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  1. If people are talking about children who are under 14 then you wouldn't leave them alone when you went to a restaurant you would get a baby sitter. In a similar case you should not leave then alone on a ship without someone actually able to take control of them in case of an emergency. The uncle in the quoted case was such a person. I would say that a cruise ship crew member wasn't.
  2. Do cruise lines actually allow people to leave "small" children on board without a responsible adult while other adults go either on excursions or sightseeing? Totally irresponsible if they do.
  3. @Kittyonions The last cancellation notification:- Information on Impacted & Cancelled Cruises Updated September 21, 2020 5:10pm PT I imagine that Princess must be just about ready to do another. Keep an eye on https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/
  4. We had a cruise out of Yokohama starting on 16th December with the Final Payment date of the 17th October. We cancelled!!
  5. Lindeman's Bin 90 Moscato They used to have it but no longer, what they have replaced it with is nowhere near as good.
  6. In that case it could be a long wait yet.
  7. What is your cruise? Personally we wouldn't cruise in certain parts of the world even in January.
  8. I had trouble over Monday and Tuesday but it cleared late Tuesday when there was a change to my Personalizer.
  9. I hope you have more luck in getting information. We have had a number of refunds and FCCs and have NEVER had a full explanation of exactly how NCL worked out the figures that were applied.
  10. This is all very well but what about the rest of the world?
  11. Simple answer: NO; as I cannot see much cruising in November
  12. One thing I wonder if you realise. They tend to do refunds/credits in the actual cruise order so if you have credits for cruises scheduled in this month October you will be behind those who had cruises scheduled in July, August and then September. They do have LOTS of cruises that have been cancelled. I'm afraid you will have to be patient.
  13. @Viajera7 I would expect (and hope) that our borders will be open by the middle of 2021.
  14. Interesting; we have just been advised by Princess of the Visa requirements for the 16th December Grand Asia cruise in the Diamond Princess. I would have expected a cancellation of it not visa requirements!!
  15. @ED49404 Thinking of transferring it to 2022, hope we can get it at the same price. Good luck with that
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