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  1. Obviously not! CCL came out yet and said it was all rumors. They are not selling additional ships outside of those mentioned in the original announcement. There seems to be a lot of schadenfreude on this board as of late.
  2. You should listen to it. I listen to the JAMA podcasts, Dr.Osterholm podcasts as well as others such as TED. This was by far one of the most thoughtful and thorough accessible discussions I have heard.
  3. The panelist were an esteemed group with solid credentials. It was clear none of them were selling their reputations to the highest bidders. None of them were snarky either.
  4. I recently posted this in another thread. I ended up writing Steve and getting a very good med insurance recommendation tailored to my personal criteria https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2751701-chase-credit-card-travel-insurance-supplementary/?do=findComment&comment=60039763
  5. Here is the link to the recorded version CCL Covid Summit
  6. I listened to all three hours yesterday. It was a very interesting discussion, non-biased IMHO and a truly outstanding panel of experts. Mr. Donald was in attendance throughout. His questions were educated. After listening I cannot believe that CCL will be cruising until 2021.
  7. CCL early on said they had enough financial resources to get through December 2020 without cruising. Since that original announcement they have increased their credit resources. CCL is 41% of the US cruise market. As CCL goes so goes the market. I think their history indicates they are strategic planners. I do not think they are just scrambling, they did earlier but I think they are now adapting. Some in this thread have pointed out the issues with American river cruising, all valid. I do think within 24 months they will make a major acquisition as a result of the obvious coming consolidation in their own corporate house but also in the worldwide industry.
  8. it is just a different world view. First I opened this thread as not a practical analysis but a bit of fun speculation. As a business person myself I have thrown in the towel on the next 6 months and am exploring new markets for the reemergence of the consumer. Whenever there are major upheavals there are usually significant changes in consumer behavior. I firmly believe CCL is also exploring options not that I think river cruising is at the top of their list. Hopefully the industry killing concept of only running 4 day cruises to nowhere is not the only idea they are exploring
  9. I guess we will have to disagree on their business acumen. I am not blind to their problems but their problems are no different than anyone else in the industry.
  10. Is there a link to that announcement. I have not seen it. Thanks
  11. CCL announced a new credit agreement yesterday. I think it is more than funding a drain, they are actively positioning themselves. I think there will be more sales, more consolidation and more acquisitions. Why would someone sell out? Because they can and those Euro ships do rely heavily on the now non-existent US market. When travel truly resumes people will be hesitant and no matter what people on these fora think CCL has the attention and trust of the North American traveler. They have BRAND
  12. I was in a forward suite on the Zaandam. It wasn’t terrible but you can hear all rehearsals in the theater which can interfere with a nice nap. Other than mid day rehearsals it was not noisy unless you retire for the evening very early. The Zaandam was my favorite ship with HAL thus far.
  13. I keep saying CCL will be able to get credit. I said river cruising, that doesn’t need to be a rebuild, that could be done through acquisition. The US is not the only place to river cruise
  14. I wasn’t really thinking HAL would convert ships to river cruising but converting its style to river cruising with ships appropriate to river voyages in a North America and beyond. I think CCL’ s expertise is the very large North American consumer. HAL’s blend of long, interesting itineraries at a moderate price with pleasant service would operate well on the river. The thread was started for a little speculative discussion
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