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  1. I had an issue like yours with a RT Air Transat flight to London from Montreal. The airline cancelled the flight and offered only vouchers for a future flight. I contacted my credit card company, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and they credited the charge within 24 hours. The credit just recently became finalized after two billing cycles. Incidentally, I ran my issue by Peter Greenberg, the travel writer. As an aside he mentioned that Canadian airlines are governed by US law when their flight itinerary includes stops in the US.
  2. I understand you being anxious for an announcement by Viking; however, I don't believe you need to wait before booking a replacement cruise. We booked a September 2021 Med itinerary back in April in the event this year's October 6th TA is cancelled. When our expected 125% voucher 🤞becomes available, we'll just apply that to next year's cruise.
  3. We usually cruise for 30 days in the Caribbean during January and February. We're now actively researching resorts for a land-based stay.
  4. To answer your question, there are many itineraries shown on Kayak with long layovers...mostly in CLT. You could probably book one of those with Viking. Having said that, we would never arrive the day of debarkation. There are just too many things that can happen...most of which are not good. Why not consider taking a later flight out of CLE a day or two before embarkation? You'll have time to recuperate and be assured you'll be where you need to be on embarkation day.
  5. For those times when you need to refer to your phone for directions, you might want to checkout the free HERE WeGo app. I've used it for walking directions all over Europe with excellent results. With HERE WeGo you download the maps you need, set Use app offline, put the phone in Airplane Mode, and you're good to go. To experiment...download a map of your current location and give it a try. For Rome directions to work, you need to be there. One nice feature...you can save sites of interest in the web app on a computer and they'll sync over to the app on your phone. Very convenient not having to search for locations when you're using the app while traveling.
  6. Google Maps allows downloading of map data before you leave home so cellular data does not need to be active. Put the phone in Airplane Mode with GPS ON to use Google Maps.
  7. If you're arriving at FCO late Sunday, you might want to consider staying near the airport then taking a limo directly to the cruise port in Civitavecchia the following day.
  8. I have absolutely no idea what inaccuracy you're referring to. Please enlighten me...
  9. I am well aware of that! Perhaps you should inform USA Today...it's their article! There are many people who read this forum who do not have a Princess cruise booked before December 15th or are not on the Princess mailing list. I found it interesting that the CLIA membership took this action. I thought others might be interested also.
  10. Interesting... In checking the CLIA member list, I can't think of another cruise line that is not a member. Viking cancelled their September cruises around July 7th, so I'm thinking we should know about October very soon. We've pretty much decided to cancel if Viking doesn't. Very sad...we booked this cruise on August 28, 2019 and have been so looking forward to sailing.
  11. Not unexpected... Exclusive: Cruise industry extends sailing suspension past CDC 'no-sail' order, until Oct. 31
  12. Not unexpected... Exclusive: Cruise industry extends sailing suspension past CDC 'no-sail' order, until Oct. 31
  13. Thank you, @Wine-O and @wrk2cruise, very much for your responses. That's good news. On Princess we need to be sailing in a full suite to order from the MDR menu...
  14. Can anyone confirm Sky Suite cruisers can order from the MDR or any other restaurant menu? This would be in addition to the regular room service menu. If so, will our butler provide daily menus? On the Silhouette in February, we ordered breakfast a number of times from the room service menu and found it to be quite good. However, dinner once from the room service menu had to be the worst meal we have ever had to endure at sea.
  15. With our group of nine on the Silhouette one person went to the podium in the MDR on embarkation afternoon with a list of names and cabin numbers. She requested a time and was accommodated. We always notified waitstaff and the podium staff when we had alternate dining arrangements for the following evening.
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