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  1. I bet this only applies to US & Canadian passport holders. I took 3 hours to get off and my wife 3.5 hours when we arrived in Fort Lauderdale from Barcelona for a B2B early in December.
  2. @Level six Did you take out the insurance before coronavirus was even thought of? Does your policy specifically exclude a virus that was not even thought of when you took out the policy? Does your policy exclude an epidemic that was only declared AFTER you took out the policy? Who decides if a viral out break is of epidemic proportions? Has the WHO declared this as either a world epidemic or even a part word epidemic? I think a good lawyer could have a fun time with your insurance company!!!
  3. With all this talk about coronavirus and the need to test people who MIGHT have the disease how about testing everyone who MIGHT have been in contact with anyone who MIGHT have been in contact etc!!! The chance of coronavirus getting on the ship is possibly very low. The spread factor may well also be very low. I wish that cruise lines would develop a test for Norovirus and then test everyone getting on board who has been in Europe before a cruise. It is easy for that to get on board and it will go through the passengers and crew quite a bit before it is contained. Been there and seen that!!!
  4. @cruiservictor We board next Sunday and I see 3 of our old friends from the Breakaway - GM Djamel, Cruise Director JC Would you please remember the Kiwi Proof Reader Mike to both of the above, I (and my wife Pauline, have enjoyed cruising with and helping both of them. Thank you
  5. @hobbyfarmer2 Anything done on the ship is in $USD unless you are an Aussie, I guess. New Zealanders and Australians are able to pay a fare or on board purchases in their own currency. BUT while they may see Shoe Excursion prices in their own currency (I don't know where) the price charged is in USD. It may be converted to AUD or NZD on a Credit Card statement but the original charges are always in USD.
  6. @Turtles06 We are happy to use our Platinum Voucher there but I agree that the standard has dropped terribly in the last 2-3 years.
  7. If people are that concerned about the Coronavirus I would advise them not to travel anywhere outside their comfort zone. You do not know anything about the travel of the person you are sitting next to on a bus, a train, a plane or in the theatre. Remember that that person could be infectious for 2 weeks before they show signs. Treat it like you would when on board ship and you do NOT want to catch Noro there.
  8. Look up, it is there all the time!!! VBG
  9. For Moderno, way out of this world. I would NOT pay that. Teppanyaki maaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeee.
  10. As we are from NZ and have horrendous travel costs to get to the Med we would do both if they fitted together!! If forced to give a choice then the 11 day; the longer the better, and better ports the only anti is Civitavecchia!!!
  11. @ppcox Certainly. Notwithstanding what @julig22 says I prefer to leave it up to them to decide.
  12. @ppcox Don't forget to send me my 10% Finders Fee!!!!!! VBG
  13. @ppcox I know that you are past Final Payment but phone your TA or the cruise line direct (personally, I would actually do it by email) and explain. "We paid $x and the same stateroom is now $y. Is there anything that you can do for us, please?" Don't say anything else, no justification, no complaint, no nothing. With booking reference included in my email and that is all I do.
  14. @KeithJenner Other than that, it's just another embarkation port. Nothing special. If I am embarking there it is, at that point in time, really special!!!
  15. One question that might help get an answer. Which terminal are you embarking at? There are four separate cruise terminals strung along about two miles of the waterfront. From west to east these are the Mayflower, City, Ocean and Queen Elizabeth terminals
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