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  1. IYO Are you saying that someone with many Crystal cruises the staff would not what their dining room table preferences were? We spoke with Paolo about day 5 of a 2 week cruise & after that when we came to the dining room he would seat us in the same area most nights ...this was our 1st Crystal cruise & he remembered where to seat us. So I am sure someone who has sailed MANY days with Crystal the staff would know where they prefer to be seated Correct??
  2. On our Dec cruise we were seated at a 4 top near the front corner of the restaurant several times We usually went at 6:30ish They usually start filling from the back of the dining room we mentioned to Maitre'd DH has a hearing problem & he said he would seat us in the front section ..the ceiling seem to be higher & less noise there I am sure that Keith having 100+ cruises with Crystal does not hurt his seating arrangements 😉
  3. If/when there are cabins available they will be offered for sale
  4. probably those pax upgrading from Carnival/Princess that bring the "attitude" with them 🙄
  5. I would think yes to both questions Ask your TA if you use one or call Oceania
  6. so still no PDF file from TA as it usually does it sounds like the new itineraries come in snail mail form is that correct for those that have received them? We do not get any brochures from O & not about to enter in that nightmare again will wait for the new cruise to be posted online
  7. It depends on the Country that turnaround day is & there rules USA you NEED to get off UK we had to get off Others were no problem we could stay onboard Eg: Copenhagen
  8. what an ordeal for the Princess pax https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/17/health/diamond-princess-american-evacuees-flight/index.html
  9. Hopefully under the current situation they will refund you or at least give you a credit to use for a future flight (usually 1 yr) Hang in there they are probably swamped with calls 😉
  10. It may not apply in the current situation with the virus problem but was the ticket full fare or discounted BUS class?? Usually the terms for cancellation is on your ticket receipt
  11. Hope someone has some Opinions for you We have not done any of the luxury lines mentioned above We prefer Oceania for many reasons but they are not considered luxury so will probably get berated for mentioning them on the LUXURY forum 😎 Good luck with the research
  12. well looks like they just announced the changes Call your TA
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