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  1. I guess if you like to live dangerously it works Who knows what you might get next time 🙂
  2. No need to take your passport ashore you can if you want but not required for CR The cruise line will usually tell you if you are required to carry your passport when going ashore
  3. Hampton Inn Brickell have a shuttle to the port for $8 pp & taxi is about the same less than $20 for up to 4 UBER ?? We usually take a taxi to the hotel & then to the port Embassy Suites has a fee based shuttle to the port ..free airport shuttle to hotel
  4. Greece will be stinking hot in June Baltic will be comfortable There is no BEST just ones that fit your needs & wants better We prefer smaller ships <1500 pax YMMV
  5. If I like the taste of the wine then it is "Good Wine" & DH shares it with me 😁 no worries To each their own 😎
  6. Well then you are quids in We rarely do ships tours either Also you may be paying your own non refundable OBC Do the math We book cruise only fare book our own air Choices Choices 😉 Enjoy the cruise
  7. Mine is 11" or 15 " the other ones I give to the porters
  8. Why did you not just take the cruise only fare then you could book the excursions you wanted with private guides or just DIY ? Do the math BEFORE you book
  9. If you do your research BEFORE you book you might find a TA that will include the gratuities Just saying
  10. I usually have valuables /meds in my carry on so it stays with me How big is your carry on? I have one similar in size to this or a tote bag
  11. Maybe on RCL or Celebrity but I do believe the CEO on Oceania does listen He was onboard our cruise last year .....he could see for himself JMO
  12. I am thinking since the O Life tours are per cabin one person could book them all for themselves if they wanted to same as the OBC they go on the account & anyone on the cabin account can use the OBC The drink package is different though That said we never take the ship's tours & on occasion the OBC works out well otherwise we take the cruise only fare JMO
  13. well if you are not sharing wines or dining with good friends it is not really special YMMV
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