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  1. I do exactly the same as you. The Flight Ease appears on my final invoice I receive from my TA and I pay all through the TA
  2. After a recent Florida cruise I advise checking how many other ships disembarking the same day. The lines were incredibly long.
  3. The places cruises visit in Alaska are an example of why cruising works as an economic option. Not many people live in Alaska and lodging is limited and expensive. Sure if there were only 10,000 people a year wishing to visit it could be done but cruise lines have opened Alaska to the world. Travel is even more difficult and is usually by biplane. As an example the capital city, Juneau, is only approachable by sea or air and is the access to the popular Medenhall Glacier.
  4. I don’t think HAL is performing well with these new big ships. Their veteran staff, like many of their loyal passengers, prefer the smaller ships. I still do love HAL itineraries.
  5. I think it is heavily dependent on itinerary. As you mentioned the Norwegian fjords or anywhere that the notable sites are more easily accessible by water. Another area is in certain countries where retreating to the safety and comfort of a cruise ship in the evening and for clean water and healthful meals is a great option. Then there are many remote areas of the world that you must bring your housing. I love land land based travel and do it far more than cruising. Cruising is part of my overall travel plans.
  6. I sailed on the Koningsdam after sailing many other HAL ships and it is a bit more mass market than other ships. It also tends to do mass market cruises such as the Caribbean and the Med. I have also sailed other lines including Oceania which I thought was not, most definitely not, premium. I think there are better cruise lines than HAL but what HAL does well is the interesting, port intensive, long cruise. If you are about in-depth voyaging without spending a fortune with one of the expedition lines HAL is great. If you want to get away to the beaches with a little sight seeing thrown in, pick some other line at the level of luxury you require
  7. There is a lot of non-calculable goodwill that comes from ordinary people traveling and meeting people from different cultures.
  8. Are you comparing the exact same cruise for the exact same week? The only difference I have ever seen in price are perhaps some special perks the big cruise agencies may offer but the base price is always the same as the Holland website
  9. Sometimes people on the forum or elsewhere will post the daily newsletter from their cruises. These tend to be the same cruise to cruise for the same itinerary. You may be able to find this for your cruise. My last cruise I had a complete agenda and menus on my iPad prior to arriving
  10. Most are available in 90 days. If you don’t have many and you haven’t saved up enough you can ask your doctor for samples
  11. Truth is that whatever happens could happen on the day you leave. Usually after the first 48 hours the anxiety subsides. Our community has a police watch vacation house program. See if your police department doesn't do the same.
  12. I was in an L inside cabin, 5205. It is one of the sideways cabins. It is not large but one thing I did like about the sideways cabin is there is no hallway and all of the wasted space. You can watch TV from the bed in those. No bumping into closet doors and such. For my next cruise I chose an obstructed view sideways, not as small as the Koningsdam interior. We were comfortable in the interior cabin but it is definitely not a place to hang out all day unless you are catching up on your movies.
  13. Have you looked at Halfacts.com. Though yours is not listed there are some I class cabin pics posted.
  14. There is not a lot of leeway. They give you a list of cabins, pick one or two from the list and make a counter offer. You will usually get the lesser cabin if they decide to grant your counter so know that and don't just offer based on any cabin. Any cabin might not be worth the bargain. Even if you lose the counter you can come back and take the original offer if it has not been taken in the meantime. Those offers move quickly. There is sometimes a second round so be sure to say you still would entertain offers if your counter is not accepted. I have always gotten multiple offers unless I am super specific about location. On my last cruise, Koningsdam, I could have had a variety of cabins that they countered my counter with but I didn't like the deck location. That all said, sometimes the best offer is in the last round. There are usually at least 2 rounds unless it is a very full cruise.
  15. I actually mark mine as no upgrade without consent. I have gotten some lousy surprise upgrades. I rather go through upsell. I call the cruise line a few days after final payment day and notify them I would entertain upsell offers. I have always received multiple offers but most I reject
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