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  1. Agreed. On our Scenic 2 week cruise we literally could have left our wallets at home once the plane landed in Amsterdam. But we chose an upper level cabin with unlimited laundry service, otherwise we would have either done sink laundry or paid for the laundry service. Tips were most definitely covered. We paid for souvenirs, and meals at the airport waiting for flights pre- and post-trip. That was it.
  2. One thing to keep in mind with Scenic is that if you upgrade to a Junior Suite or one of the Royal suites you get extra amenities. The most useful for us is room service. Depending on how gregarious you are, you might want to take some quiet evening meals away from your shipmates once in a while. For us, this is more likely to be the case on longer trips (such as yours at about 23 days). Or if one of you is under the weather, it's handy to have your meal brought to you.
  3. sbjornda

    Rhine water levels 2019 and similar topics

    I've seen a few news reports about heavy snowfall in parts of Europe, but do we know whether any of that has fallen in the headwaters of the Rhine? Would that help replenish some of what was lost in 2018? Sterling
  4. sbjornda

    River Cruise App

    Scenic Tours, and probably some others, provide a free GPS/Guide unit that you can use either on guided tours (receives broadcasts from the shore guide's microphone into your headset) or use the built-in guidebook for self-guided tours. When cruising along the river it can narrate a couple of minutes on each town and castle you're passing by.
  5. sbjornda

    Scenic Dress Code

    Yes, most people follow it, but not all. There's going to be at least one person who wants to make some sort of statement by wearing a T-shirt and well-worn jeans to meals; no one makes an issue of it. There will be a few events where a gentleman may wish to wear a coat or even a tie (special meals and concerts) but no one enforces it. Most people go with "smart casual" most of the time, but the whole range is represented. For port excursions jeans and shorts are fine.
  6. sbjornda

    Best River Cruise Line for a Couple?

    The impression I get is that the butlers are more solicitous and take more initiative with the higher end cabins. With the lower end cabins you need to make a point of reaching out to them if you want something (e.g., drinks, laundry pickup).
  7. sbjornda

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Looks like it's been in Frankfurt all day today. http://www.anyoverip.de/scenic/index.php?ship=Opal
  8. sbjornda

    Best River Cruise Line for a Couple?

    Not according to their web site and my one cruise with them in 2015. Butler service for all cabins, yes, but full in-suite dining only for the high end cabins. Other cabins have a "beverage service". If you have other information I would be happy to know of it.
  9. sbjornda

    River Cruise:Food room service?

    Scenic offers full room service only to it's high-end suites (Royal and Junior). Other suites have beverage service (coffee/tea/alcoholic drinks are all-inclusive). All suites have access to butler service, but the high-end suites get more perks (e.g. daily canapés and fruit skewers) so tend to see the butlers more often. I've read comments that some people in the cheapest staterooms never saw their butler, but then it also looked like they never picked up the phone to ask for him/her.
  10. sbjornda

    Best River Cruise Line for a Couple?

    On Scenic, if you pay for the high-end cabins (Royal or Junior suites) you can get room service from your butler. It's nice to socialize, but it's nice to get away from the crowds and be pampered once in a while too.
  11. sbjornda

    noise, vibrations, and odours in cabin

    We were on a Scenic Amsterdam to Budapest 14 day cruise on the top floor, and only a couple of times were bothered by noise above us. Smelled a whiff of diesel once or twice, but not bad over all. Engine noise and vibration is more common when the engine is working hard, and that's more common when sailing against the current. Sailing down stream is smoother, and sometimes almost too fast when trying to take in the scenery (though they do slow down for the most scenic sections). Our cabin was mid-ship; I've heard there are more complaints in the aft section.
  12. The trend is starting to reverse. Companies are finding it too expensive to have to re-test apps every time Android and iOS are updated, as well as having to re-test their web sites each time Chrome, Firefox, and maybe IE and Edge are updated. With near-ubiquitous high speed wireless, the vast majority of users no longer need an app to trickle down the information. I'm not saying I like it, but that's the new trend.
  13. For our first cruise and our upcoming 2nd cruise we were looking for luxury and perks, and were willing to spend Scenic's price. For the full deal get a Royal or a Junior suite (e.g. unlimited laundry; room service meals). Especially for the longer cruises. After that we would certainly consider Emerald to save a few bucks. We don't need all the perks all the time, and they are less impactful on a shorter cruise.
  14. sbjornda

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    I'm just thinking out loud here, but did you make sure that everything is updated in the Trip Personalizer web site? Incomplete information there might be the cause of a lack of ticketing. Just a thought.
  15. sbjornda

    Median age on UniWorld? Crystal? Scenic?

    You'd fit into Scenic. You might be a bit younger than the median, but there will be plenty of folk in their 50's too, and a few folk younger than that.