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  1. Thank you. We definitely want to see the island but since we are there for all day, we are also thinking about doing a boat trip on a catamaran for part of the day (but not the sunset one), and would welcome recommendations.
  2. We are looking to rent a 4-person golf cart. Bonaire Cruisers seems to be highly recommended across the boards, however, they no longer have 4-person carts. I came across another company called bonaireapartment.com. Has anyone had any experience or information with this company? TIA
  3. My husband, daughter and I will be in Aruba from 8:00 am - 11:59 pm in late November. None of us have ever been to Aruba and I would welcome recommendations on what we should and shouldn't do. We don't want a beach day, we would like to see some of the sites that Aruba is known for, but we also wouldn't mind doing a relaxing boat trip for a couple of hours (not necessarily snorkeling). We have looked at some of the cruise line's excursions, and in the past we have used both cruise line and non-cruise line excursions for other ports, and we also have done our own exploring, so we are open to suggestions. The only thing we might not want to do is the ATV's or drive ourselves. Thanks in advance!
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