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  1. We always bring 2 small electric fans in our checked luggage. One is a 4-6 inch cloth blade fan and the other is a clip-on 4x12 inch box type fan. Never had an issue. We only use them when we are in the room.
  2. I purchased a bottle of Bacardi Gold when we first booked our Feb cruise. It was $46.50. After reading this thread, I went to check the price now, and I guess I got the lastbottle because it is no longer listed. The Bacardi White is listed at $69. though. I will hope that the bottle is in the room when we embark and I will darken my drinks with the Pepsi Zero I carry onboard. (or diet Coke when I run out of Pepsi). The other bottle prices do seem to be much higher than I have seen them in the past.
  3. Congrats. I feel your pain on the table max issue. My 1st (and only) 5 card Royal was on the Grandeur 3-card table on the 6-card bet. It was 1-2 months before they changed the table max from $5k to $40k. I am still trying to get another one. I have seen a few 5 card straight flushes though.
  4. I believe that the points are posted at the end of your cruise. I am also cruising at the end of March and disembarking in April. I also did this last year, but somehow was put in the master tier for this term. I doubt that I had 100000 pts, but was pleasantly surprised. This term, I know I have acquired enough points for signature, but I will need a lot of points on our January cruise to get anywhere close to 100000 pts. I doubt it will happen, but they may be generous if you are close. We will see. Perhaps we can approach our casino host on the March cruises and see if they can do a partial posting on the 31st.
  5. Thanks mspect. I just cancelled/rebooked on 3 of 4 of our booked cruises for this soda pkg. Dec 8 Harmony, Grandeur in Jan and Mar. Since there are 3 of us, the savings were significant.
  6. My wife always has the soda pkg and orders club soda at dinner for no charge. She usually uses the freestyle machine for seltzers.
  7. Our traditional times at the MDR for our Dec 1 & 8 Harmony cruises are listed as 5pm on both.
  8. On Allure for Halloween. Many doors were decorated. My wife was using a pumpkin 2 doors down from our room to find our room (no. she does not drink alcohol). My son and I joked about moving the pumpkin to a door on one side or the other to see if she tried the wrong room, but we were discouraged by the racket/yelling from the room next door to us. We did not want her to meet that "family".😬
  9. My experience has been that , on a 7-day RC cruise, I earn 800-1000 pts on slots and 7000-10000 pts on tables. I usually play slots only when the tables are full or closed. I am currently in master tier (although I am pretty sure I did not make 100000 pts in the last earning period). My points currently for the current period are ~47000 with 4 more cruises planned. I do not expect to reach the 100k this period either, but I will be signature at least. The benefits of the master tier were a free grand suite , drinks in the casino, and 2-device internet access. I am a fan of gambling, and a cruise allows for having a few drinks and not needing to drive home. I enjoy the crew on Royal ships, the entertainment, most of the dining offerings and there is always something going on to enjoy.
  10. We just got a RoyalUp this morning also for our Grandeur otS Jan 2020 cruise. We are in the Ocean View Suite (No Balcony). the min offers pp are: OS $700 GS-2br $600 GS-1br $500 The 3 of us are in the room we're in on a Casino JS comp that had no JS available. The room, 8000, although no balcony, sounds very large and sleeps either 6 or 8 depending on the data source. We do not plan on making a RoyalUp offer and hope to enjoy a new stateroom on the Grandeur while she is still in the Royal fleet.
  11. We got the same notice for the Allure on this cruise. We did have it happen on a different cruise earlier this year. The only thing we noticed then was there was less of a wait for the cabin to be available due to the boarding delay.
  12. Thanks, ShakyBeef. I had not seen that old thread. I may, however, spoke with the folks giving out the 'bad' info about suite 8000 on GotS. It sounds like we will have a lot of space for the 3 of us.
  13. We have a Jan 2020 cruise booked on GotS in 8000, The RCL gentleman who we booked it with claimed it sleeps 8 and was a suite with no balcony. I have seen lots of sites (several RCL ones) that describe it as a Owners suite; a sleeps 6, 2 bedroom, 2 bath; others. I believe that the data on the web for room descriptions is , sometimes, created by the IT folks. In our case, as long it sleeps 3, we are good.👨‍👩‍👦
  14. They claim that it will appear 1-2 weeks prior to sailing. In our experience, if it has not appeared at 2 weeks prior, I have called them and it appeared within 24 hours of my call. (I have done it 3 or 4 times recently)
  15. I have used cc OBC both as individual and shared and have always had no issues. I travel with my wife and son and all 3 of us are linked to my cc for payment, so it doesn't really matter. The credit shows as available until it is used. Any purchases that my wife or son make get transferred to my account because of the link to my cc.
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