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  1. If it turns out that a vaccine confirmation does become a requirement, then I would bet it won't depend on having an iPhone - it would have to be reasonably easy for anyone, irrespective of what phone they have to be able to get an appropriate certificate. After all for decades some countries have needed a yellow fever immunisation confirmation to enter. Some require a cholera vaccination, so there have been immunisation requirements for a long time, and this would merely be a newly updated addition, that may be needed for a lot more travel. I expect that governments across the developed wo
  2. Yes, this is the first really positive news on the vaccines, for sure - though it will take time for significant numbers of people to be able to get vaccinated.But the efficacy is way above the hoped for 50%, which is nothing short of a miracle in such a short time in virology terms. Once the majority of people have been protected it will really transform cruises and allow cruising to have a chance to return to something more like we all used to enjoy - though I expect there will need to be measures in place at some level for quite a while, as well as likely negative test results before board
  3. and with only one person instead of two that means half the risk for getting or transmitting covid!
  4. I see a list of locations but just a big empty space on the left of the list - is there supposed to be any imagery on that page?
  5. Was he doing the ballroom dance teaching during the world cruise that you were on?
  6. That is really good to hear - I wonder where Jeffrey is now?
  7. Thanks, tesni, I had seen that Facebook page but it seems not much has been posted there for some time, so I don't know if he is still using that page or not. I had hoped someone might have been in direct contact with him in the past year or so.
  8. Does anyone know if Jeffrey Dobinson, who we knew from about 6 years ago and was a superb Ballroom and Latin dance teacher on P&O cruises, has been teaching on the ships in recent years? Or if anyone has any news about him from the last year or so? He was a really nice guy so wanted to know if he was still helping people learn to dance?
  9. From the available information, it isn't realistic to expect that a vaccine, once approved, would be available to everyone in a short period. If one or more of the current vaccine candidates completes its phase 3 trial successfully in the next few months, then it is possible that one might be given approval for use early next year, or possibly by the spring. As Dermotsgirl said, it would then be most likely to be rolled out in a phased way, with key workers, and health workers as well as the most vulnerable being at the top of the priority list, and in fact a few days ago there was a document
  10. I think we would all like to know the answer to those questions - and I imagine that the conditions of booking would make it clear what happens in the event of testing positive. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to offer FCC towards an alternate booking, but having the option of a refund would surely be there too. Although I have never had an illness issue in the past, what were the options prior to the pandemic if you arrived to check in but were then suffering from a fever on the day and were not fit to board? I would be really surprised if you would lose your money in the event of tes
  11. I guess the dance host cancellation at Crystal Cruises is reflecting the fact that on land, at least here in the UK, social dancing is not permitted at present as the risks cannot be mitigated with people unable to keep a suitable distance, and of course during exercise breathing more and therefore droplet transmission is increased. We also feel the desire to have ballroom dancing as a central essential of our cruises, so hopefully when a vaccine allows more normal activities to resume we will be keen to get back on board provided we can still dance! It would not surprise me if Cunard also te
  12. By the way a similar analysis of the numbers for viable financing and covid hospitalisation and treatment costs would apply at the country level or the city level, or the State level. Private medical insurance has to be able to cover the cost of policy holders' costs in the event of being unlucky enough to fall victim to covid. Whether or not the insurance scheme can survive may ultimately also depend on whether its policy holders are vaccinated or not. So it is not too difficult to see just why governments are prepared to spend previously unheard of amounts of cash on vaccine development.
  13. Concerning travel medical insurance it is easy to see what the issues are. If you take some illustrative figures so, for example, if a passenger is prepared to pay $500 for covid cover medical insurance for travel, and let's say 1 in 100 people who are on a cruise are unfortunate enough to be infected and become ill enough to need hospitalisation and possibly repatriation, and then if, say, the medical treatment and related costs are $100,000 then it would take 200 people who have paid the same insurance premium for the same cover to provide sufficient funds to pay for the treatment. So the in
  14. I would imagine that insurers (or their actuaries) will be looking carefully at premiums and covid cover details as the time when cruising really gets going again becomes closer, and might depend on how the pandemic unfolds over the coming winter. I would imagine it would be necessary to look at the policy details of existing annual policies to see if they cover covid or not, and possibly take out a new policy when it gets nearer to the time. Those in the UK that I have seen would not cover cancellation before the start of a cruise, or cancellation due to 'concerns' about covid ahead of emba
  15. I saw that Crystal Cruises has implemented a strict new policy on how they will manage covid safe cruising when they return to cruising after the New Year. I wonder if Cunard may implement something quite similar? The Crystal covid policy is at https://www.crystalcruises.com/health-and-safety-hub and the full details are on their web page. Their policy includes things like: passengers will be required to complete a Covid-19 test prior to departure and also provide a printed copy of their negative test result at check-in. Along with the pre-check-in test, passengers will als
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