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  1. Processing does not equal Acceptance. After over two hours of "processing", I have received two emails stating my bids were NOT accepted. The odd thing is that my one bid that was processing went back to "pending", not "expired".
  2. Still no charge on my credit card. No change in our cabin number. No email. Hope I have new documents by 4:00 so I can print them off before we leave.
  3. Now my balcony bid says “processing”. Does that mean we won our bid?
  4. Just checked and one of my bids now says “expired”. The other one still says “pending”.
  5. Both mine still say pending. Been checking all morning...like every ten minutes. No email. No charge on my credit card. Nothing.
  6. I hope this is the case. I have been getting mixed answers. I sail in a couple of days and this is my first NCL cruise. I maintain a cash account for my OBC, no credit card. I have never had a problem on Carnival or Celebrity with pulling money from my onboard account to use in the casino. I have seen others state that I cannot if my onboard account is not credit card funded. Makes no sense to me.
  7. Being I will have an answer within the next 24 hours, I was wondering what my bid status will say once it is accepted or rejected. Both bids still say, “pending”. I keep checking my email, credit card, and bids to look for any sign of the outcome.
  8. I kept raising my bids, but then it didn't seem worth it. My cabin location is mid-ship on deck 11. At least I know what I am getting if I stay put. I still kept my bids, but reduced them to create some value if I do win them.
  9. I usually start with some cash, but move to my onboard account to fund my gaming. Since there is a minimum needed for our onboard account, a good chunk of my cash will be sitting in our onboard account, not being used. Most gambling sites prefer cash to credit, so not withdrawing funds you know are there is odd to me. I don’t like the 3% transfer fee, but I could deal with it as long as I could use my onboard account.
  10. Well, it looks like NCL won’t be seeing much of me in the casino then. I learned a lesson the hard way on my first cruise by using my debit card for my onboard account. All my other cruises I have started my onboard account with cash, gift cards, or prepaid OBC. I could transfer money from my onboard account to my player’s account or receive cash advances at the casino cashier. It just reduced the amount of available onboard funds on my account. If my onboard account got low, I would add more cash to my onboard account. I plan on starting my onboard account with $600 and I have $50 OBC from NCL. We have a drink package and will have service gratuity paid prior to the cruise. We really don’t spend any money on the ship besides the casino. If they will not allow me to use my cash funded onboard at the casino, it looks like they will be cutting me a check for a refund at the end of the cruise. I don’t have high limit credit cards and the holds eat up all the available credit. This is why I use cash.
  11. February 3 Getaway - still waiting to see if my bids from inside to balcony/spa balcony get accepted. The silver lining if we don't win our bid is that we get to keep our money in our pockets and our location is already good. Has anyone else heard anything from this cruise? I went to a few booking sites and this cruise will only book GTY now. No room selection. I think that is a good sign.
  12. I am using cash to load my account and not giving them my credit card. Am I going to have any problems in the casino as far as using my onboard account to pay for my gaming?
  13. Which beach? Thanks.
  14. I had to contact NCL because the credit card I had on file to cover my bid was stolen. When I went to look at my bids, they had moved from poor to fair. I moved the slider and all the minimums had dropped. I lowered my bids. However, NCL had me cancel my bids to remove the card I had cancelled. I had to start the bid process over with my new card and all the minimums were back to the original starting prices. It seemed odd.
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