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  1. It was an umbrella, not a chair. AN UMBRELLA, a big old umbrella, not a personal item. People shouldn't move those anyway. And people telling people to get into people's faces is not good. Find the crew, work it out with them. BUT AN UMBRELLA, for heaven's sakes I can't understand why people can't distinguish between a big old umbrella which obviously is supposed to stay in one place and a chair.
  2. Sorry for the loss of your husband. I have a deposit for the 2023 cruise. Mine has not been activated. I assume now and assumed even when I put down the deposit that there would be too many people from 2020, 2021 and 2022 bookings to fill demand.
  3. That is what I say, find a deck hand. I don't think anyone should be moving those heavy umbrellas. That is what I have said in all of my postings. Let the crew deal with this one. Going vigilante or smart mouth on some one accomplishes nothing and simply creates a bad scene onboard.
  4. I don't think you can put a sign on the umbrella, chair yes, umbrella no. If the OP is still on the ship I would like them to ask a crew member about moving the umbrellas
  5. I think it was rude, no doubt about that, but I think there is nothing to be done about it unless there is a rule about not moving ship furnishings. I know many clubs and other public venues I visit the patrons are strictly not allowed to move furnishings about. They must get the staff to do so. That is likely the rule on ships also but probably a minuscule part of the crew training. This is about an umbrella on a heavy windproof stand not simply an outdoor dining room table chair. It was probably quite heavy
  6. I think that is probably right, unfortunately. I truly believe guests shouldn’t be and probably are not allowed to move furnishings.
  7. As it is community problem that was not actively being used they were within their rights to move it unless there is a rule about not moving furnishings. There may well be a rule regarding pax not moving furnishings to prevent injury. If that is the case, like any other infraction, you would need to ask the staff to enforce the rule. I agree with with those who recommended not being confrontational
  8. It is simple math. When I don't have a package I always look for Happy Hour deals and Sip and Savor events. On my last cruise I could have had a before dinner drink nearly every day at half price. Most drinks are $11 to $15 so you can do your math.
  9. Yes it does have the freestyle machine. With covid I will be curious to see if they are operational as they are usually fully self serve.
  10. If you get hacked on public WiFi and proprietary data is compromised they will know. We were never allowed to carry digital data
  11. I was planning on ordering my own for the next cruise as a celebration for the new era AC (after Covid)😉
  12. We are traveling by the Rocky Mountaineer next summer, DH’s bucket list. We will do the cruise with the Yukon tour also. We have been to Alaska but not the Yukon. It is beautiful county but I still prefer the east coast of Canada
  13. Great topic. I would sail somewhere in the North Atlantic, the Canadian maritimes or Norway would do nicely. I love the icebergs at sea and the hiking onshore. And I haven’t yet seen a puffin😠
  14. I wonder if it is acting as a crew shuttle or perhaps sailing cdc provisional cruises, are those still a thing? Port fees are very expensive as are paying the longshoremen unions.
  15. I like the flowers, modern or otherwise. Where others do the art walk, we often do the flower walk on sea days. (We do the art walk too)
  16. That is odd. Mine (April 2022) was not allowing me to purchase the Signature package but only the upgrade, now there it is, the ability to purchase the signature package. And people ask what is wrong with the HAL website?!!?! As a cyber oriented person it is enough for me to want to go with Princess.
  17. I sailed an interior cabin on the Koningsdam on the 5th floor. Mine was on the secluded back of the ship and was very quiet. The room is small. There is no true sitting area, only a small stool that fits under the vanity. There was adequate closet storage and also drawers under the bed. You can easily fit luggage under the bed. I use the under bed storage for shoes and as an added bureau space. I am not a light packer. We were comfortable as it was a sailing with few sea days. They say the bed is queen but it seemed to us a tad larger than queen, it slept 2 adults comfortably. The bathroom is efficient. The only real negative we found was it is very difficult to have any room service in the room. You are correct that the promenade is not what you would expect on a HAL ship. It is simply a walkway for only the most dedicated walker.
  18. I am sorry for your disappointment but congratulations on your successful treatment
  19. I am hoping this is the criteria as USA Today reported. The US should be able to meet the criteria on the next review. 2 week intervals is indeed hard on travelers. Encourage your neighbors, friends and family to get vaccinated However, criteria for the safe travel list include having "a stable or decreasing trend of new COVID cases" over the previous two weeks, according to the European Council.
  20. Something was canceled the number of sailings went from 571 to 544 overnight.
  21. First it depends on where you will be traveling and when. The current protocols are until the end of 2021 which actually overshoots the CDC guidance. When I booked for 2022 I assumed the maximum protocols as established by the EU in 2020. These were established pre-widespread vaccine. I continue to assume those protocols plus full vaccination. This in my mind is the most conservative view and a good basis. Likely they won’t be this stringent but if you aren’t willing to accept the current status quo then don’t book
  22. I see it when I go to my "manage your cruise" page, at least it was there last time I looked. I looked again and it has the dining perk and the shore excursion perk only
  23. We love South America but 2022 is not the year. In all likelihood you would not be able to visit the ports as you dreamed. We plan to go in 2023 and hope by then it is ready for tourists.
  24. HAL’s website is poorly constructed and it doesn’t like Safari in particular. I use Firefox for HAL
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