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  1. I have been on two of these before. They were Monopoly themed. They give you a tournament time and then they post the results later in the day. They eliminate people each day and announce the winner towards the end of the cruise. They also give away little gifts like tshirts and stuff. The casino is very crowded. I only made it to the second round. They award the 100k to one person, the rest of the 150k is split between the top group. I feel like it was around top 70, not sure.
  2. I just got off a Prestige Cruise on Princess. The casino was busy. The raffle and events were at 1130 at night, which was too late for me. The commemorative gift was some spices and cutting board. The best perk was the transportation to and from cruise. It came with a spa credit, but it wasn't enough to cover a massage, so that was a joke. So far my favorite offer I got was the 100k slot tournament. I didn't go to this year because I had this Mediterranean cruise booked and I don't particularly like Mexican Riviera.
  3. I tried something similar to this from Carnival and Celebrity and now get free cabin offers.
  4. I have a Prestige Cruise booked in two weeks. It's my first one. They contacted me this week to set up a car service for embarkation and disembarkation day. I'm hoping it will be a nice experience. I have been on a VIP Cruise before, all of the gifts they gave me ended up in the garbage prior to leaving the ship. They had a slot tournament. It was crowded in the casino and not the best experience. I'm hoping the Prestige will be better.
  5. Google "Princess Affiliates" enter in either "Station" or "Stations" and then it will ask you for your card number.
  6. Has anyone been on a Prestige Casino Cruise through Princess? Is it similar to the Ultimate VIP Cruise?
  7. I'm so thankful for this chain. I was worried about my mashed up name (firstmiddlems last) on the United website. I called both United and Princess and they said it was fine, just check in in person, but I still doubted. Cruise is in August. I'm glad to hear that others didn't face any problems.
  8. I'm actually having the same issue now after I booked my last Prestige cruise. They are no longer sending me emails with offers even though I see them in my account.
  9. Try this number 480-674-1989. This is the number that I called to fix the issue.
  10. They were dismissive when I was trying to explain that they applied it to the wrong offer. I explained to them that I can visually see their mistake on the princess site. I let them know that they did this before to me and when I arrived on the cruise I wasn't allowed to participate in any casino events and I didn't want anything happening like that again. He still claimed everything was proper ... The next time I checked my account they fixed it. Just keep calling, you don't want to end up on the ship with things not sorted, because they won't fix it at that point.
  11. They actually had some issues when I booked my prestige offer. The agent said there was a "bug" in the system. He added all the extras individually. After checking my account I saw he booked it under a completely different offer with the wrong Freeplay amount. I called and they fixed it a week later
  12. Thank you for the information. The car service would have been the best perk! I just booked the Prestige cruise out of Barcelona. I'll probably end up doing the spa credit package since the excursion is limited.
  13. March 12, 2023 - 10 day Panama Dec 4, 2023 - 15 day Hawaii Sept 25, 2023 - 7 day Vancouver to Hawaii Sept 17, 2023 - 12 day British isles Aug 19, 2023 - 14 day Mediterranean Oct 9, 2023 - 15 day Spain Portugal passage May 23,2023 - 17 day fire and ice Aug 23, 2023 - 7 day Alaska Feb 5, 2023 - 7 day Western Caribbean
  14. I got the offer by email on 10-13. It lists 9 cruises. Free Wi-Fi, grats, drink package, free play. It also says prestige benefits: special amenities and commemorative gift. You also get to choose between three packages: spa credit and dinner with host, shore experience and photo package, or cocktail event and a lower shore experience. I'm not sure if the shore experience is a credit or a specific excursion. Has anyone been on a prestige cruise before?
  15. I just got 3 different offers in the past three days. One was a prestige cruise with princess plus. I am highly considering booking even though it's limited itineraries.
  16. Just opt out. Filming isn't intrusive, they typically put signs up when filming is in progress and have all shots and scenes planned out and are in and out quick. If they are filming a dining scene they will probably only seat people in that section that want to be filmed and volunteer. They will probably recruit specific passengers to be in scenes. I wouldn't be too concerned.
  17. I have booked solo several times but with free rooms only and only pay taxes for one. I would suggest calling and asking.
  18. I've done Spencer's tours probably about 4 times. My experience on my last cruise in the beginning of the year will be my last. They were very late getting started because they ran out of gas. It was probably more than an hour late. They didn't offer any drinks and were completely inattentive. People didn't even know they had drinks until they served lunch. I was harassed by a local selling smoothies. This guy first tried to hug me and I told him "no I don't hug people" then he says "you kiss them" and literally grabbed my face and tried to kiss me. I was in shock and karate chopped his arm off of me. I was a solo traveler. Luckily, another American man jumped in and got between us and yelled at him while I took off down the beach. I'm so thankful that he did that for me. I sent the company an email regarding the experience and they didn't even bother to respond saying they read it. I've recommended this tour to people on roll calls and I will never again.
  19. I don't think I will be booking without Princess Plus attached. I would rather get a downgraded room or less Freeplay. I'll keep waiting.
  20. It's in a strange place. Login to Princess. Go to my account. Then my profile, click on cruise savings/circle savings. Then click on onboard credits. It will give you a list of all your casino offers. It only has Freeplay amount, book by date, and sail date. Not many details on there.
  21. A new comp offer was added on the Princess site for me, but I haven't received an email yet with the details and itinerary. It says earned 7.26, book by 11.1 , and sail by 12.31.24. I hope it's at least a balcony up to 20 days with Princess plus. I really want to book some vacations for next year!
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