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  1. some people need to pay bills & buy food glad you did not have that problem you are more fortunate than others trying to make a living & survive but what that has to do with your original post ..not sure
  2. not many TA's get 30% let me know who gets that I will apply for a job 🙂 the average is 10-20% & not on the full cruise price so your $5000 cruise only $3500 may earn commission ..just an example figures not accurate
  3. Maybe the cruise line would have to employ/train more people to take the bookings probably at a higher rate than the commssions they pay the TA's Plus there is a higher turnover in the res centre & then they are spending time/money to train new employees JMO
  4. Did you get help ? I see you managed to start one https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2625839-regatta-roll-call-august-6-20/
  5. just ask for less spicy dishes You can view the menu ahead of time that way they are prepared if they still want to join you https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/riviera/cuisine/
  6. hopefully the TA will push to keep the lower price when you booked but who knows
  7. I would post in the help forum this forum is for Oceania cruises https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/859-need-help-using-the-forums-check-here/
  8. Back in 2016 we booked a B2B which was also a listed as a GV we booked the segments a week or more apart we did not get the discount but our TA was able to get 2 booking numbers but I guess things have changed now If the OP can cancel without penalty it pretty much works out the same price wise except in their case they got an early booking bonus witch they would lose $ on rebooking I am stubborn so I would just stick to the original booking or cancel & move to another cruise ..that is me though😉 YMMV
  9. sounds like the reviews were written by the same person Are people that naive that they think their Butler is for them alone & just sitting outside the cabin at their beck & Call JMO
  10. I agree if they are selling a GTY cat then it is available I guess we will see the fine print changed soon 😉
  11. also check https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/inadmissibility-interdiction-eng.html
  12. How sad you did not get to say goodbye But he seemed to go peacefully My sympathies to you ..hard to lose a family pet
  13. It depends on the length of the extended cruise it is a 28 day so should get 2 cruise credits same amount if they booked B2B
  14. that is too bad they will not just add the other segment on to your existing booking The O Life perks look the same to me
  15. It should not matter how many cruises you have on O if you booked with "the best price GTY" deal they should honour it no questions asked if you meet the fine print rules JMO
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