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  1. Absolutely and in my case the HAL offerings are the same price or lower. Why people like southwest is they charge no baggage fees (within limits). If I didn’t have points my April 2021 flight would be cheaper with HAL, enough to make up for the baggage fees charged by the other airline
  2. It is a holiday today and more will likely be disclosed today or tomorrow. I have a flight Friday and it is still flying. I don't think Southwest is lying. Other airlines probably have a different logistical mix than Southwest including fewer or more gates, busier schedules or less busy schedules. I know when I flew SWA April 2019 to FLL my flight was "cancelled" and they put me on the flight one hour prior. I was given 4 or 5 choices within the 24 hour period. From our airport SWA flies to FLL about 15 flights a day now, then it was even flying 2 in an hour.
  3. I book most of my cruises solo and add later, either DH or Sis. I have always been told I can do so up to 10 days prior. I think they tell me 10 days for ease of their administration but I am sure it could even be closer as I have met fellow travelers who booked just a few days before boarding. I doubt the insurance will transfer. there are people who say there are tricks with the insurance about how and when to cancel. I don’t know the ins and outs of insurance
  4. We found quite a few hilarious, age appropriate, comedy channels on YouTube recently. It renewed our interest in attending stand up shows once again.
  5. I would like to know also. Right now I am sure it is a bit hard to determine as the vast majority of cruisers are going to Alaska which traditionally has been a lecture heavy circuit. I love the enrichment programs and totally agree with you. Seems to me it is cheap entertainment for HAL to provide.
  6. I was watching a YouTube video with the entertainment director on the N. Amsterdam . She mentioned that HAL is introducing a new comedy program in the BB lounge. At least twice a week they will showcase a comedian. As a stand up fan this looks like fun
  7. I don’t want to discuss Covid political policies, I only want to discuss travel policies. The rest is getting tedious
  8. It is better than the US. The US still requires fully vaccinated citizens to test to fly back to the US. I am happy to present my vaccination record but why do I need to also get tested.
  9. It was an umbrella, not a chair. AN UMBRELLA, a big old umbrella, not a personal item. People shouldn't move those anyway. And people telling people to get into people's faces is not good. Find the crew, work it out with them. BUT AN UMBRELLA, for heaven's sakes I can't understand why people can't distinguish between a big old umbrella which obviously is supposed to stay in one place and a chair.
  10. Sorry for the loss of your husband. I have a deposit for the 2023 cruise. Mine has not been activated. I assume now and assumed even when I put down the deposit that there would be too many people from 2020, 2021 and 2022 bookings to fill demand.
  11. That is what I say, find a deck hand. I don't think anyone should be moving those heavy umbrellas. That is what I have said in all of my postings. Let the crew deal with this one. Going vigilante or smart mouth on some one accomplishes nothing and simply creates a bad scene onboard.
  12. I don't think you can put a sign on the umbrella, chair yes, umbrella no. If the OP is still on the ship I would like them to ask a crew member about moving the umbrellas
  13. I think it was rude, no doubt about that, but I think there is nothing to be done about it unless there is a rule about not moving ship furnishings. I know many clubs and other public venues I visit the patrons are strictly not allowed to move furnishings about. They must get the staff to do so. That is likely the rule on ships also but probably a minuscule part of the crew training. This is about an umbrella on a heavy windproof stand not simply an outdoor dining room table chair. It was probably quite heavy
  14. I think that is probably right, unfortunately. I truly believe guests shouldn’t be and probably are not allowed to move furnishings.
  15. As it is community problem that was not actively being used they were within their rights to move it unless there is a rule about not moving furnishings. There may well be a rule regarding pax not moving furnishings to prevent injury. If that is the case, like any other infraction, you would need to ask the staff to enforce the rule. I agree with with those who recommended not being confrontational
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