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  1. If you open day three and go to Activities after 6 pm you will see it. I won’t be surprised if it is changed again
  2. Check your App. Yesterday I saw day 3 and 5. Day 5 seemed to have disappeared. They are still changing. Hard to plan
  3. Thank you all for your best wishes. Hcat, Bo always enjoyed your comments. Congratulations Presto2, May you have many more happy and healthy Anniversaries to come!, Lola, all, enjoy your upcoming trips!,
  4. Thank you Lola from another Lola..lol! 108 days..blink and it is there!!
  5. So...we are leaving tomorrow for Rome and finally for our cruise on Monday. I had been following for a year now, and very grateful for all the helpful info that I am sure will help make our cruise amazing. Special thank you to VTcruising, I feel like I have been already on board Edge. If you need some questions answered, please log it in and I will try and get the answers while on board. Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I am talking about specialty dining! Per dinner.
  7. I will just close my eyes and pay. I have planned on taking my granddaughter to nice restaurants.
  8. Omg, we thought 20.00 was too low. We give minimum 30.00.
  9. Darn, or maybe good exercise. 🥴 Thank you💕
  10. Thanks VT, will let you know when we come back. One more please, is there an access from 6278 towards the back to Eden outside dining, or just any stairs down? It would be nice so we won’t need to go to the middle of the ship, go down and go back to Eden.
  11. Thank you jelayne, happy to know. Cruisestitch, our ports are Italy and Greece . The Amalfi route. Jim_Iain, Thanks, I guess we are subject to the Vat. So meaning, 21% plus 20% (other than the specialty restaurants that jelayne mentioned. We were planning to buy some on board memories but I guess that is cancelled.
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