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  1. The reservations for the spciality restaurants are done at the YC customer service desk. That is right behind the main YC entrance. The reservations for the Cirque shows are also done there. In fact you can do everything there. Deposits for your onboard account, booking excursies etc. No need for the main customer desk at the atrium. The daily programs are different for all ships and itineraries. You won't find them online.
  2. YC members can get drinks throughout the ship from any bars and restaurant. Only exception is the coffeebar at the Phillipe chocolatery. Also no pancakes and gelato on the other side. The YC drinkpackage is the same as the drink package premium. On your first visit to the YC area you are taken to the YC lounge and the headbutler will explain everything in details.
  3. The MSC fun pass isn't necessary for onboard activities. It's basically a discount card. Example, you pay 100$ for the card and you get 180$ worth of fun. You can use it for bowling, rope climbing, race simulator, 4D cinema etc. There are several internet packages. Read the desciption about the package. The basic package can only connect to 1 device while the most premium internetpackage can connect 4 devices at once. They varies also in total GB you can use.
  4. I was on MSC Splendida and the cabin steward empty it without problems. No charges afterwards.
  5. MSC has a daily program. It will be on your bed on your embarkening day. And there is also a daily program for the next day. It will be delivered in the evening. All the information will be on paper, even the theme party.
  6. What ship are you on ? Each ship has a different agenda.
  7. Thank you for the review. That was a good read.
  8. You're right about that. I read the information about the EASY drink package and it did mention speciality restaurants are excluded. Never know about that.
  9. The aft-pool is the adult pool. If you mean a pub is a bar with a variety of beers then yes there is a pub. They don't serve food there. Only chips and some nuts. The EASY drink package is accepted thoughout the ship. Just don't go over the price limit. I don't know about the most quiet bar. People talk and there is live music in every lounge. Try the SKY lounge.
  10. Are the pillow menu service offered for non-YC cabins ? I haven't noticed any pillow menu when I was in Fantasica experience. The YC does have a pillow menu.
  11. There are no discounts for drink packages for the Voyager Club members. They do have 5% discount for booking a cruise. The only "discount" I can think of is when booking a drink package on land before the embarkening. Onboard you pay a 15% extra service fee for everything as drinkpakages.
  12. I found this in my Grandiosa YC photos. It may be helpfull about the minibar policy.
  13. I forget to mention. The lobster menu and the captain applies only in the YC.
  14. I was on the Grandiosia in January. The galanights are the Palermo and the seaday days. The seaday has the lobster menu and the captain visit to the lounge.
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