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  1. Thank you very much Host Kat! I proceeded as suggested and it worked. Many thanks! Have a nice evening.
  2. Good evening, I am planning to change email internet provider and as a result, I would need to change the email address associated to my Cruise Critics Account. I have searched my profile information and this site and was not able to find how to make the change. Would it be possible to request assistance on this issue? A prompt response would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!
  3. Thank you Op and all for these posts, which I find very instructive. I have to admit that I can be counted amongst the group of passengers who do not take the time to read all the fine print multi pages details of a cruise line/airline contract, which are written in legal terminology and extremely... boring. In addition, they only become pertinent in unusual circumstances, such as an unplanned extreme weather event. So, I alway hope, never to have to read them. In my experience, in general, airlines respond in a similar way as cruise lines: If a change of itinerary is required due to a technical, mechanical or other element under the carrier’s control, passenger compensation is normally more substantive. When it is weather related.... passengers are more dependant on the carrier’s good will. Op, I understand your disappointment. I would likely feel disappointed too. Thank you to PTC DAWG for providing us the detailed offer made by Celebrity. I sure hope, I will not experience this scenario; but, if I do, I will be better prepared thanks to this thread.
  4. On the Constellation in May, we tried Qsine for the first...and last time. Our experience was far from enjoyable. The menu concept was different and our server who did not speak much English was unable to explain it to us. As a result, our meal lacked cohesion and we misinterpreted some of the dishes we ordered. Despite the interesting, yet unusual way dishes were served in Qsine, we ended up leaving the restaurant wishing we had eaten in the MDR instead, both for the service quality and the meal enjoyment. I have read a bit about Le Petit Chef, and the gimmick side of it may keep me away from that experience. Once burned, twice shy.
  5. We visited Cellar Masters on Solstice, Infinity and avoided it on Constellation. The reason: In my opinion it is misrepresented. This is too bad, since in my opinion, the concept had merits. With such a name, I was expecting an opportunity to discover, taste and experience wines. ( I am a wine amateur). Unfortunately what I have experienced in that bar was a limited wine list ( on Infinity, in Alaska, the limited list of wines in included quite a few listed wines which were not even available). I found the concept of Cellar Master, quite deceptive taking in consideration the limited list, the absence of wine expertise, and, I was even offered a rude experience. Like others have mentioned, I have observed Cellar Masters to be often quiet or under frequented. I will be sad if it is replaced. ( I would have preferred hearing that it was improved/renewed). This said, a better use of the area would make sense.
  6. Thank you very much Op, this thread is both inspiring and comforting. I am very impressed by all the other « wow » moments mentioned so far by fellow passengers and these keep me cruising. For us, our « awe » inspiring moment include: On Sovereign of the Seas in 1992, the midnight buffets. On Enchantment of the Seas: Helmut Dive in St-Thomas U.S Virgin Islands. I was so impressed, that having forgotten to bring my credit card, after returning to the ship, I returned to the site to buy the video of our experience. On HAL’s Rotterdam, besides the ship’s unique museum decor, while docked in Flam, we were able to visit Undredal and taste unique homemade brown goat cheese. On Maasdam, in Sydney, N.S., sailing on the Bras d’Or Lake as well as our excursion to Peggy’s cove while docked in Halifax. On Solstice: Our visit to the Haleakala Volcano. It was my first experience on foot above the clouds and the volcanic scenery really offered a Martian experience. In addition, the 360 degree turn the ship made in front of th Kileaua Volcano eruption at night, where lava met the ocean. Fabulous! Unique! Impressive and memorable! On Infiniti, the humpback whales welcome at Icy Straight Point as well as the view of the Spirit Bear and the pacific Coastal Bear. On Constellation, our excursions in Rhodes and Katacolon, including greek dances and mezze. In short, cruising allowed us to discover worlds unknown to us and we enjoyed every moments. From a simple sunrise or sunset on the ocean, to the viewing of wildlife and meeting people from foreign lands. We’re hooked on cruising!
  7. Impressive fall storm and picture! I hope all passengers will find ways to enjoy the day anyway.
  8. My sincere condolences for the lost of your MIL. This type of moment is unique in one’s life, intense, demanding and where we become more vulnerable. It’s touching to hear that Celebrity Cruise Line was able to take your unique situation in consideration and support you in this difficult time, Thank you for sharing your experience and best wishes for healing and serenity.
  9. The St-Lawrence river is very cold all year long slightly east of Quebec. It saddens me to hear about people desperate enough to risk hypothermia and their lives, for a chance to flee their homeland and start anew in a new world. The Journal the Montreal mentioned the likelihood that the two Celebrity employees will be claiming refugee status in Canada. The Journal de Montreal also mention that an immigration investigation will be initiated. It is such a contrast between the passengers having a good time on a vacation cruise, while some employees serving passengers are going through trough life and death decisions. So sad indeed!
