we will be up by the water slides lol! its really helpful to have a rough estimate on how much to exchange.
  10. Thank you soooo much for this review-we board Sensation in 20 days for Cuba! Most reviews are from Pride. We too booked private tour but with Blexie. About how much was lunch? Trying to get an idea of how much USD to exchange. How did you like the ship? Pools crowded? Taking our teens on this cruise too!
  11. Almost booked something for me and daughter as special mom/daughter time with the 20% off code. All the warnings on these boards and FB held me back, and now glad I didn't. wow that's arrogant. guess I will drop a line saying why I DIDN'T book anything... And Go Hogs Go! oldest is geology major in Fayetteville!
  12. A 5 day out of Galveston on the Valor was my first cruise last fall! TJ was awesome CD! All adults in our group, and I really enjoyed the ship. LOVED the Serenity area with its own bar lol! Of course it was enough to get hooked on cruises (and yep-already have next one booked and paid for this upcoming June out of Miami) Thanks for sharing your experience!
  13. Check this thread out-have almost paid my june cruise off with these! Helpful members post codes for points as well. I signed up before all the changes so hope the advice still works. ETA-I am not an allstate member
  14. If you like Royal-check out the Allstate Rewards thread. You can get gift cards 10% off (so pay $490 for $500 GC). Carnival GC also available. Just paid off my (2nd) Carnival cruise with the GC-nothing like saving 10%, then CC rewards on top of it! This may also sound silly-but I do Ibotta as well-and have gotten a couple hundred back over the past couple years-little effort on my part and it is FREE money. Some people may sneer at savings of $200 but to me that can be a drink package, excursion, or other splurge! Sounds like you found a really nice way to remember/honor your mom too!
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