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  1. Thank you very much for your insight, Steve. I've bookmarked your website and will check it out next time I'm shopping for travel insurance.
  2. Right now I have no pre-existing conditions that would cause me to cancel or interrupt a trip, but if I did Chase would not pay because pre-existing conditions are excited. If we remove pre-existing conditions from consideration, what do I need to know about combining the two coverages?
  3. Cancel for any reason is not important to me. Pre-existing medical condition could be important as I get older.
  4. Hi Steve, I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card which provides my wife and myself a total of $20,000 of coverage for travel charged to the card. How would that coverage dovetail with regular travel insurance if the entire trip were to cost, for instance, $30,000? Simply purchasing $10,000 of regular travel insurance seems too simplistic. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you...
  5. No, leave your passport in your cabin safe unless you are specifically told to carry it on your person while in port. If it's lost or stolen you'll be in for a major hassle. If an official absolutely needs to see it, it can be easily retreived from your safe. We bring our drivers licenses and a color photocopy of our passports when off the ship.
  6. I believe the captain was referring to the Sky's port call on Sunday, October 27th. We, like you, hope it she also ports there on November 17th.
  7. Thank you Kent and Pam... The Sky is a Royal Class ship, so will have about 3600 onboard. The capacity is much larger than VO ships. We have sailed on the Royal and Regal Princess extensively and really enjoy everything they have to offer. Yes, they can feel a bit crowded at times, but they're well designed so we don't notice it too much.
  8. Hi Kent and Pam... Thank you for providing the timeframe for when you noticed the October 2020 TA on the Sky availability...very helpful. I also plan to check weekly. As for west to east TAs... Although we love TAs, we've limited ours to east to west for two very important reasons: The 27-day Rome to Miami TA is very port intensive on the front end...as are most TAs. The multiple sea days after Libson and then the Azores are soooo very relaxing and rejuvenating. Not so on a west to east TA where the sea days come first and ports of call come at the end. Gaining six hours over the length of the TA portion is most welcome...again, not so on a west to east TA where six hours are lost. Whichever direction you sail, being on the sea is the best!! You'll enjoy either...
  9. It's true, most cruisers are not even aware of Cruise Critic let alone participate in its roll cals. However, we're flying to Rome in about 10 days in advance of the Sky Princess 28-day inaugural TA...as of this morning there are 7400+ posts on its roll call. Thank you... There's some useful information there.
  10. I'm thinking you're correct... I notice the roll call for the Rome to Lisbon segment of our TA in 2020 was started in February of this year, so it looks like it will be early in the next year at the earliest. I'll just have to keep checking...
  11. This isn't the correct place to start a roll call. For the correct location, click here: Viking Jupiter Roll Calls Do a search for your roll call there before you start a new one....
  12. One can find negatives in just about everything... I can tell you in 170+ cruising days around Europe, when touring privately more than 90% with private providers, we have never experienced a breakdown or someone not paying their fair share if they could not make the tour for some reason. I wish I could say the same for some of the ship sponsored tours we have taken...a two-hour delay when a bus broke down in the mountains outside Ponta Delgada and having to wait an hour and forty minutes on the bus in Amsterdam because some fellow travelers didn't feel the meeting time applied to them. Sometimes ship's tours work best, but we have found private tours with reputable companies are best for us most of the time. Touring with a group of eight and customizing the tour to our liking is a huge plus for us.
  13. We've booked our first VO cruise...a fall 2020 TA Rome to Miami. When can we expect Viking to make 2021 Med to USA TAs available for booking? Thank you for any insight experienced VO veterans are able to provide...
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