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  1. I love that cruise and have taken it numerous times. It is totally weather dependent. Mid-summer tends to be milder weather. Be sure to study the cabin locations as different parts of the ship are more prone to feeling the motion.
  2. We have enjoyed the quiet of HAL for many years and are just now getting close to retirement age. We also are the type of people who enjoy quiet walks in the wilderness, whitewater rafting and other non-party type of vacations. I cruise to see beautiful places and explore different cultures. I think HAL caters to likeminded people.
  3. Now being wayyyyyyy off topic: If you watch TV at all or read women's beauty "secrets" it seems the target audience is 40 somethings. Really. That seems to be the age when women first get all bothered by aging.
  4. Here is the traveler page at the CDC. There is a link to destinations’ suggested and required vaccinations CDC Travel Vaccines
  5. I found the solution. I calmly pulled the aside and told them I had spiritual beliefs against photographing people. They remembered for the whole cruise and left us walk by
  6. My sister who owns an agency has always said that if one agent can offer it, all agents have access to it. As noted above, I think they are using the private sale or large group booking rates to resell. If you set up price alerts on your cruise you can re-fare anytime until final payment day - that is a nice feature with HAL. I know many people say they "hand back their commission" but that makes no sense at all - why on earth would someone open a business and give away all of the profit.
  7. I tried that Dave, I even called HAL and they said I should be seeing the sale in either of our accounts. 3 devices tried, 3 clean browsers tried - nada. My travel agent will try Monday and I may call for a price check this weekend. I just wish HAL would fix their website - it is cumbersome even when working properly. UPDATE: After posting this I went back once again and the two sailings I was interested in were removed from the sale.
  8. Remember the local has every right to tell HAL "No, no I don't want a higher rate". There is no law in Greenland that I am aware of that forces the independent tour companies to accept HAL's contract. This is not HAL, this is the tour company, they are the ones who sold out.
  9. Just to be slightly argumentative, All-adult cruising is not only for old people. Many young adults like to be only with adults and it does seem to be a trend. Also people of maturity can and are very active, healthy people. Some people like HAL for the more sedate setting without the big price tag. I think that is style, not age. Just my opinion to counter those who consider HAL a nursing home. I have sailed many lines but I have sailed HAL since my late 20s and never felt isolated. Finally to Club HAL. It is an operational expense like any other and has to be subject to cost analysis like any other expense. It also comes with a rather large legal liability and that may be a larger burden than we know.
  10. What problem are you encountering? The website has a lot of glitches. If you entered the cabin number and it gives you some odd error message that simply means the cabin is not available. I get error messages that say "your session is expired" "internal error" and 4 or 5 others but what they mean is "not available". HAL really needs to hire a new IT staff
  11. I am surprised that someone quoted you the low price originally. Greenland is expensive. I think the first price was a bait, I think that is where the problem is not HAL
  12. I would first use luggage direct to send my bags to the airport. Now freed I would take the water taxi to visit the sites. I did do the airboat tour last year but I did another airboat tour out of New Orleans later and it was much better that now the Florida one doesn’t seem so good
  13. I think if this is indeed the decision fleet wide it is coming from corporate not from the executive team at HAL. CCL may want to segment their various brands so they each have a niche and are not competing directly with each other. Besides Carnival which is really advertising the family vacation I wonder which other line will be designated family. I don’t think CCL has an adult only line but that may be in the works too.
  14. Yes, Doug they are. I have read on the boards that Princess is sometimes cheaper than HAL's flights. When I have used HAL for flights I have been very pleased with the prices offered
  15. One thing to consider is the largest HAL ship is dwarfed by most of the ships on the cruise lines you mentioned. I sailed a full capacity Koningsdam last spring. The only time we encountered issues was reboarding the ship at Half Moon Cay and dinner. We didn’t have a set dining time. If I were to go again I would be sure to have fixed dining
  16. January is historically a sale month for all sorts of travel. I am seeing deals everywhere. I looked at Carnival last night (taking the kiddos) and there were some pretty good deals.
  17. Zaandam 2016, Rotterdam 2017. Both have been drydocked since those sailings. I can’t point to one thing but I found the Zaandam clean and shipshape and unfortunately cannot say the same for the Rotterdam
  18. Be sure not to get a “transport wheelchair” those are meant for inside use. Get one where the back wheels are larger than the front. Here is the one we ordered Wheelchair
  19. After reviewing the costs for rental I, instead, purchased my mother a sturdy, yet inexpensive lightweight wheelchair. The chair was recommended to me by a man who rents wheelchairs at a large a Texas outdoor fairgrounds. It cost only USD $125 and weighed less than 20 pounds. We let the airlines know we were carrying it and they took care of everything.
  20. Cruising is a very effective way to travel and we choose by the ports and itinerary. We consider it pleasant transport and lodging. We would not cruise just to be at sea. We also take driving vacations and have traveled great distances by car. I take traditional fly and sightseeing vacations, tour and independent.
  21. It depends. Let's get this straight - I only tip early when I am making a special request, not a request that would be considered the normal part of protocol. I do not believe in asking people to do something beyond their normal job description without compensation. I offer the compensation and if they still refuse or are unable to fulfill my request I am not vindictive. That would be silly. That said, I often see people make unreasonable requests, it makes me very ashamed of some of my fellow passengers.
  22. What I do is bribery - ummm. You can’t see that
  23. No reason to be snarky. I have been happy with my level of service however I have gotten it. I do not understand your point except to say I am wrong and you are right.
  24. I see no difference. You could well buy that Neptune Suite and have all matter of issues. There actually was a thread about that this very week. No, I would never ask for a tip back. Do you ask for your HSC back? No, of course not. I consider the HSC prepaid myself. We all have different ways of achieving our desired results and I don't see why it offends others. I was taken aback by a fellow cruiser's comment (who saw John give a tip) and I am almost offended by people on this forum who give a d*** about how others tip. Honestly I have much to say about people who withhold tips but I will honor the spirit of this thread and not give my personal opinion and continue to give my personal logistics
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