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  1. I never thought of them taking luggage directly to Bergan from Oslo. That makes total sense!
  2. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I'm thinking we'll stick with taking our own luggage as it would be over $500 (sale price) for the two of us, and I think having it ready to go so far in advance of us leaving would be a little stressful for us. We are also doing train pre excursion from Oslo to Bergen. My assumption is that since we booked that through Viking, they will take care of getting our luggage to and from the train. Someone please correct me if I am wrong!
  3. I see that on our next cruise to the British Isles, luggage service is available. We've only used this once as most every cruise we have taken this was not available. The service I'm seeing on Viking web site, appears to be different from what we have used. Before we took our luggage to the airport with us and we did not see it again until we were on board the ship. On our return we claimed our luggage at our home airport. This service appears to pick your luggage up 5 days in advance and ships it to your destination. We loved using the service, but this one sounds more complicated. Has anyone used this?
  4. I'm getting ready to schedule through Viking Air, or should I say reschedule what we had preCOVID. We'll most likely be headed out of Chicago to Oslo. Then out of London back to Chicago. Originally I had AA going, BA coming back, business class. This time my TA was thinking Delta. The 350 and 330 look great, but the 767 looks like something straight out of 1967. Does anyone have experience through Viking (or otherwise on which business class headed to Europe) with which airline we would have the best success with. If I'm paying for business class....I want business class from 2020-2021...not some retro plane. Also, I do not want to climb over anyone when seats are reclined. Seriously whose idea was that! I don't have mobility issues, but I don't want anyone else in my personal space, nor do I want to be in anyone else's, even if it's my husband. If I ended up on Lufthansa's 747-400, I'd be irritated. It was wonderful back in the day, but why would any business class still have three across. Another question....I do not recall when we scheduled BA last year, having to pay for seat reservations. I was shocked to hear that they charge a hefty fee for seat reservations. Did we have to pay that through Viking? I realize things are starting to become more normalized with international flights, but I don't think we have a clear post pandemic picture yet. I'd love to hear your feedback.
  5. DrKoob stated it well. Be prepared however, if you go on one Viking cruise, you need to be financially prepared to make it your second home. No other cruise line will have our business from here out. We aren't into trivia, and we don't drink, so I cannot add to anything about those things, but there was a lot of the type of music you were talking about especially in Torshavn Lounge. We love PV with the extra room. We totally agree with the person who mentioned going home with suitcases full of clean clothes.....oh wait a minute, I don't want to give that secret away as I don't want to have to wait in line for a washer! If you do not like seafood, your food selections will be a bit less, but if you are a seafood fan, you'll be delighted with the offerings.
  6. We liked using the included tours as overviews, so we booked them at ever port along with whatever tour looked good to us. There were times we cancelled the included and just headed out on our own. Some were really good, others not so much. We found that once onboard, the talks they gave the day prior to a port, were most helpful. We were able to see what the included was going to offer us, and judged from there. I would highly suggest watching the daily port information talks.
  7. I appreciate those who have posted about their experiences with the medical services on Viking. I'd like to hear more responses from those who have used the services as we have always wondered how they are. Also molymoo is interesting .....is this typically the case that if you are injured on a Viking excursion you can receive free treatment onboard, if the injury is consistent with the care given there?
  8. I agree....there will be too many changes to determine any of this for sure yet. Even during normal times we found that planes changed. We found the most difficult thing in F L or A D was hearing each other. We found the only way to communicate was to get up and stand by each others seats, or do the onscreen communication...which is a real pain.
  9. We've had the door and specifically booked a slider for our next cruise. The door was very hard to open. I'm not a big person....wondered if I was going to get it open or if it was going to shove me to the floor, a time or two in the wind. On other lines we've had difficulty with sliders, so I'm not sure if we will be happier with a slider or not. BUT...in no way did a hard to open door dampen our love for our room. Right now you could give us the worst door onboard and it wouldn't matter....we are desperate. We just want back onboard.
  10. On Orion we had extra sea days added so they announced dance classes in the Explorers Lounge. We were happy to hear that as we are dancers with some years of studio dance lessons behind us. As others have said, the class was taught by two of the singers. The dance they were teaching was something they had made up and was physically not something people in the typical age range you would see on Viking, would appreciate. They had us jumping up and down...and to be honest, we look pretty good doing a Rumba, Swing or Hussle....but standing there jumping up and down wasn't going to happen with all the bones we have broken over time. So we decided to make the best of it and just enjoy ourselves. We positioned ourselves in the back of the class and modified their jumping up and down to 'real' dance steps. There was a couple in front of us and the man kept turning around harassing us for not doing the right steps. We told him we were fine, not to worry about us. HE WOULD NOT STOP....finally he loudly announced to the class that we were doing the steps wrong. Seriously...we felt like idiots...it was awful. We thought the singers/dance teachers would say something like, 'don't worry we're all having fun here,' but they said nothing. We left. Later when I saw one of the singers hanging around, I approached her and gently asked her why they would allow another cruiser to humiliate us like that an not say something to defuse the situation. She said that they did not hear that happen. I will have to take her at her word, but goodness, everyone else there heard it. All to say...we'll probably skip the dance classes from here out and stick to the private studio instructor that makes us feel like Fred and Ginger!
  11. Yes molymoo, things are taking longer for sure! When we rebooked the guy who was helping from Viking said that this was not his typical job, but was brought in to help with rebooking because they were over whelmed. Also to get our insurance changed (not Viking) to the new booking, it took our TA almost two months to get a response. I tried contacting them in early March via email regarding a question, and they never have responded to me. We are having serious withdrawals...we need to be on a verandah with a sea breeze blowing in our face.
  12. Oh this makes sense. The cruise will be cancelled (Norway will still be closed) we rebooked before knowing it would be cancelled because we were advised by TA and Viking that everything was quickly being rebooked and we'd likely not get booked in 2021 if we didn't do it prior to it being cancelled.
  13. We cancelled our cruise for July and rebooked for July 2021. We got 100%, but we are hearing now that some are getting 125% for rebooking. Does anyone know why the difference?
  14. Oddly the date is still there saying they will post on April 7. Yep, we've done this before so know about booking by room class. Another interesting thing is we've booked excursions at midnight Pacific time, so I'm always on at 2 AM here in the Midwest to get it done. Now the time is posted as 2 PM rather than midnight. Wondering if this is a new change, we haven't booked excursions in a little over a year.
  15. Our excursions are not supposed to post for us to see until April 7, but they are up now! ( to see, not book) I do not know when they came up as I have not been checking on them. I'm not mad about that for sure!!! Thanks Viking...please don't take them down if it was a mistake!
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