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  1. I prefer life in an egalitarian state but don't mind others who enjoy the refinements of a privileged sailing. For the rest of us there is still the old trick of befriending the neighbors who have a pool. Often, traveling with my sister, I have been treated to the finer side of travel, it is nice but not important.
  2. I heard an interview with a passport official (state dept?). In that interview she said if you have travel in the next 6 weeks dependent on the passport renewal you should change your plans. I guess once things opened up earlier this summer everyone dusted off their passports.
  3. We have, well aware that the room door may be open as they finish cleaning
  4. I am a very experienced road traveler. I have driven for business and leisure very far distances. It was nothing for me to clock 6000 miles on an excursion. We pretty much covered North America in full. Here are my reasons for cruising 1. flying is not a lot of fun 2. driving vacations require attention to detail and becoming a logistical expert. 3. driving vacations require driving. That is wasted time. Cruises sail at night when I am sleeping 4. some parts of the earth are best visited from the water. This was probably our biggest original motivation.
  5. Two weeks, hands down. I cruise for where the ship goes, not where I sleep. My criteria are quiet sleeping quarters, cleanliness, healthful food and get me to the port in a timely fashion
  6. Forget pre-paid gratuities as a reward. That is the only perk that cost the cruise lines at face value, everything else costs them next to nothing. I expect gratuities to continue to rise, they may be bundled but that cost will be evident in the bundled price. Prepaid gratuities are the one perk that the cruiser can't mitigate and are the special offer to seek.
  7. Yes, you can request a table for two at every meal. Maybe you won’t have to wait as long if you are a veteran.
  8. I have always thought the reason HAL shuts down at night is not because everyone is old and worn out but because they do have port intensive journeys. I am usually off the ship by 8 am and may explore until 4 or 5 pm and if in port overnight we might go out for the evening. Nights before days at sea tend to be more active on ship.
  9. HAL does have a late night buffet at least, they did, on my last cruise. It started around 10. Perhaps it wasn’t every night.
  10. I would make my own decision based on where I was going. HAL is great for port intensive itineraries, long cruises and specialized Alaska cruises. If that is why you are going then it is a great line. If you want a lively Caribbean or Med cruise it would not be my first choice.
  11. Don’t worry, free WiFi is coming. Don’t be upset when it is offered to all.
  12. The first HAL cruise sails on the 24th so stay tuned here.
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