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  1. Fly into Fiumicino (Rome ) airport. There are plenty of hotels in the area of the airport. It is easy to get into the city if you prefer to stop there. Then there are plenty of ways to get to Civitavecchia from Rome either to get to the port on departure day or to the hotels there. Train, taxi or shuttle are available, NCL does a bus from the airport to the port on the day of departure. Plenty of choice.
  2. At present we have only BONUS FCC and I have since found that the information I was given was for BONUS FCC as mine cold not be split and used for the deposits for 3 cruises. Mike in NZ
  3. An FCC cannot be used, in part, for a deposit to secure a cruise; and certainly not split in three to pay deposits for three different cruises. I was told that to use FCC for the extras then the cruise would have be fully paid using the FCC first so the extra could be put towards the extras. I also think that if you have a FCC that is larger than the cruise fare of one cruise that will have to be fully paid before the excess could be used for a second. I was also told that a cruise cannot be re-fared in the case of a fare drop if fully paid.
  4. I far prefer to "book" my shorex and then pay for them when on board. If I have to pay on booking it means that I have to pay at today's exchange rate. I prefer to wait till I "judge" that the exchange rate is "in my favour" and then buy my USD to pay for my shorex in cash when on board. Mike in NZ
  5. With NCL now trying to "stop" paying refunds I would guess that you will have to stay with the FCC. However you might be lucky, as some people are trying to work the system, to get 125% of 125% if that cruise is then cancelled.
  6. @Budget Queen if, your booking terms in New Zealand final payment- 120 days prior? Kyushu (Princess) Dep 7 Dec Final 23 Sep Grand Asia (Princess) Dep 16 Dec Final 2 Oct.
  7. This is the course the Norwegian Spirit took in the 24+ hours while waiting to dock in Cape Town!!
  8. © To use contact casofilia @ xtra dot co dot nz Mike

  9. © To use contact casofilia @ xtra dot co dot nz Mike

  10. Likely- it would be important to have adequate insurance coverage in your case. BUT and it is a BIG but; would any insurance company take on fresh insurance in this case. Surely they wouldn't cover you as they would claim the "Epidemic/Pandemic OUT Clause". That is why we are not arranging flights or hotels nor making a final payment for two cruises in Asia over the Christmas/New Year period later this year. Not till we know that the cruise WILL run and we will be able to leave and return to NZ, our borders are closed down and the talk is that they will not open till there s a vaccine.
  11. Great news for those of us with cruises booked in the middle distant future.
  12. Not seen but heard. There was a cruise director who kept finishing off; during the Corona virus safety time; whenever he had announcements to make, with "Make sure you wash your hands all the time!!"
  13. @billyu If I wake up then that is the favourite part of the day!!
  14. @Firepath With NCL being the only line currently with a Hawaii only itinerary, what do you think will happen if they are out of the picture? Be positive, NCL will NOT go under if we all keep supporting them.
  15. @Lbicklel We have cruises booked about the same time and are waiting for the PoM decision before confirming. I see a major problem without it; insurance companies will not cover a cancellation, claiming causation by Covid-19.
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