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  1. I. posted this on the roll call for our October TA embarking in Civitavecchia and thought it best to give everyone a heads-up here. This morning my flight tracking app notified me my flight from IAD to FCO could not be found. We were scheduled to fly BTV - IAD - FCO. Upon checking the United website, I found my original flights cancelled with just a flight from BTV to EWR showing...no flight to Rome. I called Viking who assisted me in rebooking...now through JFK nonstop to Rome on Delta. In the process I learned there are now very few nonstops from the northeast to Rome. I suggest it might be a good time to confirm your flight itinerary is still intact...
  2. We were unaware MDR menus were available for room service for any meal. After 50+ Princess cruises this was our first on Celebrity. We'll be sure to ask on our next Celebrity cruise.
  3. Thank you... That would have been nice to know on our February cruise on the Silhouette. We ordered dinner from room service early in the cruise and it was so bad we never ordered again. We're on the Edge in September 🤞 and will give it a try...
  4. Is ordering off the MDR menu an option for those in Sky suites?
  5. Your TA should be able to have that reduced to a more reasonable lead time. When I booked a September 2021 cruise directly with Viking the final payment date was July 21 of this year. When my TA took over the booking she was able to have that date changed to February 19, 2021.
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  8. What about the thudding? Did that not occur again?
  9. We love Pancho's Backyard! It's our goto place for lunch whenever we're in Cozumel.
  10. They do, but it's not best practice to use them. USB ports available just about everywhere offer unscrupulous characters an easy method for installing spyware on attached devices. Best to use your own charging block and cable to charge your device.
  11. When you do your own laundry you can be sure garments won't be lost or returned with tiny holes. The Sky's laundry lost one of my DW's shirts and one of my shirts was returned with a hole. Garments returned with holes is a known Princess laundry issue. It's bad enough losing a garment, but the accompanying hassle to get reimbursed is over the top. It took about 2½ months to get reimbursed. By the way, Princess and many other cruise lines no longer offer true dry cleaning due to reduction of chemicals onboard.
  12. Julius took very good care of us on the TA. Excellent waiter...
  13. Very nice, Bob...enjoy. Welcome to the club. I'll have to show you the secret handshake next time I see you...
  14. I purchased a Tag Link in 2008 at Little Switzerland in St Thomas that I still wear everyday. It's still an active model that now sells for about twice what I paid. If you decide to buy, be sure it carries a USA warranty.
  15. Thank you @dwlmg. I appreciate the link...
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