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  1. The CDC website hasn’t changed. CDC cruise but the current order does expire Tuesday. I guess it is wait and see
  2. I agree but many are retiring now (according to my sources) and the newer reps are extremely pleasant but not seasoned
  3. I saw a rumor today that the CDC will be making a announcement in regards to the cruise industry this week. I think the no sail unless vaccinated will set aside any other rules. The cruise lines can and should buy vaccine and vaccinate the crew. Before you fuss understand they can buy vaccine from non-western sources like China, India, etc...
  4. I wonder if the standard is maintained during this trying time for the industry. Truly, it is not an industry that the best and the brightest are aspiring to at this moment.
  5. My TA mentioned the loss of veteran reps at HAL this past week. The agency rep retired also. The newer folks seem very likable but certainly don't have the same knowledge.
  6. What the Europeans have allowed is tests and experiments and that is key to getting it right and allows the cruise companies to survive.
  7. Texas only updates once a week but as of last week they have vaccinated over 1 million people. NONE of those were in pharmacies. They have asked the pharmacist to only administer the nursing home vaccines. The hospitals are just now starting to administer vaccine to the riskiest patients in their pool. The vast majority of vaccines are being distributed at state-sanctioned public hubs monitored by the county health departments.
  8. I think it is an excellent policy and I think many lines will be issuing the same or similar rule within the next few weeks including Holland America. Now how long that policy will be enforced is questionable. the CDC and their international counterparts, which have been modifying their guidance, may decide that children below a certain age don’t need the vaccine.
  9. With the full drive through there is a section of the parking lot for the designated wait. There is a paramedic attendant assigned to the lot. They mark the windshield with a time you can leave.
  10. The hub I went to for my vaccine, I arrived at 7:40 and was finished by 8:00. I could not believe how efficient. It was a drive through set up. Now getting the second dose may be a bit more troublesome.
  11. I agree. Internet prices will go down and gratuity charges will go up.
  12. I suspect that by 2022 WiFi will be free fleet wide or extremely cheap. CCL upgraded the service they are using to a state of the art, fast and cheap service. No one can comment on the quality of that service as it was to be commence in the spring of 2020. So don't despair.
  13. As long as the fare you selected was a changeable fare you can change it. If you made the reservation online a quick call to HAL can take care of it.
  14. I am happy to report the accounting has settled on my accounts, I have double my original deposit and my OBC has been restored. It is all showing in my account properly. I only had a single deposit outstanding
  15. I haven’t looked at the app since my last cruise. I downloaded a fresh version this week and it is completely new. It seems we will be able to use it for all of our pre-cruise planning and cruise reservations. Don’t get too excited it is not working 100%
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