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  1. I see no reason for US Customs and Immigration to send people abroad to check a ship docking in any of the regular large cruise ship ports. It might be different if the first port of call in the USA was a small port lacking facilities like Whistler or Seward.
  2. It has been known for people to turn up at the port and for the baggage handlers to tell them their cabin!!!
  3. Check with NCL that you will be at Circular Quay and not White Bay
  4. For some people it is the "thing" to be able to say I was on the Inaugural voyage of xyz from a to b especially if it is a "special" voyage (TA). Do you want bragging rights or the start of money for your next cruise? I know which I would take.
  5. https://www.google.co.nz/maps/place/Copenhagen+Ocean+Quay+Cruise+Terminal/@55.7117027,12.613013,14.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x465252b85c0ba8cf:0xa3e794aacf632259!8m2!3d55.7141697!4d12.619632?hl=en I imagine it will be at one of the berths on the Ocean Quay
  6. @jsb1015 Well done and good advice. For those outside the North American free calling area use SKYPE to call NCL it is free
  7. In general, on NCL ships, we have found that the aft MDR is the one that is open for breakfast and for lunch on sea days. It is also open from Noon till about 2.30pm (?) on embarkation day.
  8. Check your Booking Confirmation email. If it is not there then it is likely it will not show till much closer to departure or even on your folio when you get on board.
  9. Are they possibly the 20% Gratuity on the Free Dining and Drink perks?
  10. While you cannot check-in have you asked your airbnb if you can leave your luggage there till that time?
  11. @stevendom57 RC had no problem prying $20 for a ball cap out of my wallet, what about NCL? Even if they have the cap you want you won't be able to pay in cash "out of your wallet". No cash anywhere on NCL except in the casino.
  12. If you go to https://www.ncl.com/nz/en/about/accessible-cruising and then scroll down there is a complete list of possible tender ports.
  13. Re Bruges I first went there as a 10 year old in the fifties with a school party from Liverpool, what an experience for a 10 year old. I think that was what started my love of travel. We went back when we were visiting a daughter's exchange family in Marquillies. Hardly a change in the centre and we had a lovely day; the beer, the chocolate, a boat trip, the market and a long walk. Brilliant place to visit and we will return one day, we hope.
  14. We went to Honfleur when on a Princess cruise (tour) a couple of years ago and it was great, especially the visit to the Calvados distillery on the way to the town; lots of samples!! The town was very interesting.
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