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  1. "real" photographers shoot in the mode that best handles the current situation. Most often that is aperture mode with some custom settings. If I was shooting sports or car racing I'd be in the 'S' mode and if it's fast run and gun I'd shoot in the 'P' mode. But I'm like you ... when the minimums are set I prefer to control the depth of field.
  2. Practicing with my 'travel' camera for our trip next month to the Galapagos. I have better cameras but prefer this 'all in one' camera ... RX10IV Likely going to shoot in the aperture mode with some custom settings. Settings this morning for the 2 pictures ... pretty much at the limits set Aperture mode Maximum allowed ISO-800 F/5 Minimum allowed shutter of 1/500 This is a good compromise for this camera for wild life/birding
  3. 100-200 yards from ship to ferry in PPT Likely will be some taxi in Moorea at ferry terminal but no guarantees. You can also take the public bus, just make sure you get on the bus going counter clockwise and tell the driver to drop you off at the Sofitel. Reception can call you a taxi at the Sofitel to take you to Papeto'ai
  4. Papeete and Raiatea your docked so getting off quickly should not be an issue. Moorea could be tricky as the ship anchors about 12 - 15 minutes from the tender drop off ... could take longwer as the tenders circle around.
  5. Oponupo Bay ... Papetoai ... not much around though there will be some tour people but your on a HUGE ship ... won't be enough infrastructure to handle so many. You will need to get off quickly before others nab what is available.
  6. On Bora Bora the ship will anchor and more around giving everyone a view. On Rarotonga the ship will free float the whole time your there. On Tahiti (Papeete) the ship will tie off and some captains go straight in ... others back in ...
  7. Papeete, Bora Bora, Rarotonga .... won't matter
  8. This should help ... times will be dicated by ship schedule/itinerary and weather. Taken a few weeks ago on Moorea. Star Breeze Marina
  9. Comes down to the cultural stuff you can see on Raiatea ... if your into that than do the drift from Tahaa (Motu Mahana Day). If the cultural stuff isn't a big deal than go with Bruno ... he delivers a wonderful day circling the island of Tahaa.
  10. Wish you all could join me tonight as I'm doing a livestream comparison between the Star Breeze and the Paul Gauguin and then and open question and answer time ... bottom line: both are fine ships for visiting French Polynesia 😉
  11. This would be my recommendation for a sunset place in October ... May through September the sunset is to far north west to enjoy but October you should be fine. Great location on Matira Beach ... food good ... prices fair. Was just there 2 weeks ago
  12. Star Link is used on-board. Speed was fine for email and picture/short video uploads. Worked fine throughout the ship. Only complaint I had was some steaming was not available. As mentioned we could not access our at home cameras nor could I listen to iHeart radio for talk radio.
  13. A few from our last trip a few weeks ago in French Polynesia ... RX10IV Bora Bora Sony A7III @ 10K ISO - leaving Papeete A7III - jacuzzi with a view A7III - leaving the lagoon of Tahaa, Bora Bora is 15 miles away A7III - Moorea A7III - Moorea
  14. Depends on the ship and the islands in French Polynesia your visiting 😉
  15. Cook's Bay Moorea ... the Star Breeze in the background.
  16. I was there from May 26th - June 6th .... only one day that I would call 'rainy'. Pictured: Leaving Rangiroa at sunset. The 'Aquarium' is just on the other side of the small motu.
  17. Leaving Rangiroa at sunset on the Star Breeze .... the 'Aquarium' is on the other side of the small motu.
  18. Leaving the lagoon of Tahaa on the Star Breeze .... You can Bora Bora 15 miles away and if you look closely you can see the steeple on the little church on the right. This view is awesome no mater which small ship.
  19. Unless it is disembarkation day/time there are no taxis sitting around the ships. On the outer islands there usually are some taxis, limited on the smaller islands and you can request a tour.
  20. Don't don't speak French .... use Google translate 😉
  21. 1.3 miles from the PG tender location to Coco Beach transfer. as you get close you will see the sign. Might want to check for current info .... what is on the sign is likely correct but I'm giving a disclaimer 😉 Good snorkeling as you work your way to the reef
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