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  1. Nautilus was amazing! One of our best days ever! But it is a larger boat.
  2. Alrighty then! May also explain why the website thinks Singapore is in Canada! No words!
  3. We just did the circumnavigation of Japan and it was one of our favourite cruises. But don’t go that far and not spend at least another week or two seeing Japan! My cousin continued on to Vancouver and enjoyed it very much, though they did encounter a little rough weather.
  4. I like the Bonine because it seems to work well and then it is out of your system after 24 hours. I also buy the ginger gravol, and eat green apples and have sea bands. So far works for me.
  5. Because often they can be seen. What you want is your valuables to be hidden. And you don’t want something someone can grab around your neck!
  6. Alaska can be rough when you are outside the inside passage, otherwise it is great! IMO if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
  7. We have visited Kusadasi three times so have seen Ephesus, the terrace houses etc. We are trying to decide between Sirince and a visit to Miletus, Didyma and possibly Priene? Hal offers Miletus and Didyma for less cost than a private excursion that also includes Priene. As we have a lot of OBC we would prefer One of the ships tours, but don’t want to make a big mistake and leave out Priene. Thoughts?
  8. Not a bad idea, we carry a throwaway with no more than enough euros to buy a snack etc. That way our trip would not be ruined. It was pickpocketed from DH in Sicily but he grabbed the guy and got it back!
  9. I was horrified when standing behind a very loud woman who had been drinking during muster. The crew ignored her and made it impossible to hear. I said shh, and she hissed at me. The people behind me could not hear either. I still I didn’t understand why the crew said nothing. I loved it when the captain would order quiet on the decks and people listened.
  10. I wouldn’t do it, as storms can delay docking at that time of year. Rome airport needs three hours and the drive is an hour or so, Agree you need private transfer and luck that nothing goes amiss. I prefer to fly out early afternoon to allow for a buffer or spend a day in Rome and fly a day or two later.
  11. Thanks Mavip, I had gone directly to the hypogeum and it is all booked on their site, unless tour operators have prebooked?
  12. Yes a lot of non refundable that we had to make sure we used or I wouldn’t have bothered.. They refunded the prebooked tour cost.
  13. We have been twice to Taormina, vastly preferred the private tour where we visited the small town where Michael, Corleone was married in the Godfather. As well as Taormina. Can’t help with Valletta as we had friends show us around on the vintage buses. Just checked and the hypogeum is already completely booked when we visit in October! Arghh!
  14. We had this exact situation in April, we had a tour we really wanted so prebooked. We asked as soon as we got on board and they were able to credit it to our On-board account and rebook it. There was no penalty, but I don’t know if that is always the case. We had a really large amount of OBC so greatly appreciated that. At the end the remainder was refunded to our CC.
  15. Thanks everyone, we are heading to Meteora, been on the list for a long time and this overnight makes it doable as we have visited Athens many times. I always book things that are cancelation free if the ship can’t dock. Fingers crossed!
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