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  1. The 7 day plan is $249 and the OP said that they paid $199. $50 may be the difference between prints or no prints.
  2. Policy may have changed, but nrobc will be used first for daily service charges etc. If your pre-paid casino $ go to your general shipboard acct., then that will simplify things.
  3. The $600 from Princess is most likely non-refundable and will be used first. The pre-paid casino credit will be vouchers in your room and redeemed at the casino.
  4. Status applies from the 6th cruise. 1 blue, 2 gold, 2 ruby and the 6th is platinum.
  5. Take the de-luxe. You'll appreciate the extra space with 3 in the cabin.
  6. Send a courier to the bean counter's office for an update? If you don't use the Medallion or your cruise card, how else would you do it? Check at guest services before you go to the IC? You would need your Medallion or cruise card to do that.
  7. Ask your barista/server. They will know by scanning your card.
  8. "Royal Class " ships are Princess' newest and largest ships with over 3,500 passengers.
  9. Shouldn't be too bad, maybe some sound from wall mounted speakers below. There may also be noise from daytime rehearsals.
  10. That is what she desires. " part of our enjoyment of cruising is meeting new people at meals."
  11. "we are not booked in a mini or suite." If you are not booked in a CC Mini or a full suite, you do not have Club Class dining. You will be seated at a community table in AT dining.
  12. Sshhhhh!!!!!!!!!🤫 "The first rule about fight club is that there is no fight club."
  13. There are many reasons. Reviewing the days videos and or still photos on a larger format than one's telephone or laptop screen. Play movies etc from laptop, kid's entertainment, skype on a large screen... Lots of reasons.
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