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  1. My wife and I recently purchased it for our Encore sailing last month and we would probably buy it again. We got on with the Platinum/Ambassador people and were actually in front of them. This mattered to us because we wanted to ensure we got Vibe passes. We also utilized the free room service breakfast on three occasions, the priority tender in Great Stirrup Cay, the $50 spa discount (can't be combined with any other promo and must be used on a body or facial treatment, ie massage or facial), and for disembarkation, we were allowed to leave as early as we wanted. So overall, for us, it was worth it.
  2. I want to say it was in a printout we received in our cabin, but don't quote me on that. I just remember seeing it somewhere.
  3. We purchased Priority Access for the Encore out of Miami and luckily had a better experience. We walked on with the Platinum and Ambassador group, even though the terminal crew had no idea who or what we were. The announcement was clear. We also got priority disembarkation luggage tags. Our terms were pretty clear that the spa treatment booked had to be $100 or more. Who knows if the difference in ships had something to do with it.
  4. Ahh, gotcha. I misunderstood...sorry about that! Yea, the staff opened reservations at 930 and later most nights, but were keeping it somewhat quiet in light of the timing and frustration people were having in regards to the venue being closed most of the other times.
  5. it was the owner/developer of the Port of Miami who booked Le Bistro the entire week, morning, noon and night. If you noticed the very large groups (over 300 families) that were on our sailing, that is who was booked in the venue the entire week, allegedly. Also, we had dinner at 9pm in Le Bistro the night in San Juan, so you could have booked and eaten there that night if you wanted to. Not trying to be difficult, just saying it was possible.
  6. Considering I was on the same sailing as dshefter and bkrickles, what they're saying is 100% accurate; same with birdtravels. For those of you complaining incessantly about the Encore, here's a thought...trust those who have BEEN on it and make your own decision IF you decide to go on it. Total pool deck had more space and availability than I've seen on the Escape or Getaway (numerous sailings on both). Who cares if Vibe was expanded...either pay to go in or don't. If you don't, guess what...still plenty of room for you. It didn't take away from the overall capacity of both sun and shade.
  7. I had the same frustrations. They refused to apply an extra $100 OBC I had and when I spoke to them on three different occasions, I got the same line of "my supervisor isn't in right now, but will call you". Never got the call. Went on our final morning before we disembarked when it still wasn't rectified and I said I would dispute the amount with my CC company since we were out of time and they advised I should do that. So, yea.
  8. No it's not...have you been on Encore yet? The pool deck itself is bigger than the Escape. There's just no Spice. But there are two completely separate pools. As for Vibe, it's worth its weight in gold if that's what you're into, which my wife and I are. We will gladly pay $418 for the week for a completely private area with a max of about 200 people with no kids, no hassle, a private bar and servers, etc. Has it doubled since we started going years ago? Yes, but it's still well-worth it to us. I guess NCL just takes advantage of us.
  9. Ha, small world...not far at all. Plenty of companies I work with (insurance-related) in Liberty Corner, so I know it well. Yea, either of those Mediterranean itineraries would serve you quite well. It's all beautiful over there!
  10. Same here across the board. We're in Chatham (Morris County) and it wasn't that fun getting off the plane on Sunday. I guess it could have been worse and could have been in the teens like it was when we left...but still. We too got CruiseNext certificates and I'm already getting antsy to see where we'll be headed next!
  11. I completely agree with this review! We were on this sailing as well and had a great week. Service and staff from top to bottom were excellent...my wife and I commented to each other a few times that we couldn't for the life of us figure out how people on prior sailings had issues with the staff. I think people just look for things to complain about. As for the movement and motion, I agree...that Friday got interesting at times. Combination of winds and high speeds make for some rocking of the horizon...side to side and front to back. But at no time did we feel that we were going to be sick from it. Just was interesting up at the Vibe with the winds! Cheers to a great week!
  12. I don't disagree with you, but there's also the issue of people remembering to type in logout.com every time they're done as well. I can't tell you how many people I heard complaining that their minutes were all gone after the first day on my sailing last week. So for some, $55 extra for unlimited starting on the second day, is worth it for peace of mind alone.
  13. Ha, my wife and I definitely agree with you. We'll try to avoid kids as much as possible when we're away.
  14. Ha, Encore does have one. Your eyes did not deceive you!
  15. As other's have said, the free 250 minute internet doesn't get you very far. That said, if you wait until the second day, you can "upgrade" to unlimited internet for the week for $55. It's $180 less a $125 credit (cost of the 250 minute plan). So that's well worth it I think. Just wait until day 2 or after midnight the first night. As for differences vs similarities, my wife and I have done plenty of both RCCL and NCL and we prefer NCL overall, but they're really all similar. Food is a bit better on NCL we feel, as is restaurant variety for specialties. Shows are all similar as are the other entertainment offerings. Biggest difference I think is that the NCL ship is fairly straightforward instead of the neighborhood concept that RCCL has.
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