  10. Dear OP, There are a few treads on a similar topic, which could be helpful to you using the search function. On X, there are mainly 4 classes of ships : Millenium Class ( M Class), Solstice Class ( S Class), Edge Class ( for Edge and Apex) and the smaller ships sailing in the Galapagos. My experience only includes RCCL, X (S and M Class) and HAL. So, my information will be limited, but just in case in may help! Going from RCCL to X, I noticed the following: Celebrity is not equipped with climbing walls, deck trampoline, surf rider equipment, water slides etc. Celebrity aims to appeal, may be to a slightly older clientèle. There are no belly flops games or similar activities. Food and Service on X are generally excellent; although I believe specialty restaurants are a bit more expensive on X. On all my X ships, I found that the captain and senior officers were both visible and very friendly. Fewer announcements on X (one, once a day). More subdued atmosphere including a pool area specially dedicated to adults. Shows on X ( S and M class) do not have the same envergure as the shows on the Oasis Class ships on RCCL. The ship size will influence the range of available options on both Cruise lines. For example, the experience on Enchantment of the sea is different from the experience on Oasis of the seas. In your case, your experience on Apex should be similar to Edge rather than Infiniti. This said, a few elements on X seems appreciated by most X passengers: Ships where you don’t feel overcrowded, buffet areas with Islands rather than single line up counters, Cafe Al Bacio, Martini Bar, Silent Disco and karaoke, the Solarium, Trivia, Lectures, Music in some public areas and bars, etc. Apex will be X newest ship! I look forward to read about your experience on it! Enjoy your cruise.
  11. Thank you very much Yoshkitty for the detailed information. It really helps my decision process. This is confirming my concern regarding the taxi option, that we may end up having to split our group in the midst of the chaotic taxi line. I am travelling with my wife, but also with my dear daughter and her new boyfriend. Sending them in a separate taxi, in country they have never been, involving a language we’re not familiar with, makes me feel somewhat uneasy. Although, they are both adults, I feel responsible for their safety... which I could not assure if they are in a cab that ends up in a different location for unknown reasons. So, I will definitely further study other options. Thank you again once more for taking the time to provide me with this information. I really appreciate it!
  12. The tipping issue is always a topic that makes me feel uncomfortable. I know and agree that the crew works hard and deserve compensation. This is not my issue. Before we had prepaid gratuities, cruise lines issued specific guidelines on how much and to which members of the crew, tipping was expected. This was relatively simple, at least. Now, that these are prepaid, people are discussing « extra tipping », « tipping time » and soon, we will have extra tipping, on the extra. It almost feels that passengers are competing for the service, by tipping earlier and earlier or more and more. I recognize that tipping is a cultural issue. I also recognize that cruising is a luxury vacation. I am just not comfortable to be perceived as cheap, because I did not fully understand, the last trend on how fast to tip, how much extra to tip, or to how many employees, I should extend tipping? ( Examples: Nice Maitre D, Nice Casino Attendants, Friendly and smiley security personnel, helpful guest service employee etc.) Finally, my cruise ticket is not cheap either. So, I am left wondering which members of the staff are adequately paid by the cruise line? In short, what am I buying when I pay a cruise ticket? I wish there was a simpler way then this competition for the tipping policy, to ensure that the staff is duly compensated for their work, without making passengers feel cheap for not giving the most extra tip. And I would conclude by saying that the number of recurring treads proves my point: that the tipping issue is complex and leaves numerous passengers feeling unsure or uncomfortable.
  13. Thank you very much for the suggestion Mr. Click. I will also check it out. Many thanks!
  14. Thank-you very much for all the suggestions. I really appreciate your insights and it provides me with more concrete ideas to research. Thank you very much again!
  15. Hi, I have been searching options for a transfer from Hong Kong Airport to a hotel located in the Kowloon area for a group of 4. By searching on line and on these boards, I have been able to gather some information, but not quite enough. So your help would e really appreciated! Options and information found so far: Option: A Hotel/Airport Shuttle: Pro: Reasonably priced: About $25 Cdn/person. Seemingly user friendly. But....it seems to be a milk run. I am not certain that a long bus trip, with many stops, would be enjoyable after along flight from Canada to Hong Kong. Option B: Hong Kong taxi (Red color): Pro: Always available, price divided by 4, seems also reasonable. Concerns: Are taxi vehicles big enough for 4, each of us with a big suitcase and a carry-on. Other concerns: cash payment only and likelihood of being driven by a driver with limited English. Private transfer: I found 2 or 3 companies on line. None that I ever used before. On line reviews for each companies are hard to find, and I am challenged to find one, that clearly indicate being able to carry all of us (4) and our luggage (4 large suitcases and 4 carry-on). Therefore, I thought of asking you, if you had any suggestions or experience with transfers in Hong Kong. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
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