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  1. Very helpful! Thanks so much! I will call Carnival and ask...wasn’t sure if they would give you the info before you book or not.
  2. 18 days!!! How exciting!!! Yes, I would opt to have an embarkation wedding. Did they send you any other documents?
  3. Thank you for your replies. I have looked at the brochure on their website but it's more of a general "starting at" price and we all know how that can skyrocket once you start adding things on or have additional guests. Once you book, I believe they send you more detailed price lists regarding certain options and add-ons. A friend of mine booked a wedding in 2015 and sent me all of the documents they sent her after she booked but the structure and prices have changed since then. Tigergenesis when is this photography price list from? This matches the one she had in 2015... I would be having it in Charleston so it wouldn't be too far for family and friends who did not want to cruise to come.
  4. Does anyone have all of the most recent Carnival Wedding information that they email you once you book your wedding like the contract, entertainment, added options, photography pricing, how much extra per person, etc? I am considering a cruise wedding and would like to know a realistic budget with the options that I want. Thanks so much!!
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