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  1. A few days ago, ACL updated their website to say: The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have necessitated that we suspend cruises through July 20 of this year. Additional cruises in certain regions have also been suspended... So, no, there are no ships sailing now. Just my opinion, but I doubt any will be sailing this summer...
  2. We too are booked on the Countess "Best of the Tennessee" cruise end of October. We're doing this through Road Scholar, and out final payment to them is July 22. They have pulled the 2020 date for this program (#23278) off their website and are showing only the 2021 cruise. They have canceled all programs through August 31, but are still telling us the 2020 trip is a go for now. AQSC still has the 2020 cruise listed on the website (had trouble finding it...they've redesigned the website, and stuck the Tennessee trip under the "Ohio River Cruises" heading). I'm a little troubled by AQSC's wording (underlining is mine): Below, please find a full breakdown on each vessel and its planned timeline for resuming its 2020 operation. The American Empress, which sails the Columbia and Snake rivers, will extend its suspension through August 2, 2020. The American Duchess, which sails on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee rivers, will extend its suspension through August 16, 2020, and intends to resume operations with the August 17-23 Lower Mississippi sailing from New Orleans, LA, to Memphis, TN. The American Countess, the latest paddlewheeler to join the AQSC fleet on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee rivers, will continue as planned with the previously announced suspension through August 8, 2020. I guess this "suspension" wording simply means "for sure, no sailing before this date; but as to when we DO expect to actually start, who knows." Note that only the Duchess (which happens to be the only AQSC ship small enough to avoid the CDC no-sail mandate) has a target sailing date shown. My current guess is 75-25 against.
  3. Song is still in Portland suburb of Vancouver, so looks like no June 26 cruise is taking place. Harmony is still in New Orleans, so their June 28 cruise from Memphis didn't happen either. ACL just canceled our July 30 cruise on the Harmony (Mississippi), and I doubt any ACL ship will be sailing this summer.
  4. Just got a call from ACL; our July 31 Complete Mississippi cruise has been canceled. Rebooked the same cruise for 2021, and yes, they DID honor our on-board booking discount, allowing us to book the same cabin without having to pay anything extra. Plus, the 125% offer allowed us to upgrade to a higher cabin. We took the upgrade.
  5. Bob - check out https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/health-and-safety/ (If the link doesn't work for you, go to AQSC main page, click the red Travel Alert bar at the top, then scroll down and select the red Health & Safety Protocols button.) This info is a few weeks old. We also have an August 1 Mississippi cruise scheduled (NOLA to St. Paul) but on ACL. ACLs safety protocols are very similar to AQSC's. After reading them, I thought "this doesn't sound like much fun." So we too are very uncertain as to whether or not to cancel.
  6. What a bizarre catch-22: Takes a week for the test results, but results have to be current within the last 72 hours. Something just does not compute. I tried the Alaska website's "find a testing site" app for my locale in NC, and it came up with a slew of them. Selected one at random, "CVS Health," test description said "Covid-19 only (no screening, no antibodies), appointment only, drive-up test. Test Type: Molecular: Test Results: 2 to 4 days" But their website had this: How will I get results? You will be tested in one of two ways. Rapid-result testing is generally returned in person within 30 minutes of specimen collection. COVID-19 lab testing returns results within 2-4 days. We will email you the link to view your results. So what is "rapid-result" test vs the 2-4 day test? Who knows. Tried to google "rapid-result testing," but no luck so far. The Alaska website Q&A says "Testing at the airport is currently available for arriving passengers." But in a different place they warn airport test availability is not guaranteed, and "strongly urge" getting the test done prior to arrival. And anyway, what good does testing at the airport do since if it takes days for the results? And ACL said they might be doing COVID-19 test for boarding passengers -- again, what good would that do if it takes days? This suggests to me that the only answer is the "rapid-result test" that CVS mentioned. I'll keep looking for this... Can't believe ACL is simply telling all the Constellation passengers to just get tested. All the passengers are facing the same challenge you are...if there is no sure-fire way around this, how can they even have the cruise?
  7. Jeb - How did you learn of this...via ACL, or otherwise? Per the ACL website, under Boarding Practices & Pre-Cruise Medical Screening: Medical tent with pre-boarding screening including respirations, oxygen, and temperature check. Covid-19 testing will performed as needed. That last seems to suggest ACL might have their own expedited quick-test in mind? Maybe all is not lost...
  8. The article now says Harmony will be leaving June 28 from Memphis.
  9. Yes, the Independence does have a handicap cabin - just one, though -#213. Ditto for its sister ships, Star and Spirit. Not sure just how it's equipped, but the square footage is much more than the other cabins. Leafing through the catalog, it appears that every ACL ship has a handicap cabin. Good for your dad to want to do this. On our last cruise, one of our favorite dining companions was a 96-year old WW II vet.
  10. A couple of hours ago, I see Cruise Critic Chris revised the above-linked article #5362 with the latest AQSC info. That was quick!
  11. Alas, LDVinNC is indeed correct about not getting wine with dinner on the Countess. And you don't get prepaid gratuities, pre-cruise hotel stay, or an unlimited beverage option either. Source: Chart on the inside front cover of the AQSC "2020 Voyages" catalog. I think it's a real bummer that they don't keep uniform options across all ships. ACL does.
  12. Yesterday, the AQSC website still said cruises were suspended through June 21, and the Duchess was scheduled to leave New Orleans for Red Wing June 21, the same day. But overnight this has changed. Now their website says the first cruise on Duchess will be July 20, St Louis to Redwing! Looks like they are changing things faster than Cruise Critic can keep up.
  13. Something puzzles me. The article says Harmony will be leaving New Orleans on June 28. But ACL's website says Harmony is scheduled to be leaving Memphis for New Orleans that day. And then leaves New Orleans July 5 to go back to Memphis. And then leaves Memphis July 12 to go back to New Orleans. Does this mean that anyone who had booked any of these 3 cruises is going to find themselves going the opposite way they had planned for? Or did I misinterpret the article?
  14. Overnight, I see ACL has added additional detail to their Covid-19 protocols. Like AQSC, boarding will be denied to anyone with flu-like symptoms. But at least they seem to have made provisions for letting someone who gets sick on the cruise stay on the cruise: • Isolation rooms will be created and made available as necessary. An allotment of staterooms aboard each ship to be sanitized and kept unoccupied unless they become necessary for isolation purposes. Still in a quandary about canceling our July 31 cruise. I'm almost hoping ACL cancels it, taking the decision out of my hands. For the moment, though, I still think we'd go. These new guideline details are encouraging.
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