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  1. We have got Iona booked for July next year and Regal booked for October next year. Like you we are going to enjoy ourselves whatever the restrictions may be, after a year like 2020 I am ready for anything!
  2. Definitely not!! A lot of these travel agents and cruise specialists use a team of home workers, so this lady who lives in Spain could possibly work for a large company. The agent I use has home workers all over the place, they have to build a reputation for themselves but they are fully bonded because they are employed by the main company.
  3. My happy little chappy is 100 today. Happy Birthday Rupert!! So many happy memories when I was growing up. 😃
  4. It does look like there is a stanchion on the balcony of the suites on D deck. We have stayed in the two middle suites on A deck (A750 & A751). No noise from above or below, nice big balcony and no stanchion!
  5. This is one of the reasons we don't venture out during school hols and certainly wouldn't cruise during one. Parents have no control over their kids......or don't care!
  6. Something else to blame the Americans for... Halloween! We never used to go knocking on peoples doors, strangers at that. We used to carve our lanterns out of a large swede/turnip ( not going to start the argument) we didn't have pumpkins in those days, then have a walk around the local streets trying to scare each other. We would end up in my friends coal house which had been made into a den eating pomegranates and home made treacle toffee telling spooky stories. Happy Days 😃
  7. I can see Stoke Council going the same way. If you are paying £36 are they collecting all year round or still stopping in Oct/Nov?
  8. Didn"t you know that people in Stoke on Trent don't do any gardening after the middle of October? Our last brown bin was 20th Oct and we didn't find out until 22nd after reading in the Sentinel that they were ending! We still have all the leaves on the trees and grass that will need cutting if it stops raining. Then some councils can manage to collect all year round!
  9. Lol oh yes 😁 We went a couple of times in the summer and it was looking very bedraggled. The staff were moaning about the hours they had been asked to work within earshot of the customers. If they have got themselves sorted out now we will give them another try, I miss the old Bridgemere when it was family run, pre Wyevale.
  10. I think Bridgemere has really gone down hill since it became a Blue Diamond, there doesn't seem to be any atmosphere anymore. We like Astbury but also like a drive down to Dobbies at Gailey.
  11. Hmm just talking about that now. They also have one in May and one in August on Britannia, don't really want to go in school hols though it would be a case of "child overboard" 😀
  12. Thank you very much, lovely itinery for The Baltic!
  13. Yes I know but there are none on the one we were looking at (4 Sept) and no Naples, Salerno etc.
  14. Thank you so much for all of these itineries we are certainly keeping you busy! Any chance of Britannia Baltic Cities 18 September please? Disappointed she is not doing any Italian ports on her Med cruises 😔
  15. Oooo Andy don't get me started, I'd have made my mum go to the milkmans house to pay the bill with me in tow 😄
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