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  1. I bought the king sized bed, box spring, mattress topper, mattress cover, sheets, pillows, duvet and duvet cover. The whole shebang just over 2 years ago. The set has held up beautifully. If you want the same experience that you had on board you will need to replicate what you had on board. Putting the mattress on a platform will change how the mattress feels.
  2. I wanted to come back and update what I was told about the silver package by a different CC waiter last night. I was told even though the card had the silver package on it they weren’t selling it. I think my waiter on the first day was not informed. I should have suspected as much since he also said I could use it in Vines, which is not true. Sorry for spreading wrong information.
  3. Yes my card has both packages listed on it. They circled gold when I told them I preferred that to silver. I’d post a picture but I can’t get it to upload. I am in club class too and bought it from Ramon. Did your card have the silver package listed as well as gold? It is weird that I was given a choice and you weren’t. Oh well I guess you just roll with whatever you happen to get when you board. We’ve had outstanding weather and the seas were the smoothest our of SF that I’ve ever experienced.
  4. It’s worth noting that the wine package does not work in Vines or at any of the bars/lounges/theater. If you want wine outside of the MDR/Crown grill/Sabatinis etc you’ll have to take bottles with you from the MDR to your room. Then you can pour a glass in your room and take it with you. This makes it inconvenient if you like to have wine in one of the lounges. The bottles do not have the stickers on them. I have been taking bottles to the sanctuary and they don’t care about whether it has a sticker. I am currently on the Grand in Skagway with pretty poor connectivity. But they are also selling the Silver package. (The one described above is the gold package.) some have reported the Silver is no longer available but it is being sold on my cruise. I can’t get the picture of my wine card to upload. Silver includes wine up to $31 and costs $240 for 12 bottles, $210 for 10 and $161 for 7 plus 18% gratuity. If a bottle costs more more than the package allowance you only pay the difference.
  5. Your mileage may vary———YMMV
  6. The splash pool is not below the Sanctuary. I like the splash pool area too as it is not used very much. It also has a bathroom. The loungers there aren’t padded though. Now everyone will be there.
  7. Welcome to Princess. Yes the pool below the Sanctuary is adult only. It also has very nice padded loungers. It is free. There’s another adult only pool at the aft. The Grand is older but I find her well maintained with an exceptional crew.
  8. Now I really wish I’d taken pictures of the menus. Because I really don’t recall any chicken that tasted good! I have all the menus from my Princess sailings in suites but none from our QM2 sailing in a balcony. I never went to the buffet for dinner but I’ll have to look for that turkey next year. I agree about Cunard’s pricing. What’s frustrating is the leap in price from balcony to the princess grills. We pay a little less per day for a balcony on QM2 than what we pay for a vista suite on Princess. We almost splurged on a princess grill for next year’s sailing but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the extra $6k. I’ll be retired soon and able to do last minute deals too! Can’t wait for that. And on a a side note every time I read your CC handle I want a hamburger and beer lol 😂
  9. I posted the bar menus this past May. They are consistent across the fleet I think. DH likes the beverage package to try new drinks. He doesn’t finish them most of the time so keeps his consumption under control. One thing we really like about Princess is they allow only one person in the room to buy the beverage package. We usually buy it for him and then he buys me bottles of wine at 25% off. I keep a bottle at each of the bars we go to and in MDR.
  10. Wow I’m sorry to hear about your experience in Juneau. That’s a shame. As a suite guest you should have been given priority tickets for the tender though. Was Juneau listed as a tender port on your itinerary? Enjoy your last day. I’ve been packed since Monday!
  11. Maybe that was my issue with not eating poultry as much as I would have liked. I didn’t take pictures of the menus. I just remember Britannia menus being really heavy on red meat. The meat was good though.
  12. We sailed both QM2 and Princess in the last 13 months. QM2 had more formal service and Princess more relaxed friendly service. Both were great just different styles. QM2 did not have chicken every night like Princess and since I eat very little red meat I was really missing my poultry by the end of 14 days. QM2 had hands down the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted (I’ve eaten a lot of fish and chips). They serve it in the golden lion pub. It puts Princess’ pub lunch to shame. I’m sailing QM2 for another 21 days summer 2020 and I will eat lunch every day in the golden lion pub. I think the food on both lines is just fine. I would not choose one or the other for the food.
  13. Hi cruise raider, I asked my Princess vacation planner about this. I booked my traditional end of semester Dec 2020 sailing on the sip and sail and a week or so later I saw the South American sailing with the total eclipse of the sun that overlaps it but leaves a week bf semester ends. I was really shocked when DH got on board with the SA sailing (it’s more $$$ for a smaller room but also S&S) on the Coral. When you consider the distance & expense we decided to leave after Thanksgiving to visit Chile beforehand and stay in Argentina afterwards for a bit making it a very long 3 or 4 week vacation. I can’t talk to my Dean about adjusting my fall 2020 schedule until this fall semester has started so my PVP told me to keep both bookings. He emphasized that it was no big deal at all. I raised all the points that others have about holding a cabin and he kept telling me it is just fine. He continued to say don’t worry about. So I’m not. You shouldn’t either. Clearly Princess doesn’t frown on this and it simply doesn’t matter if others on this board do. I hope all your plans come together and you get the group on board with you. I love sailing with friends/family. Hope to see you on board again someday!
  14. I looked under Cruise Deals and clicked the link there.
  15. I love this sale. Unfortunately my next short cruise is 2021 and this sale is not for cruises that far out. It’s great if you want to sail solo!
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