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  1. Thank you for the quick response. The only thing we received was an email with the confirmation, no attachments, perhaps best to give them a call.. ”Thank you for choosing Celebrity Cruises for your upcoming cruise vacation. We have received your deposit and it is currently being processed. Here are the details for your reference:RESERVATION CONFIRMATIONRF 11 NIGHT ULTIMATE CARIBBEAN CRUISESail Date: 02-March-2020Reservation Number: 64xxxxxStatus: BOOKED “
  2. Hi all, We booked our cruise a year ago and I just checked our the booking on their website, but nowhere do I see that we have our beverage package. We chose gratuities, obc and the standard bev package (the one below premium). I’ve included a screenshot of the booking and what we can see. I can always give them a call but just wanted to see that I don’t miss anything obvious. Thanks in advance! best regards, Martin
  3. Thanks everyone. We are just concerned to be “stuck” on a ship if it would get worse when we’re away, with limited options to get back home quickly. (mother in law is not traveling with us) It sounds like cancellation is the best approach.
  4. Hi all (again), We are a few days away from final payment, unfortunately my mother in law is very ill again and we are a bit hesitant now how to proceed. Right now we can cancel everything with no cost, including the flights. However, what are the options if we do final payment? I know we can cancel according to the cancellation policy, but that will be quite costly, however can we also switch the cruise to a later cruise, even a 2020 cruise, if required without penalties? The cruise is still 3 months away and hopefully everything works out, if we can rebook it (not cancel it) after final payment, then that would be an option to keep our cabin for February without exposing us to significant cancellation fees. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks everyone for your help, sounds like pre-booking is only a good idea if we want to secure a specific day.
  6. Thank you all for your answers and for the roll call tip, only 2nd cruise, so still new to this 🙂 Regarding the specialty dining, I didn’t know there were discounts onboard possibly, how would I check this? Is it directly with the restaurant or customer service? Thanks again, it is most welcome advice! Cheers!
  7. Hi everyone, It’s finally getting closer to our cruise on February 18 with reflection! I just logged on to the website to check out some options and a few questions came up that I hope you experienced cruises will be able to assist us with. It’s a week until final payment, do I have to manually do this or will it be arranged by celebrity automatically? I think they have the CC number since before. I also see that a few new cabins in Aqua has become available, is it generally speaking a good deal to upgrade at this point, near the final payment date? If we change the booking, can we keep our select/anytime dining? (only 6pm available now) We are possibly wanting to get the 3 or 4 night specialty dining package, however Murano was listed as from 30usd. The 3 night package is 129usd, have they changed the pricing for Murano to be cheaper than the rest? It doesn’t add up otherwise 🙂 And finally, we are a bit ambivalent to for the visit to Cartagena and what to do. There are celebrity arranged city tours, are they worth the money? Or will lots of the time be spent in shops, something we are not that into. Thanks a lot in advance everyone, all advice is much appreciated! Best regards, Martin
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