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  1. Argostoli is on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Lots to see and do. It’s where Captain Cornelli’s Mandolin with Nicholas Cage was set and filmed. In Corfu, highly recommend the boat trip on Nautilus. One of our best excursions ever!
  2. Thanks for all the help! Would you suggest using Circumvesuviana train to start off in Pompeii and then do Oplontis on the return? Or would the bus be quicker to get there? Not sure but I think I read something about a bus that goes from near the port to Pompeii? I saw the sightseeing bus but it has set times so won’t work for us to return. And then train back. Thanks again.
  3. We ate at Sorbillos a few years ago, was good but we like the old school at Antica Michelle.
  4. Many thanks! Was hoping you both might respond. Leaning towards Villa Oplontis and revisiting Pompeii. We ran out of time when we stayed near Sorrento last time, just did Herculaneum and Amalfi. I will check about the newly opened houses. The villas at Stabiae look a little harder logistically. Then I might have time for pizza and a pastry in Napoli. Maybe leave Baiae and area for another time. Love great Italian restaurants. Naples is just so rich in things to see and do.
  5. We have spent some time in the Naples and Sorrento area before and are looking at something different. It appears Villa Oplontis would be easy to visit from Naples. wondering about the Stabaie villas near Castellmare. They sound difficult to find. Wondering if we should try or go somewhere different like Baiae or back to Pompeii as it has been years since our last visit. Thanks!
  6. Wow! Love the third one! My husband uses up all my luck winning football tickets, in my name...... , I hate football!
  7. Interesting about the schedule change. Our last one had one after final payment and nothing was done, even though it caused big changes for excursions. On our next cruise there have been two port changes with nothing. Only time we received anything was when everything changed except embarkation and debarkation ports. Wondering what others have Found?
  8. I’ve found over time it Is best to book early with some perks. I have been able to reface if price drops. Watching after final payment, some times the price drops further but without perks like free grats. So I prefer to plan ahead, pick a great cabin and watch the fares. Best of all worlds. And lately a lot of prices have increased vastly to the point that after final payment they are the same as I got earlier but without any perks. Of course on less popular cruises anything is possible, but this years Japan circumnavigation only went up.
  9. Oh the Banff Springs, sigh! Love that hotel. Had our honeymoon there and celebrated a few anniversaries too. The most memorable was when a pine marten got in the hotel some how and scared our granddaughters, they called it the terrible kitty cat.
  10. We really enjoyed it too earlier this year. Did they also bring on the amazing women’s drum group?
  11. I’m going to suggest you spend a night or even two in Lugano or on one of the Italian lakes near Milan. They are spectacular and will help you dump your jet lag. We have spent several days in that beautiful area and vastly prefer it to the overcrowded Cinque Terre. Sermione, is well worth a visit. For Switzerland, we did the reverse and drove from near Neufchâtel where we based ourselves returning to Italy and stayed overnight in Lugano. It can be very congested around Milano. We loved Interlaken, visiting the Jungfrau and also spend time at Gimmelwald.
  12. We did the Japan Cruise in April and combined it with a few weeks on our own, it was amazing. We would go back in a heart beat. Miaminice did a thread with lots of photos, some of mine are on there too. We are off to Europe and a long med cruise. Can hardly wait!
  13. Oh dear, I am a bit of a shoe addict, will checkout the take mes and Gabors where do you buy them?
  14. Thanks Host Bonjour! I think it will be great, this topic seems to come up from time to time and it will be great to have one stop Shopping! We are leaving in a week or I would volunteer to start it! 😄. Currently binge watching new line of duty before we leave , now I’ve added a few others to my list!
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