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  1. Pete Townshend of The Who had a solo album called Psychoderelict. It was another of his Rock Opera albums centered on the character Ray High. BTW, Ray High was modeled after himself. Psychoderelict was In My Very Humble Opinion, one of his best works.
  2. We've sailed Princess once and Celebrity 7 times. Princess was our 2nd or 3rd cruise. But we found them to be neck & neck with Celebrity. We sail the Sky Princess on her Transatlantic from Copenhagen to NYC in September.
  3. We've sailed Celebrity, Princess & NCL. No matter what the ship name is. Princess is much better than NCL. In My Very Humble Opinion. of the 3 lines, NCL has a firm grip on 3rd place.
  4. we are booked for Sky Princess D730 for the Transatlantic in September. I wonder if the direction of the wind vs sailing direction plays a part in Soot / No Soot game?
  5. We had an S3... cabin 9204. No issues at all with the MC. Very large balcony. Would book it again in a heart beat. there are several YouTube cabin reviews for it (9204). We had the 4th normal sailing last January. I didn't know we could ask for a lounger.
  6. not sure but it should be soon. It sails Fall 2021.... maybe a news black out until the Apex is in service??
  7. The first cut has been made for the Celebrity Beyond. https://www.traveldailymedia.com/celebrity-cruises-cuts-steel-on-third-edge-class-ship/
  8. We had 9204, aft cabin inside of the rails. No problem at all. large balcony with a large window on aft wall between rail & cabin that looked down the side of the ship. Didn't like the "sit up straight" deck chairs with the low back tho.
  9. true... but its larger than a normal swing... Did RCL have a bad news day?
  10. I just checked RCL stock price.. Down $5.06 or 3.75% so far today. What is going on?
  11. Yes right after the refurb... It was our first time ever on a Mill Class ship. We've done 4 Solstice class and the Edge.
  12. We mostly sail Celebrity. Only once on (Caribbean) Princess. We are booked on the Sky for the Sept 4 TA from Copenhagen to NYC. We've been on the Summit last Spring. The Summit is a bit dated even tho it was just referb'd. My overall impression between Celebrity & Princess is that they are equal. The only other line we sailed was NCL, twice. In my very humble opinion. NCL has a firm grip on 3rd place.
  13. Doesn't the Apex have more Solo Verandas?
  14. Oh yes!.... The Magic Bus..... I guess it turned out to be... "Too much, the Magic Bus".
  15. Why are you so upset? I'm aware of many multi-bedroom suites. I've never seen one where both rooms are made to equal standards. most have a larger room with a smaller room. My suggestion was for a suite where both bedrooms are equal to each other. That way 2 couple could split the cost and one doesn't have to settle for the smaller room. But It seems like you just are looking to be hostile.
  16. Many other lines are going to LNG powered ships. Is there one being designed for Celebrity? Could the 3rd Edge be a LNG ship? We hear it will be "different".
  17. We sailed on the Edge in January. Our 1st time in a suite.. We had a Sky Suite S3, "between the Rails" veranda. Very large veranda yet it only had 2 low back chairs. Why not loungers? Not even high back chairs. Just those "sit at attention" chairs. For a relaxing vacation we shouldn't have "you better sit up straight" chairs.
  18. Do you foresee having ships with 2 bedroom suite where both bedrooms & baths are equal? One designed to attract 2 couples that want to share a sitting area? All we see now for 2 bedroom suites are ones with the "Parents" room and a lesser for the "kids".
  19. Prices are starting to come down. We loved the ship and booked the 2nd day they went on sale. Before the fares skyrocketed.
  20. Any official word as to when a Edge class ship will Summer in Alaska? I will settle for unofficial word too.
  21. We found that some of the jogging track consumes all of the normal walking area in some spots. They should make those sections wider. Maybe make the jogging track stay on just one deck.
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