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  1. Ages ago we visited Puerto Banus, the King and Queen of Spain were on board a yacht there, that was a twin to Onassis Christina. David Niven had a Chinese junk moored there as well. It was interesting.
  2. Good morning and thanks all! @kazu yikes, hope Jose’s nephew improves quickly. Saw the report on that medication on the news. @ger_77 that’s too cold, we’re minus 15 and that’s my limit! @cat shepard our houses are built for that cold in Canada, but you know it’s too cold when your canned goods in a cupboard start to feel like they’re in a fridge. But really it’s no different than extreme heat, you go out of your heated house , into your prewarmed car. It’s only when the steering wheel snaps off......
  3. We have European friends that did a week long cruise in Greece this past fall. They had to test prior to flights to Greece, but enjoyed their cruise safely. You may not be aware of them, but there were posts on Mein Schiff 6, a beautiful ship I would love to sail on.
  4. The thing is there HAS been cruising in even 2020 in Europe. So no doubt will be in 2021. But maybe not lines for North Americans.
  5. Gorgeous! Glad someone has it who loves it! So much work! I am on an antique site, and am always saddened by the treasures that no one wants or appreciates anymore.
  6. Good morning and thanks all! I like Rich’s drink recipe! and pie! My grandmother made excellent pie, famous for her pineapple pie, my aunt and son inherited that gene. I can do ok, but find it such a process making the pastry. Love a good apple, or strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, fresh raw glazed blueberry.... anything except pumpkin. @cat shepardthat lemon pie sounds amazing! Ok, enough calories! I always wanted to try quilting, my grandmother belonged to a quilting circle, And she crocheted. So far sewing and embroidery are about it for me. My mother made me exqu
  7. Agree with cruisemom, We loved the Koningsdam, and IMO to sail on a new ship vs an older one with more people makes it an easy choice. We have enjoyed both lines, but prefer HAL and contrary to what most believe found a far older crowd on Princess in the Caribbean. We also love the Tamarind restaurant on the Pinnacle class ships. They are beautiful ships!
  8. As none of us has a crystal ball, things could unfold in many ways. We have deposits on two cruises, one from precovid. But as always refundable, so we are covered either way. It still is nice to hope and dream. But wait and see how things are.
  9. You’re most welcome, yes the first two photos are of the castle we stayed at, we were in the granary. We’ve stayed there twice as it has a great location for touring and is near some of our favourite restaurants💕
  10. Great question! Circumnavigation of Japan during cherry blossom time Mediterranean as long as possible! with Istanbul, we have done several back to backs, so 20/23/24 days Baltic with Oslo or within Berlin Norwegian fjords on the Rotterdam out of Rotterdam Partial transit of Panama Canal I am sure that French Polynesia would have been on the list had it not been cancelled!
  11. Good morning and thanks all! @kazusorry to heard about your BIL’s mother! Hope you hear soon about Marley, waiting is so hard. Yes, to the hot peppers and sauce for DH! Not sure about that sangria or wine! Glad to hear about the need for preflight Covid testing, here and in the US. Not sure why the airlines were objecting to it, in my mind I would feel safer flying that way! Hope the vaccine rollout gets going more smoothly! @cruisemom42 a few Tuscany photos
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