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  1. Thanks for the compassion. I think the problem was the dash (-) that was added between the words "Call" and "August" by whoever started the thread. Once I was notified of that it was easy-peasy. That was all the information we needed. By the way, I wasn't the only one who had this problem. I was just trying to get it fixed for me and everyone else.
  2. HI BROBERTS!!! I can't thank you enough for solving this mystery! Maybe now we can all be together and make some plans...all because of you. Thanks so much!
  3. Come on guys...how long can it take to fix this? We're trying to get a group together for a M&M, you don't want us to chat on "other" boards...what are we supposed to do? This cruise was originally scheduled to go to CUBA, but has been rerouted to THE BAHAMAS. PLEASE HELP US! Quite literally...SOS!
  4. We are trying to start a thread for the August 19th sailing of the NCL Sun with no luck. At least two different CC members have tried to do this with no luck. PLEASE help!
  5. First of all, BOO to the new format. The old one wasn't broken so why did CC mess with it? I'm trying to edit my history of cruises I've taken but cannot find the link. Can someone help me please?
  6. Thanx for the info. Now I have to find out what a incognito window is. This has helped a bunch.
  7. What is this all about? It comes up every time I try to view something in CC, but if I just wait long enough, it goes away but right now it's stuck. How can I fix it?
  8. Just about every time I TRY to log in I get an error message saying I'm not allowed in. Come on folks! I'm on two active board, and even though I log in manually, I'm still getting this message. HELP!!! BTW, I don't think anyone likes the changes to CruiseCritic and a bunch of us are posting on social media instead.
  9. WHY are you not allowing me to sign in? I am in a very active roll call and because I'm one of the coordinators of the Cruise Critic activities I need to keep on board.
  10. Since they changed Cruise Critic, can anyone tell me how to edit my signature?
  11. I don't like this new board at all! WAY too hard to navigate and I can't even figure out how to edit my signature. Changes are fine...slowly and with lots of instructions until regular users are used to the new way. How do I edit my signature?
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