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  1. Hello! We are cruising to Alaska next week and looking for budget & kid friendly (boys ages 12 & 9) activity ideas while in the ports of Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway. They love animal sightings and would really enjoy seeing a glacier up close as well as panning for gold. Due to employment issues we are on a much tighter budget this cruise than we’d originally planned and must keep our spending as low as possible, but still want to provide our kids with memorable experiences as this really is a once in a lifetime trip for us. Any suggestions or advise would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. Awesome review so far! We are Carnival cruisers headed for our first RCI on the Oasis in January. I'm really enjoying your review so far! Your pictures are great!!
  3. Check out the obstructed OV rooms on deck 3. They are not much more than an interior and much more space!
  4. sandkps

    Pre-purchased internet

    Internet not needed for Hub. If you want to use the on board chat feature for Hub you will have to pay the $5/device for that, but still no internet needed.
  5. sandkps

    Maybe some answers here

    We just did Carnival's Unimog excursion and my boys (almost 9 & 12) loved it. Great tour of island, nice visit to a small farm, beautiful view of a Blue Hole, bumpy & fun off roading, and a great lunch at a beautiful beach. Not to mention the fantastic and entertaining tour guides, Lia & Avery. We all had a great time!
  6. Great point about his brother being TWO groups down, I hadn’t thought about that. On previous cruises the 6-8 & 9-11 get dropped off at the same place and do a lot of things together especially night owls, so I’d forgotten they really are 2 age groups apart now. It will be his choice, I just want him to enjoy himself!
  7. It has good reviews on CCLs website, but looking for opinions from CC. It will be DH & I plus our 2 boys, ages 12 & 8. Thanks!
  8. My son is a lot like that, once he tries something he usually ends up enjoying it, but it's the getting him to try it part that's difficult. In the middle school group it's less structured and the kids come and go as they please, so that's where the problem lies. He won't initiate conversations with people he doesn't know and if he gets uncomfortable he'll just leave and go to the cabin rather than sticking it out and giving it time for him to warm up. He'a used to using his outgoing little brother as the bridge between new him and new people. The little one breaks the ice and starts the conversations and then eventually my older one will join in. LOL Obviously, I know he needs to get over this and start branching out more on his own, it's just tough to convince HIM of that!
  9. We've been on the Sunshine 3 times and the Steakhouse always has 1 night that is more casual than the others (we ask specifically for that night when we book). My husband has always worn nice shorts and a polo on that night and we've never had an issue.
  10. My boys are 8 and just recently turned 12. My 8 year old is the super outgoing one that will make friends with anyone that will listen to him. Our older son is the complete opposite. He is very shy and will not initiate conversation with anyone that he doesn't know. Our older son is very upset that he can't go to kids club with his younger brother anymore and refuses to try out Circle C. We have 2 weeks and I'm going to continue trying to encourage him, but I have a feeling he will be sitting in the cabin by himself watching TV when his brother goes to Kids Club rather than going to Circle C alone. All that to say, what are the chances I could get kids club to bend the rules a tad and allow him to come in, especially in the evenings for the Night Owls parties? He's less than 3 months too old. Or would it be a waste of time even asking?
  11. We've been many times, usually just walk around port for a bit or stay on the ship. This time we're doing a short Bahamas sailing and only going to Freeport & Nassau so we're looking to maximize our 2 port days and find something fun to do with our family of 4 (me & DH, 2 kids ages 12 & 8). We don't want to do anything too active (like long walks, kayaking, river tubing). My kids enjoy shore snorkeling, but I can't find anywhere for snorkeling that has decent reviews. We were also looking at the Jeep Safari, but that has bad reviews too. Is there anything worth doing, or should we just cut our losses and stay on board?
  12. We're leaving on a 5 night sailing Oct 30. We'll have 2 sea days & 2 port days, with the first sea day being Halloween. I know this first Sea Day is typically formal night, will it be changed due to Halloween?
  13. On a 5 night sailing, does anyone know which night is casual night in the steakhouse?
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    Cozumel weather in January?

    Has anyone been there in January? We’ll be in Cozumel Jan 12 and want to do snorkeling and dolphins, but worry the waters may be too cold (for me - kids will swim in anything! Haha).
  15. That's what I was hoping. Thanks!