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  1. To what tune do you sing your contract? 😉
  2. The standard cabin is not too small for two chairs. Your post indicates that you lack gracefulness and should consider taking movement classes.
  3. Probably nothing other than people feeling happier by paying extra for what was included previously. 😉
  4. What butter shortage? Definitely no butter shortage on the Grand Princess.
  5. No, but they may provide a ukulele. 😉
  6. A roll up keyboard is definitely not suitable. To say the least there is no action on the keyboard. Any electronic keyboard that is close to the action of a piano is generally large, heavy and expensive. Although among my wife's collection of keyboards she does have a Korg MicroKey Air. She mainly uses that for composition when out and about as it is highly portable but the action is not great. OK for composition but not for real playing. Your best option is to ask the cruise director/music director if you can use the piano in the chapel when the chapel is not scheduled for other activities. You may be able to find their email addresses with the assistance of CC members.
  7. Here is the general FAQ https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/prepare.jsp#Princess_Vacation_Protection
  8. If you are resident in the USA then the following policy applies for Platinum Cruise protection: https://affinitytravelcert.com/document/pdfs/PCT_Plt_Landing.html Note that there are drop down menus to select state as the policy depends on which state you reside in.
  9. Had no problems with the new straws. They are much nicer than the plastic ones. Feel better on the lips.
  10. No need to pack clothes. You can pick up items on board 🙂
  11. What ?! and burn holes in your eyes looking at that so called poorly executed "art".
  12. You do not need much vibration, roll, pitch or yaw to mix things up, especially when it is 24 hours of day. Plus add in a little plain old brownian movement to the mix and the liquid gets slowly stirred. Additionally the pump pulls from the bottom. So every push of the pump results in flow from the top to the bottom within the container thus inducing more mixing.
  13. It is on a ship!!!! Ships vibrate , roll, pitch and yaw. Sufficient movement to stir things up.
  14. That is sad!! What has Princess Luxury Bed sales offered to make you whole? It seems they are in breech of contract as they failed to deliver within the specified time.
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