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  1. For 13 hours? Not my cup of tea. I need to move during a 13 hour span
  2. Balcony? They offered me an upgrade to a front balcony and I turned it down. In my imagination I pictured it as driving a motorcycle without a bug guard. Go to halfacts dot com and click pinnacle class and there are many cabin photos
  3. I think the loyalty program is just a nudge but itinerary, itinerary, itinerary is my bottom line.
  4. Yes, but if HAL gave a senior discount the whole ship would be discounted ***I am a big HAL fan but just saying****
  5. I look for ships below 1500 passengers, the costs are usually at least a bit higher but the rooms are larger and the population density is lower. Of course there is a trade off. Smaller ships usually have fewer entertainment/amusement venues.
  6. For me, probably not but for my husband absolutely. Flying is boring. There is nothing to do and no where to go. If I could get there in 6 hours or less I would travel a lot more.
  7. I have not used those tags since the days of printing tags. When I get to the port I get some dockside tags and attach them to my luggage. Additionally I add the cabin number to the business card I have in the built-in luggage tag.
  8. This cruise critic article covers the packages https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=45
  9. The few times I used Flight Ease I was very happy with the prices and the flights. For domestic flights I always have enough points to cover. I look forward to checking their business class prices for international
  10. I am a big fan of HAL because of the ports and itineraries. It is definitely not a party ship in my opinion.
  11. I have always been given the cabin numbers when the offer is made, sometimes I have to ask.
  12. There are some locales where rental is not available. On a cruise to Greece last year it was not. I ended up buying a lightweight wheelchair from Walmart for $125. My mother was pleased and it did just fine over the cobble stones and elsewhere. She still uses it, it was remarkably sturdy. Call the airlines ahead of time and you will get escorts throughout the airport and your chair will either be stowed in the cabin or in baggage at no cost
  13. For an 11 day cruise there are usually 2 gala nights which will be the evenings of sea days generally
  14. On every HAL cruise I have been on there is both a specific bar with an appetizer spread plus a wine tasting with canapés. Check the daily planner for before dinner activities
  15. Sometimes the big cruise agencies reserve big blocks of rooms for popular cruises when the itinerary is first announced. Later they release many of those rooms. I had that experience last cruise with Oceania. That said HAL may not have as many 4 person rooms as other lines with larger ships. The HAL new larger ships do. They actually have family rooms that are affordable too. You may actually have to call for the family rooms - they are not advertised very well
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