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  1. They may have some deals but with the capacity reduced the ship's are probably already "full" They will probably have the reduced capacity for several months after sailing starts up again sometime next year JMO
  2. I believe Oceania stopped the free cruise for the lecturers a while back they have to pay something for the cruise & maybe get paid for the lectures they give It was several years ago when he was onboard not sure he is still doing those gigs 😉
  3. Are you sure you are getting the Excursions & the OBC? Usually you choose one of the perks it states "a FREE amenity of your choice and much more! " A question for your travel agent to be sure
  4. yes very informative before & during the transit I had not read his book before the trip but he was so good in person
  5. I could not remember if they had Baggo on the R ships I know it was on the O class ships We did the canal trip on Regatta twice & were lucky to have David Mc Cullough as the speaker 3rd trip on Marina & they had someone from the Canal do the talk during the transit
  6. Off the top of my head in the past they had Bingo, shuffleboard, mini golf, ping pong/table tennis , lectures, trivia, bridge games blackjack tournaments etc.. needlepoint not daily but martinis tastings wine tasting scotch tasting cooking demos Seminars from the Spa & boutique shops on gems usually Afternoon tea not to be missed 😉 I am sure there is more
  7. CC hosts do not read all the posts you have to report the post for them to pay any attention
  8. they have Guidelines but who reads those Thread hijacking is not supposed to be acceptable https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/#guides_disruption
  9. I would also be concerned about the number of cabins that have free access to the Spa terrace especially during the canal We did it when they still had the cabanas on deck 11 ..people were entering people's rented cabana to get a better view Horizons most of the day looked like this
  10. The spa terrace on the R ships is very small compared to Marina but it does have a small shaded area it is a personal choice
  11. I am sure it will be since they may not even be sailing until Jan/Feb
  12. I guess they will be not be visiting some places locals are at Probably like the MSC model that is being used now in Europe Travelling in a "bubble" not for everyone but I guess those willing to cruise will have to abide by the rules I will wait 😉
  13. Thanks for clearing that up Just to add the extended balconies are B3 on deck 7 or PH PH are probably nice but not in some people's budget (me) LOL
  14. Yes according to FDR ship's tours will be required for at least 60 -90 days when sailing resumes Then it will depend on circumstances & port requirements if required longer Makes sense to me Masks required in public places Ship will start sailing at 50 % capacity when they get the go ahead Stay safe
  15. You can get rough seas anywhere We just put the small stuff in the drawers bottles we stick in the cushions on the sofa or lay them on the floor between some cushion to keep from rolling drinking glasses we put in the desk drawer never felt to need for the non skid other than our sailboat YMMV
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