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  1. RT from Venice. Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Crete... Not the usual.
  2. Great news. Thank you. Have a cruise booked that includes an alcohol package, but the cruise price has dropped so much I think I'll switch to the lower price, forget the alcohol package and just pay corkage fees and for an occasional cocktail.
  3. Can you carry on wine in European ports to consume in your cabin?
  4. nothing free about freestyle where most restaurants are extra cost.
  5. nope. instead they offer a free bottle of wine on the first night and often the first elegant night.
  6. Thieves that are in a secure port area looking for a locked bag among may not have a long career. Same with one walking around with a box cutter.
  7. Only a really old or really cheap suitcase. It doesn't work with the newer cases where the zipper pulls lock to the case. Even with the cheapest zippers, a locking luggage strap keeps the case closed even if the zipper is defeated.
  8. No need to use TSA locks - TSA has nothing to do with port security.
  9. Neither. They will put in the naughty room and require you to come open. Unless something really dangerous is suspected, and then they notify real law enforcement.
  10. Truly great TAs are likely outnumbered by crappy TAs and many more mediocre TAs. It isn't hard to monitor prices especially if you are on a Cruise Critic rolls call and others are likely doing it for you.
  11. If by excursions you mean non-Carnival excursions, that is all on you - you accepted all risk.
  12. Cruise lines under the Carnival Corp umbrella are separate business units with Carnival being by far the largest under the umbrella. Corp isn't going to spread Carnival's problems or expenses to other cruise lines. Forget about it.
  13. " On November 2nd we will change this rule . Access to the Havana Pool will be reserved only for guests occupying Havana accommodations and Grand Suites and wearing the right colour wrist band at all times including evening hours. "
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