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  1. That is very helpful. It is a spring Northern Europe cruise so I don't think pool noise is an issue. Thank you
  2. Thank you for your input. I don't know what it is but I never like being lower than promenade. I booked on the Navigation Deck. I have sailed on the Navigation deck before but not in the far aft. I wonder if they are configured differently than the regular verandah cabins.
  3. Any comments on the aft balcony cabins deck 7?
  4. I was on the Rotterdam in 2017 just prior to dry dock and was quite disappointed in the ship’s condition. We went ahead and booked the Viking Saga for next summer. It is on courtesy hold while I make a final decision on which cabin I really want. Thanks for your input
  5. I am trying to make a hasty decision about a summer cruise with my very particular sister. When last and when next is the Rotterdam to be refurbished. Any comments on the far aft cabins of the 2nd floor. Thank you for your input
  6. I am going next year so I will be following. Thank you
  7. Yes but it depends on what the original pricing was anyway. Some solo fares are not much less than a double.
  8. Just hearsay but often I book solo as the husband or sister hasn’t committed. I am told I able to add a person up to 10 days prior to sailing. Maybe add him as your roommate then no show on the lesser cabin?
  9. Oh, that flew right over my head. Not a Gilligan fan
  10. Thank you so much for this information. That changes my plans significantly
  11. The OP mentioned in the litany of things not to do
  12. Ok, what is wrong with a 3 hour tour? I often take a short tour after a day of independent touring. Good just to ride along instead of getting back onboard. i am one of those first off, last on passengers
  13. White Summit Train $129 per adult. Both times I did this it was the same price through the cruise line as buying direct and the cruise shuttles you to the terminal
  14. I agree with Pete in that the specialty restaurants are impacting the food quality but worse the service. They have not increased the wait staff over time only spread them thin. It has also reduced other guest social areas, those restaurants need to go somewhere, after all. I would much prefer to have a paid menu in the MDR for the specialties. I have not been on the top luxury cruises, the highest level I guess was Oceania and I found it no better and for some dishes worse than HAL. The only superior food I have ever enjoyed was on a RCL one night maiden voyage for top producing travel agents and their guests. Lobster at the buffet lunch!!!
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