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  1. Is UBER really PP ? I have only done Uber recently in SC but my sister ordered the car & it was $30 total for 4 of us for about a 30 min trip
  2. I am not disputing the legality & as i said in the other thread I do think the some of the southern ports (Leewards Islands) do qualify as a distant foreign port even if the experts disagree πŸ˜‰ Enjoy life ..it has an expiry date
  3. If you like the size of Azamara maybe have a look at Oceania They have the same R ship & also ships a bit larger 1250 PAX
  4. Pet peeve of mine πŸ™„ What does it for someone to just hold the door until it closes softly rather just walk out & let it slam on it's own 😲
  5. LHT28


    Looks like they are on your cruise so maybe you will meet them
  6. Since Roy opened this can of worms in the "ASK A Cruise Question" forum where the speculation is interesting to say the least I am wondering is FLL the normal embarkation port for Crystal or Miami ?? Was the original port changed from what it is now ? Does the construction at POM have any bearing on the ships being moved to FLL? I have my own theory but just curious I am sure Crystal would not do anything illegal & certainly if some had booked the B2B almost 2 yrs ago it would have been discovered as a violation by now if there is one Any thoughts??
  7. What do you consider "best" ? Are you stay in Miami the night before? Flying in the morning of the cruise? Some like steak & eggs for breakfast some people are happy with a lighter meal
  8. Ok not the same as getting an upsell offer would post on the NCL forum
  9. Was it Nov or Dec ?? Never known O to do a 3 day cruise πŸ˜‰
  10. We have done upsells from Ocean view to balconies check the price online & compare with the offer ASK where the new cabin will be some might be in the bow which is not good for me but others may not be bothered
  11. LHT28


    maybe someone forgot they were going to Refurb her in May πŸ€” https://www.oceaniacruises.com/media/2019/OCEANIA+CRUISES+UNVEILS+A+REMASTERED+RIVIERA+-+Ship+Features+a+New+Bar+and+Lounge%2c+Next-Generation+Owner’s+Suites%2c+Enhanced+Suites+and+Staterooms+and+More+/ There is an 8 day gap from the April 22 to May 1 ????
  12. HMM I thought by your post they offered other things than just the lower SS rate I see 50 sailings on O in the link I posted with lower SS rates Maybe not where you want to go but they do offer lower rates
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