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  1. I also loved this review and looked forward to all the information. It can never be too much for me! We are on board Oct. 17th and you have made me very excited. I've already planned my meals and booked our day in Cozumel at the Del Mar for the coconut shrimp and several Vlads 🤠
  2. Thanks because I use a lot of magnets. I also have "drinking" magnets for my front door. 🍷🍹
  3. I would also like to know if the cowboy boots are for a party. We love country music & dancing & travel from Florida to Galveston for B2B2B every year just for the music🤠. Also does anyone know if the walls in the staterooms on Divina are steel like on RCCL. I use a lot of magnets to hang hats & wet bathing suits.
  4. We also have hidden ducks on cruise ships & their use to be a web site you could check to see if anyone found your duck & usually a pic of the kids. Nice thing to do. I know my young g-kids love finding them. We need more kindness in this crazy world.
  5. I so enjoy your comments as I often THINK these things but am afraid people will find me a grouchy, old lady! Mr. Clean sounded like he is pat of the "all about me" generation & I'm sure I would have had enough mules to remind him he isn't a window! Tell Steve thanks for letting us see the pics of food.
  6. Thanks for all the info. We are doing a 7 day on Oct. 17th & have never been on MSC before. I really enjoy your pictures & your sense of humor. We have been vaxxed & just got off Mariner of the Seas last week. It also had separate areas for the theater & ice show so you didn't have to wear a mask the whole time. We were 33% full & were told CDC only allows 35% until Jan. then MAY approve 50%. Nice time to cruise if you have mobility issues.
  7. Forgot to ask----how are they doing muster drill? Like Royal with an app or do we have to stand on deck?
  8. Thanks for the info. We we're sailing her in 3 weeks. Please keep us posted on where we need mask (I hope only inside), does the staff serve you at the buffet & how crowded is the ship (35%)?
  9. We have been there in Jan & Feb & found the water in the big pool way to cold to swim. Most people sat on the edge & soaked their feet. We were just there last week & found the water wonderful & refreshing.
  10. Do children under 12 have to wear a mask every where? Also are they allowed to use climbing wall, ice skating, and eat in the dining room?
  11. My TA said that the ports are due to open July 1, which gives them more than a full month before we visit. I know Halifax & Sydney are part of Canada but because they are Nova Scotia do they have their own government so they can make their own rules, like Florida? Just asking.
  12. We live in Florida (near Disney) & our Governor has pretty much opened up the State. People or wearing masks. social distance & enjoying the sun shine. This is our 4th week with people back to work & so far no raise in COVID. Disney is opening in July (our son -in- law works for HR-Disney & has all the facts) & they have started calling back the employees for 2 weeks of training. Opening Disney is like having Super Bowl every day with the crowds. No parades, no fireworks, no "face" character meet & greets but rides will be open & guest will wear mask but they have "relaxation areas" where you can take your masks off. Disney Springs (shopping area) has been open for over 2 weeks with no problems. My husband & I are both 70 but healthy & we have been out for 3 weeks socializing. We are booked on Celebrity Summit for a B2B to Dublin on Aug. 2 from Bayonne. We have just made our final payment & our TA feels like this cruise will happen. Canada & Iceland are the big ports & they had very little COVID & the ports are due to open for cruise ships in early June. He says they have always been open for freight shipping. RCCL cancelled 3 of our cruises in March & it took us 60 days to get the FCC but the refunds to the credit card for the Taxes & Port fees came in about 50 days. We feel lucky to live in Florida with a Governor willing us to make our own decisions about how we want to live our lives. All of our friends (older folks) seem to be using safe judgement depending on their health. We sure feel sorry for all the people dealing with COVID & riots. Safe travels 🙂
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