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  1. Thank-you very much Seany527 for the detailed information you provided us. I found very interesting to see that despite the pandemic, it was possible for. group of people to travel, to explore and for the most part, to enjoy their cruise. Ideally, I’m sure, you would all have preferred to experience the cruise without any positive results. I found very interesting, the list of measures taken by Celebrity to ensure that positive tests results would not translate in a situation similar to what was experienced on the Diamond Princess at the beginning of the pan
  2. I join my voice to all the members who have thanked you Seany527. Your review of this first cruise, is factual, filled with pictures and uplifting, even when describing a below par experience at Tuscan Grill. It really helped me imagine better what was described in writing regarding Celebrity protocols and what our next cruise could be. Enjoy the end of your cruise and once more, thank-you so much!
  3. It is so exciting to see an actual return to cruising after such a long hiatus! To the lucky one on this cruise, enjoy it to the max and post reviews! I look forward to read more about your trip!
  4. Thanks Bruin Steve, now I understand better. Prices seems to have increased a bit, since my quote of $60 per person for two legs was in Canadian dollars while yours is in US currency. This said, when reading your post, I realize that I misunderstood it. I thought that the seat assignment cost quoted was $124 US per person, while I understand now that the cost was for two people. This makes more sense in relation to what we paid. I hope you will enjoy your cruise and your flights.
  5. I am definitely not an expert (only three cruises with Celebrity). This said, if I were in the OPs position, I would ensure that all the reservations for the group of 24 are linked together. (The TA or the X rep if booked directly, can do that). I would also include in the reservations, a request for people in the group to be seated in the same section/nearby tables. Then once on board, one of the very first things I would do on embarkation day, would be to go see the Maitre D, to discuss the group’s seating arrangements. This process would not
  6. At the beginning of this pandemic in March 2020, we had a booked Asian cruise on the Millenium and thank God, I had opted to book the airfare via Celebrity. The first impact of the pandemic consisted in changing our port of departure and our port of arrival. We normally book the second level of economy fare, the resulting change to the airfare was done smoothly via Celebrity. No cost to us. Had I booked directly with the airline (Air Canada) I would have had to pay a change fee. Then our cruise was cancelled after final payment. Our airfare was promptly refunded by Cele
  7. In May 2019, we had a fabulous cruise on Constellation, Venice to Venice including stops in Greece and Croatia. Did not notice any significant wear and tear issues with the ship! Would be more than happy to sail on her again. We were booked on Millenium shortly after her refurbishment, but Covid .... happened. So the ship remains on our to do list. This said, we also enjoyed a beautiful Alaskan cruise on Infinity and again, we really had no issues with the age of the ship. On the M Class ship, I really love the location of the main Dining Room with its two s
  8. I agree with Fouremco’s comments on all the ports. Regarding the nuance between Saguenay and Havre St-Pierre, I would like to add a few details: Havre St-Pierre is a smaller town than Saguenay, and it’s located on the edge of the Gulf of St-Lawrence, where the Gulf is wide enough to look like an ocean. If I’not mistaken. Havre St-Pierre will offer beaches (very cold water 4C year long. The St-Lawrence is quite deep in that area, which makes it interesting for whales and other mammals. Saguenay is in the heart of French Quebec. It’s a mid size town. To naviga
  9. Living in the greater Montreal area, I was looking for a cruise living from home. Although many cruise lines offer interesting itineraries in the fall because of the foliage, I knew that the fall on the St-Lawrence could be quite cold, which did not quite meet our needs. Besides, pandemic set aside, cities like Montreal, Quebec and in the maritimes are more vibrant in the summer because of all the festivals. So we chose the only line then offering a summer cruise out of Montreal: HAL. Our itinerary, Montreal, Quebec, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbo
  10. Thank you for sharing this information Josie 201. It’s really nice to see more concrete positive news about a return to cruising.
  11. We also tip a bit extra to our MDR servers. Even in Blue, when we did not always have the same staff every night ( From memory, there was a process where you could leave the extra tip to the relatively small staff team. My question concern MDR select dining. How do people handle the extra tipping in Select Dining, if the staff serving them is different every night?
  12. It really depends on your your interests: If it’s history and architecture, food and wineries : we had a very lovely trip in May 2019, which included pre-cruise stops, in Rome, the beautiful Amalfi Coast followed by a 10 nights cruise on the Constellation from Venice, to Venice, via Croatia and Greece. We really had a good time. If you’re just looking for a more quiet type of cruise, with beautiful sceneries, nice shopping areas, nice people, nice restaurants; a Canada, New-England cruise could interest you. Typically, most cruise lines offer these cruises in the fall f
  13. Going on deck, breathing the salty air, watching the ocean’s ondulations, smiling from ear to ear, and keeping an eye out to assess if someone will still have the heart to complain about the small stuff! If I hear such a thing after this pandemic, I may have a hard time not to laugh out loud!
  14. Hi OP, Members have already replied nicely and accurately regarding the difference between AQ and CC cabins. I really don’t have anything to add on these cabins. But, if your main interest is a larger balcony. A Sunset Veranda (SV) cabin could be interesting for you. It’s normally priced somewhere between a regular veranda cabin and a CC cabin. SV cabins are located completely at the back of the ship, and available on a number of decks. They offer a splendid view on the ship’s wake, however, they are distant from stairways and elevators, as well, of course,
  15. Hi everyone, Just to follow up on my initial post. Everything is back to normal today. I am just left feeling like the website caught a 24 hours flu yesterday! Thank you for your feedback!
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