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  1. @lindaler Yikes! Glad you got settled ok.
  2. I would also consider total time in the air. Flying through London is probably shorter and if you are saving $400 per person, that’s what I would do. I like terminal five in Heathrow and find it quite straightforward.
  3. No comet yet, but we’ll keep looking! But this is what we saw the night before, the end of the first Calgary Stampede that didn’t happen due to Covid😭
  4. @kazu thanks! We are enjoying her and our other grand Dog! Our other fellow, in my avatar photo lived until almost 17.
  5. That’s her second kennel, lol! I don’t think our son realized how quickly they grow! Yes, she’s a little imp!
  6. If you are ever in that situation, I usually insist they call auto Europe. They will act on your behalf. It is nice to have Someone in your corner. We’ve used them for well over twenty years. They also offer basic rentals or ones with full insurance, unless you are somewhere like Italy where full insurance is mandatory.
  7. There have been such few cruises visits to Turkey the last few years and Istanbul has just begun showing up on some itineraries next year. Such a fantastic city but lots of concerns. The cruise lines will monitor closely I am sure.
  8. Good idea to take photos of the car. Also check inside trunk. Some countries recommend the international driving license, some like Italy and Greece require it. Auto Europe actually notes the requirements on their vouchers. Another reason to use Autoeurope, when the attendant puts gas in your diesel vehicle they come and pick it up without charge and you get a new vehicle😫 We too have found the rates can and do change, sometimes substantially. We always check a few times even a few days before we leave. Also a great idea to have a letter from your insurance or credit card in your name stating coverage. We got caught by that once in Germany.
  9. A sunset photo last night while we were looking for the comet. I see very few sunrises😄
  10. Wow, Denise, the smoke is so very apparent, so sad. Roy, love your early trips too. Saskatoon was the first stop on my train journey as a young girl to Montreal Expo. I need to go back for a visit. Glad Allen is doing ok, stay safe!
  11. Thanks everyone! Love puppies! @StLouisCruisers I think they do grow into those ears 😂 i love how they become floppy when teething!
  12. @Vict0riann Beautiful! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos! Ljubljana and Lake Bled are high on the list! We only had a half day so only made it along the coast to Piran. If things improve maybe next year we will get a chance!
  13. X So lucky to have a cardinal! We get blue jays but no cardinals. victoriann, I am wondering if you were on the Koningsdam just after us, our stop in Slovenia was so short we didn’t make it to Ljubljana, it looks stunning!
  14. My favourite peony finally bloomed! Love all the photos! Here’s our son’s new pup! We spent several days in Bordeaux a few years ago at a wine agents house. It was certainly eye opening and if he sent us to a restaurant they certainly found us a table. 😄
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