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  1. The quote needs one more line - 'and in the most inaccessible location possible'. I know, I have plenty of experience. 🥴
  2. I couldn't get in at all [under my name] 'Log in' did absolutely nothing. I tried the 2 browsers I have CC on and the same result. And now I'm here! 😄
  3. Best Best wishes on your recovery.
  4. Because- according to the rest of my comment - it just gave them an excuse to make a too big - oversized ship. And until this pandemic - they still were/are. RCI can do whatever they like, just don't put HAL in that same class of ship. I go for the destination - not to go to a floating amusement park - that is included in my fare - and I get no use out of.
  5. I love the size of the Vistas and have done most of my HAL cruises on them - Signatures are okay, but prefer the Vista population size more.
  6. And unfortunately RCI took this concept and put it out there. I will never cruise on a ship that big. I grew up in a town of 3500, I can't imagine have the whole town on the ship with me [plus some of their close relatives[ to make the 5000+ they seem to prefer. 😄
  7. Don't book a room near the atrium, the sound bleeds in terribly. Between the constant announcements and the atrium events, it seemed like my room was never quiet. That's why I like HAL. But I'm glad they are the choice for others.
  8. No, not by any stretch. I always try to pair it with another and will usually look for 14-16 day itinerates. 10 day is my usual minimum. It's not the travel to get there either. It's only a very comfortable 1/2 day train ride to Ft Lauderdale. I hate packing and unpacking. 😄 I hope I can get back on a ship when they start again. We'll see.
  9. I resigned myself, a couple of months ago, that I'd probably taken my last cruise ship. With my mobility, health and age, I don't expect to get approved for future trips. Now I have to buy a new roof, so no extra 'fun money' anyway. I can always go back to just my trains and excursion type boats [I hate the 'cattle call' flying has turned into.] and be satisfied. If sometime in the future, I can go cruising again, - I will consider it a bonus. I packed a lot of cruises into 4 plus years and enjoyed every class of ship HAL had to offer. Got to almost all the places I really wanted to see. And met a lot of nice people. 😄 There will still be sailaways [hopefully] and this Daily to look forward to - unless we burn Rich out from posting everyday. Thanks, Rich.
  10. I read everyday but only post sparingly. Most of the people I know on here, are from the 'sailaway threads, - that are sadly suspended for who knows how long. So along with missing the cruising - I miss the departure parades.
  11. Glad to your good results. That ought to give you a few years until your next prep comes around. Take care.
  12. Happy Canada Day to all the posters living and/or from north of the border. 🙂
  13. Lots of Bald Eagles within a short distance - we have 3 good-sized fresh water lakes surrounding the area - they are great fishing birds - but sometimes thieves, too.
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