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  1. LHT28

    Changed email

    maybe they lost your email I would email them again
  2. I would ask on the NCL forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/64-norwegian-cruise-line/
  3. Just note that the House select is wine by the glass & beer at meals only if you only drink wine then that may be a good option along with the Bottle package You get a list of wines to choose from in your cabin & decide then but you could also pick up some ashore If you drink cocktails or spirits the Prestige package may be a better option JMO
  4. we did not have a lot of luggage but we still prefer a pre arranged taxi service everyone is different
  5. Do you mean 1 beverage package or the 7 wine bottle package? I believe you can only buy the 7 bottle package once but maybe on a longer cruise you can purchase another one there is a list of wines to choose from you can buy the Prestige package as well as the wine bottle package The House select & Prestige is wine by the glass only Or you can just choose a bottle of wine from the wine menu so many choices 😉
  6. YES or some of the waitstaff will carry them for you
  7. OK it is a buffet but more cafeteria style service but no trays The staff will ask you what drinks you want when you are at the table & bring them to your table no need to juggle beverages & food like on some other lines https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/riviera-607/terrace-cafe-311054/terrace-cafe--v14122675/
  8. LHT28

    Riviera - Cabin 7087 - 3 adults

    this is a H/C cabin but I cannot imagine they would charge extra for the bed yes for the 3rd person it is designated a triple so there is a sofa bed already I would ask your TA
  9. why would they not have a buffet Theirs is not an ordinary buffet they have grill where you can get cooked to order steak, lobster, pork chops & other items every night as well as the regular offerings but the staff serve you rather than people reaching in & getting their own Much more sanitary IMO
  10. I would book your allotted number of reservation as soon as the booking time opens for a B cabin it is 45 days from sailing ..yes you can book online Yes you can ask for more reservations once onboard subject to availability for B cabin it is Continental breakfast option no hot food There is a good menu selection for other meals check through the FAQ's https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/
  11. LHT28

    R class or O class and why?

    I think it may also depend on what size cabin you can live with We are fine in the regular cabins on either class ship except insides that is a personal preference though some cannot live in anything lower than a PH The R ships have cozy W/C in the A-G cabins the Insignia ones will be better now without the friendly curtain in the shower The larger O class ships have tubs in the A to C cabins as well as the stand alone shower never been in a PH so other will comment Suggest scrolling through the thread here as many have differing opinions there are photos of the Riviera (O class) https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/riviera-607/ enjoy
  12. LHT28

    R class or O class and why?

    we like both just depends on the itinerary & which ship goes where we want to go
  13. LHT28

    St Petersburg tour guides

    https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/116-northern-europe-amp-baltic-sea/ check on the Northern Europe/ Baltic forum everyone has their favourite
  14. LHT28

    Main dining room - final night of cruise

    also available in The Terrace (smaller portions)
  15. LHT28

    help finding my review

    you cannot add to reviews once submitted When did you post it? It can take time before it show up online