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  1. this speculation at this point in time It is a New World out there so who knows what the new normal will be like JMO
  2. They do not usually offer the PE sale on all cruises & as always with some offers can be withdrawn at anytime You are locked in so should be fine as long as the cruise goes ahead in July
  3. Maybe check the price difference for a D or C1 cabin to see if it is worth moving Or if you can can handle an inside cabin they are usually cheaper I prefer some daylight
  4. Can you not request a refund ? Sounds like you are within the cancellation period for refunds
  5. Do you have a cabin number you are concerned with? The OV Cat E cabins are obstructed by the lifeboats 6033 & 6030 just have the small boat in front of the window \\ found a YOUTUBE video of 6033
  6. Usually they come out Aug/Sept & April but might be different this year with all that is going on JMO
  7. do you mean prior to the cruise ? day of the tour? more info needed usually you can cancel a tour prior to Embarkation day & choose another one based on availability You can download the Guest Ticket Contract which will give you the specific info https://www.oceaniacruises.com/legal/ticket-contract/
  8. I guess your comment in post 19 is not a concern then
  9. Why worry about something that may not happen? I do not understand why Oceania would require pax to be in SOU the day before Are they going to run around to all the hotels to make sure people are there ? Since it is on your TA site just email or call & find the reason why instead of spreading rumours
  10. At this point in time I do not believe it is an Oceania requirement
  11. Their cruise is a year away who know what will happen by then maybe all will be fine so why not book it & refundable hotel
  12. It is a good point Also what if someone has a false negative test joins a cruise later to be found to have the virus Until they have a test with 100% accuracy rate people should just wait to rejoin groupscruises etc JMO
  13. GTY means you will be on the ship either in the cabin category your booked or higher Waitlist there are no cabins in that category now but if one becomes available you will be asked if you still want it at the going rate at that time The Waitlist has 2 lists one where people pay a deposit so have a chance of getting on the sailing if a cabin in that category becomes available one where no deposit paid so you are further down the list Ask where you stand on the list I am sure others will give a better explanation than I 😉
  14. We prefer smaller ships so we found Oceania suits us just fine We will stick with them should they survive
  15. A good reason why some people book their own air or pay the deviation fee to fly in earlier & choose the routing (if they take the included air offer) I would have thought most Oceania cruisers were intelligent enough to figure out flying in the same day especially across the pond is a fools game 😎 JMO
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